Private Aircraft Fleet

Our access to private aircraft of any size, make and style gives us the ability to source and procure the best aircraft for you flight. Whether you need a small or large plane, or a helicopter for short flights, we can arrange what you need. All operators, aircraft and flight crews that we use always meet or exceed FAA requirements for safety, and are always ARG/US rated Gold or Platinum for safety and 100% Wyvern compliant. Photos and specifications for any aircraft are always available for viewing and inspection.

Charter Aircraft Overview


Best Option for Personal Charter

Capacity: 3-8 passengers
Speed: 150-195 mph
Range: 280- 580 miles

Augusta 109
Bell 407
Bell Jet Ranger
Bell Long Ranger
MD 902
Sikorsky S-76

Turbo Prop

Best Price for Small - Medium Group Charter

Capacity: 6-8 passengers
Speed: 220-300 mph
Range: 1500-2000 miles

King Air 90
King Air 200
King Air 350

Light Jets

Best Option for Small Group Charter

Capacity:5-8 passengers
Speed: 400-460 mph
Range: 1600-2000 miles

Beechjet 400
Citation Bravo
Citation CJ1
Citation CJ2
Citation CJ3
Citation Encore
Citation II
Citation V/Ultra
Hawker 400XP
Learjet 31A
Learjet 35A
Learjet 40

Medium Jets

Best Option for Small - Medium Group Charter

Capacity: 6-9 passengers
Speed: 450-560 mph
Range: 2200-2800 miles

Citation Excel/XLS
Citation III/VI/VII
Citation Sovereign
Gulfstream G100
Hawker 700
Hawker 800/XP
Learjet 45/XR
Learjet 55
Learjet 60

Super Medium Jets

Best Option for Medium - Large Group Charter

Capacity: 7-9 passengers
Speed: 400-525 mph
Range: 3200-3600 miles

Challenger 300
Citation X
Falcon 2000
Falcon 50 Series
Gulfstream G200
Hawker 1000

Heavy Jets

Best Option for Large Group Charter

Capacity: 8-14 passengers
Speed: 500-560 mph
Range: 3200-7500 miles

Challenger 600
Challenger 601
Challenger 604
Embraer Legacy
Falcon 900 Series
Global Express
Gulfstream G550
Gulfstream II
Gulfstream III
Gulfstream IV
Gulfstream V