Learjet 45/XR

Learjet 45/XR

The Learjet 45/XR is a super light jet that carries 8 passengers in a double club layout with generous swivel and recline area. It offers six inches more legroom and two inches more seat width than the older models.

The high strength aluminum alloys that make up its main fuselage contribute to a cruise speed is 0.82 Mach. Its fuel efficiency and rapid, comfortable performance make this innovative craft extremely popular with business people and those traveling for leisure.

It is a medium range jet where its non-stop flight span is 2301 miles. Its anti ice system is the most advanced for any mid-sized jet. The aerodynamic noise of the slipstream, turbulence and vibration that creates the cabin noise is 72dB. Government standards consider a generally acceptable level to be 80dB.

The Learjet 45/XR is agile in flight and has the ability to land in some challenging landing conditions. It has an excellent balance of efficient fuel use, performance on the runway and multiple speed handling.

It has a Traffic Collision Avoidance System and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. It has a safety certification to FAR safety standards that is virtually the same as what is required for the Boeing 777.

Cabin amenities include personal DVD players, iridium satellite phones and a MedAire first aid kit.