Custom interiors

Once an aircraft model is selected for a private or corporate purchase the interior can be fitted any way the customer wishes. Flying offices tend more toward the utilitarian, while the ultra-rich and celebrities lean toward the luxurious. The limits of extravagance seem bounded only by the wealth of the owner, but there are some other considerations as well. Flight includes inherent weight restrictions and regulations that determine products which can be safely used on aircraft.

A number of companies cater to design and building of whatever exclusive interior a client might desire. This can include built-in storage and office furnishings, special window coverings, custom cabinetry and furnishings, sculptured seating, showers, whirlpools, beds, kitchens, remote lighting, exotic carpeting, custom artwork and more. If someone wants gold-plated plumbing, a spiral staircase, and antiques in their airplane, it can be theirs.

Plane interiors designed for work may be utilitarian but comfortable, with plenty of amenities. Leather seats, a satellite communications system, and generous spaces for resting are common.

Although economical fittings are possible, clients often spent $10 - $30 million for the privilege of traveling in luxury, with state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Airline interiors executives put it this way, “If you're going to sit in it for 12 hours or 14 hours, you want to be comfortable," and owning a jet is “one of life's great indulgences, so people want them done up with style.”

Celebrities and heads of state often travel in extravagant luxury. The details of any particular plane are closely guarded secrets. But one Airbus is known to be fitted with a look-alike desert oasis. A wall mosaic of the Sahara, floor pillows and low tables complete the illusion.

A custom wood-and glass bar may be cozied up to the leather covered airplane controls. Hand-woven carpets and marble are not out of the question. Carbon-fiber construction with veneers is often the norm to reduce the weight of the extravagant furnishings.

From design to delivery, a custom interior can take about a year to be completed. Apart from the extravagant hardware and fittings, private jet owners usually hire personal flight attendants. These may be general service personnel, manicurists, masseurs, hair stylists, and chefs.