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There are many advantages to flying private charter as opposed to commercial. For business and executive purposes, there is no better way to fly. From the convenience to the comfort, there are things that private jets offer that you just can’t experience from flying commercially. It has always been said that time is money and in today’s fast moving, ever evolving business climate, it has never been truer. There are occasions where an executive or business traveler must be in two places at once; although it is nearly impossible to do so, we can almost make that happen.

Business is global; there is a real need to be able to travel quickly and at a moment’s notice. There is also a need to have available all of the tools that you use in your home office available on the plane. Wifi, AV equipment, all of the necessities of an office, are there at your disposal. In addition, because you are not limited to the strict enforcements of a commercial flight, assigned seats, no room to spread out and do your work, there is an inherent benefit to flying privately. Sure, video conferencing and the ability to have meetings via internet services and other means does have its benefits and place in business, but meeting clients face to face has never been more important and beneficial.

With our extensive offering of jets, as well as helicopters, we will definitely save you time, getting you to your destination safely and quickly. And when time is money, every moment you waste sitting in an airport, checking through security and being interrupted by announcements and other passengers, is too important to give away.

Anything that will be needed or needs to be arranged ahead of time can be taken care of quickly and easily with our assistance. We get you closer to your destination, saving you time wandering around huge airports and waiting for transportation. We can arrange your transportation needs and any entertainment, reservations and conference space needs.

Privacy cannot be over emphasized. We offer the privacy that you need and desire. The only people on the plane, other than our highly trained crew, is you and anybody that you choose to bring along with you. Each jet allows for a certain number of passengers, and taking along the business associates or family that you need with you doesn’t add to the cost of the flight.

In short, we save you time in all aspects of flying; and therefore save you money. The convenience and comfort we provide are added benefits to an already stellar package.