Citation Excel/XLS

Citation Excel/XLS

Citation Excel/XLS is a small to medium sized business jet. It is powered by the PW545A, the Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan, The design of this engine has provided greater headroom and cabin size. It has the roomiest cabin of all the light business jets.

It can accommodate up to ten passengers but normally flies six to eight. The seats are wider and the head and armrests have been redesigned to provided more aisle space.

The lavatory too has been redesigned to create more room for dressing. The vanity offers additional surface space for the placement of toiletries.

The aircraft provides the largest external baggage storage in its class with 80 cubic feet of baggage area and a weight capacity of 700 pounds.

The low position of the wing reduces drag. Engineered with economy in mind this mid-sized jet is as cost effective as a light travel craft.

Much of the control panel features have been consolidated to make it more pilot friendly. Rain rolls off the windshield due to a protective surface sealant. The less wear and tear for the crew the greater the safety level.

The entry door and portholes are triple sealed for ultimate noise and draft control. The cabin LED indirect lighting offers a more natural ambience. A couch certified take off/landing safety comes in all the jets as standard equipment.