Citation Bravo

Citation Bravo

The Citation Bravo by Cessna has the longest range of all the light class private jets at 3232 km. It is able to gain an altitude of 7620 in less than ten minutes.

There is increased in-cabin baggage capacity as well for the seven passengers the craft can accommodate. Additional baggage is available in the nose and tail cone area.

This is a very pilot friendly craft so that pilots can get certification to fly it solo. It is also designed to handle short runways increasing its versatility and permitting passengers more choices of airports. The Bravo is certified for its capability to handle steep approach airports such as Seyer Airport in Germany, London City Airport in UK and Lugano Airport in Switzerland.

Taxiing over uneven surfaces is now much smoother due to the new trailing link type landing gear. Widening of the boarding steps has also provided easier access for passengers.

Comfortable pedestal mounted swivel chairs, more seated headroom and a spacious feel to the cabin. Four passengers are grouped facing each other in club seats as are the other three.

Engineers have designed an isolated interior shell allowing for quieter, more restful flights. The interior is draft free and has even temperature control for both heating and cooling requirements.