Gulfstream V

Gulfstream V

The Gulfstream V which is also called the G5 can seat up to 16 passengers. This aircraft is what todays’ mobile office looks like. Sleek and spacious it flies in whisper quiet comfort. It is capable of going anywhere in the world with just one stop. The first one flew in 1995 and 191 Gulfstream Vs have been built.

This large cabin business jet is an ultra-long range craft that travels at a speed of .85 mark. It features the signature large portholes which provide the passengers with a generous amount of natural light. This has been proven to help travelers get over jet lag more quickly.

The interior is refreshed every ninety seconds with 100% fresh air. This ensures that bacteria and sicknesses are not spread to other travelers. The jet flies 2000 feet lower than a commercial airliner so it is closer to a natural environment for the travelers.

A broadband multi link is available so that a laptop can operate at the same speed as in the home or office. Other features include Enhanced Weather Systems that provides weather reports during inclement conditions, autopilot and enhanced weather radar

Cruising at 51,000 feet this aircraft will get the business traveler to their destination efficiently and safely. The traveler can kick back and get their work done, feel rested and ready to arrive for that important meeting.