Sikorsky S-76

Sikorsky S-76

The first production of the Sikorsky S-76 began in the later 1970's, with a primary mission to be used by the commercial industry most often found used in the corporate business transportation along with the oil industries using it to transport personal. Later on private airlines also started to contract out this helicopter to put into its daily service rotation.

The physical make up of this version consist of two turbo-shafts which drive the main and tail rotor. The main rotor and also the tail rotor are made up of four blades each.

Now this helicopter can be found not only in the commercial sector but also used by many countries Coast Guard units which uses this version for search and rescue operations.

With the capability of transporting up to 14 passengers makes this both efficient and useful operating helicopter. Some basic travel details with this helicopter are that it can travel up to 400 miles before needing to be re-fueled. Also it can travel at speeds up to 178mph.

This helicopter is considered one of the first in a family of helicopters as modifications to this type have allowed for newer versions to be available for both commercial and military.