The Benefits of Private Jet Charter to Malaita

For individuals who like traveling in style, hiring a private jet charter from Malaita, is a great way to travel in style, get to your destination much more quickly than a commercial airplane, and allow you to have the ultimate comfort while in the air. Whether you are going for a weekend excursion, or a planning a trip for a longer vacation getaway, hiring a private jet charter to take you to your destination is a great way to travel. Although more costly than a regular airline in most of the cases, you can still find an affordable charter company, which will allow you to travel in class and style, and still not break the bank. For a quick trip to any destination, a private jet charter is a great choice.

There are particular special events that demand nothing short of comfort and luxury. When you want to go out of your way to make everything special, then the private jet charters would come in handy. Certain situations will demand one to go out of his or her way to make the event perfect. Whether the private jet rental is for a wedding to a remote destination, family occasion or even a visit to a tropical location, you can be sure of nothing short of luxury. It can be challenging to get everyone to a remote destination and hence the option of hiring a private jumbo jet is also available. Note that traveling to Malaita for that special occasion can be made quite easy with the private jet hire options that are readily available.

The Benefits of Private Jet Charter to Malaita

Whether you are looking to travel locally, overseas, or anywhere around the world, hiring a private jet charter from Malaita is the ultimate mode of transportation, and can make any traveler feel comfortable. A private jet charter will offer one of the safest, fastest, most comfortable, and most luxurious mode of transportation to a flyer, no matter where they are flying to and from. Although the cost is more expensive than airplane, if traveling alone, it is far more comfortable, and will get your to your destination alot quicker. However, if you consider flying with a group of friends or co-workers, not only will you be flying much more comfortably, but it might actually be cheaper for you than flying by plane, if you are splitting the cost between 5-10 individuals.

Medium Airports in Solomon Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Honiara International AirportHoniaraHIR
Munda AirportMUA

Small Airports in Solomon Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Auki AirportAukiAKS
Babanakira AirportMbambanakiraMBU
Ballalae AirportBallalaeBAS
Barakoma AirportBarakomaVEV
Fera/Maringe AirportFera IslandFRE
Gatokae AirportGatokaeGTA
Geva AirportLiangiaGEF
Kagau Island AirportKagau IslandKGE
Marau AirportMarauRUS
Mono AirportStirling IslandMNY
Ngorangora AirportKirakiraIRA
Nusatupe AirportGizoGZO
Parasi AirportParasiPRS
Ramata AirportRamataRBV
Rennell/Tingoa AirportRennell IslandRNL
Ringi Cove AirportRingi CoveRIN
Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova AirportSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/LuovaSCZ
Sege AirportSegeEGM
Suavanao AirportSuavanaoVAO
Uru Harbour AirportAtoifiATD
Viru Harbour AirstripViruVIU