Traveling to Makkah via Jet Charter

When it comes to reliability and promptness, the private jet rentals are unbeatable. This way of travel is suitable for those who want to get a certain destination in a hurry. Emergencies often call for quick action and hence private charters would come in handy. There are quite a good count of companies that offer private jet rentals to Makkah. In a bid to get the best deal, you can carry out some research and make comparisons on the rates. This can easily be achieved by using the internet right from the comfort of your home. Most of the private jet rental companies have got websites that provide detailed information of the services that they offer. You are free to also contact these companies through the use of the telephone.

Private jet charters can give you the same piece of mind as having your own private jet without all of the expense involved in owning your own planes. Obtaining a jet for yourself or a fleet of jets for your business is a major investment. Besides the initial cost involved in buying a jet their is also the maintenance to think about. You have the purchase fee, then there is the cost for someone to take care of the maintenance and upkeep and then there is the cost of someone to pilot the plane for you. With private jet charters you will get the same luxury and convenience as having you own jet without all of the expense. Whether you are going to Makkah for a vacation or across the country for a business meeting make traveling as simple and comfortable as possible by using private jet charters.

Traveling to Makkah via Jet Charter

When one considers air travel, images of long lines, flight delays, and security screenings are immediately displayed on the minds of many. If one can afford it, why not consider booking a private jet Makkah. They fly according your schedule, no waiting for the person ahead of you in line to put their oversize bags in the undersized overhead compartment, and best of all it is simple luxurious. Many private airplane charter companies offer a variety of "flight equipment" choices from small jets with seating for up to 4 to spacious airline jets that are capable of transporting 800 plus passengers. Many organizations even charter luxury helicopters for making an impressive appearance at a local dinner club or taking the family on an outing. Whatever your fancy there are many choices available.

You may think that private jet charters are a costly way to get from point A to point B, but flying with a private jet is not as expensive as you may have believed, as long as you weigh every travel fee associated with an average airline ticket, along with time, service, parking, etc.. For example, going for a 7 day trip, leaving from Makkah; upon return you will need to pay roughly $100 to retrieve your car from the airport's parking garage. Going on private jet charters will provide a far more enjoyable experience. These private jet charters are able to provide superior service starting from the very moment you get to the airport. Parking your car, the ticket counter, check-in, security, being there two hours early, long lines of aggravated travelers, are rude airport personel are all common complaints for passengers on major airlines. Trust me, they sell so many tickets that you being annoyed makes little difference to them. Do yourself a favor and take the time to really compare the two and you will see that private jet charters aren't quite out of reach for the average traveler.

Large Airports in Saudi Arabia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
King Abdulaziz Air Base DHA
King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah JED
King Fahd International Airport Ad Dammam DMM
King Khaled International Airport Riyadh RUH
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport Medina MED

Medium Airports in Saudi Arabia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abha AirportAHB
Al Ahsa AirportHOF
Al Baha AirportABT
Al Wajh Domestic AirportAl WajhEJH
Al-Jawf Domestic AirportAl-JawfAJF
Arar Domestic AirportArarRAE
Bisha AirportBHH
Dawadmi Domestic AirportDawadmiDWD
Gassim AirportELQ
Guriat Domestic AirportURY
Hafr Al Batin AirportQaisumahAQI
Hail AirportHAS
Jizan Regional AirportJizanGIZ
Jubail AirportJubailQJB
King Faisal Naval BaseJeddahOEJF
King Khaled Air BaseKMX
King Khaled Military City AirportKing Khaled Military CityHBT
Nejran AirportEAM
Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz AirportOEDM
Prince Sultan Air BaseAKH
Rafha Domestic AirportRafhaRAH
Ras Mishab AirportOERM
Ras Tanajib AirportOETN
Ras Tanura AirportOERT
Riyadh Air BaseRiyadhXXN
Sharurah AirportSHW
Tabuk AirportTUU
Taif AirportTIF
Turaif Domestic AirportTUI
Wadi Al Dawasir AirportEWD
Yenbo AirportYNB

Small Airports in Saudi Arabia

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abqaiq AirportOEBQ
Abu Ali AirportOEAA
Al Artawiyah South AirportOE52
Al Bir Highway StripSA-0001
Al Hasa AirportSA-0005
Al KharjOE47
Al Kharj East AirportOE51
Al Lidem AirportOE46
Al Wariah SE Highway StripSA-0002
Arfa AirportOE43
Ghafah AirportOE55
Hafar Al Atk AirportOE54
Harad AirportHaradOEHR
Hawtah AirportOEHW
Ipsa 3 AirportOEPK
Khalfan AirportOE56
Khurais AirportOEKR
King Abdul Aziz Military Academy AirportOE53
King Abdulaziz Naval BaseJubailOE50
Mecca East AirportOE49
Nariya AirportNariyaOENR
Pump Station 10 AirportOEPJ
Pump Station 3 AirportOEPC
Pump Station 6 AirportOEPF
Pump Station 9 AirportOEPI
Qalibah Highway StripSA-0003
Quz South AirportOE48
Rabigh AirportOERB
Ras Khafji AirportOE45
Shaibah AirportOESB
Sulayel AirportSLF
Thumamah AirportOE44
Udhailiyah AirportOEUD
Ugtah Highway StripSA-0006
Umm Lajj AirportUmm LejjOEUM
Uwayqilah AirportSA-0007
Zilfi AirportZilfiZUL