Why You Should Fly Charter to Pennsylvania

There are many ways to travel big distances these days. You could go by train, car, ship or commercial airline depending on where you are going. If you can afford it, however, private jet charters are the best way to fly. Private jet charters are more available than you think. There is a plane for every occasion; the size and type will vary depending on how far you are traveling. If you are traveling to Pennsylvania, for example, you'll want to tailor your jet choice to the best for that distance. Booking a private jet charter opens up many doors to a person, when you have to ability to choose your destination it can lead to very fun and exciting adventures to exciting new places.

There are a lot of men and women alike who do not want to go using a commercial airplane because time is very precious to them. As a result, there are more individuals who are choosing to charter a private jet plane since there are more benefits from doing so. If you wonder though that you do not have the money to charter an expensive jet plane, then there is absolutely nothing for you to be anxious or hesitant about because there are plenty of charter companies that lease their private jet planes with prices that will not break the bank. On the event that you want to know more information about private jet planes or you are interested to charter one, there are many Pennsylvania that offer their jet planes.

If you are pondering about going to Pennsylvania private jet charters is the way to go for many reasons. The first reason for using private jet rentals is that they are far more secure when it comes to your personal protection. Because you are on a private flight no other people will be boarding the plane. This results in a direct security benefit for you. The second reason to use this sort of flight is the fact that you won't have all the hassles of commercial flights. You can walk onto the plane when you are ready and walk off the plane when you are ready. Everything is done around you and not the commercial airlines timeline. You will also be able to carry on anything you need for your comfort on the plane. If you want to work on the plane you just carry on your brief case. There might be a brief safety check but it is nothing like the hassle of the commercial flights. The third reason to use private jet charters is that you will feel safe and get much better customer service. Use private jet charters right away for your travel.

Routinely about sixty percent of the time, private aircraft fly with no any travelers on board; Jets generally drop one customer in one place and pick up the other one in somewhere else. The distance between the two could be short or longer. The Maldives is an admired option for private jet charter getaways. If you’re come across for five star luxuries from the moment you step on the airplane until the moment you reach your destination, the summer by no means ends in the Maldives. Private Jets may cost nearly 5 million $ just for the normal size airplane. To book a jet may be about 5 thousand dollars a journey. This can be costly particularly if you must go out an employ a pilot with huge skill. Private Jets are use a lot of gas and you may incure 10 thousand dollars on a whole tank refilling. Similar to any other means of transportation, private aircraft have a vast risk when flying to a Pennsylvania air port. The Jet should pass the FAA test, just like an examination on an automobile. Owners must be cautious not to load over the place with suitcases.

Why You Should Fly Charter to Pennsylvania

Ponder the disappointment in the eyes of your kid when you have promised him the once in a lifetime chance to see his favorite football team playing in the Super Bowl and not a single flight is available from your Pennsylvania. You prepared ahead of time by buying the tickets for the game; Section 34 Seats 15 and 16. Hotel booked. But no way to get to the game. Why not consider booking a small jet to get you and your son to your destination and share the moments that will last a lifetime. Chartering a jet is affordable and efficient. No long lines, no security screenings and best of all they fly according to your schedule. Isn't worth the investment? Consider chartering a jet for your next exciting getaway.

When you are looking to fly off to Pennsylvania you might think of using a private jet charter company. There are countless reasons to engage Pennsylvania private jet charters. Using a private jet lets you the comfort of not having to fly with strange people you don't know. With the new commercial airline laws regarding travel bags and such you are better of to just charter your own jet for business or pleasure. A private jet charter can be fun and will get you to your destination stress free. There is nothing like the feeling of flying the friendly skies in your own hired jet plane. Many companies are using this service more and more. It is also becoming more cost effective for the average individual who flies a lot. If you want to know more information about private jet charters you should contact the company and talk to them about your needs and see which flight will be good for you.

Large Airports in Pennsylvania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Erie International Tom Ridge Field Erie ERI
Philadelphia International Airport Philadelphia PHL
Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh PIT

Medium Airports in Pennsylvania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Allegheny County AirportPittsburghAGC
Altoona Blair County AirportAltoonaAOO
Arnold Palmer Regional AirportLatrobeLBE
Beaver County AirportBeaver FallsBVI
Bradford Regional AirportBradfordBFD
DuBois Regional AirportDuboisDUJ
Harrisburg International AirportHarrisburgMDT
John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County AirportJohnstownJST
Lancaster AirportLancasterLNS
Lehigh Valley International AirportAllentownABE
Muir Army Air Field (Fort Indiantown Gap) AirportFort Indiantown Gap(Annville)MUI
Northeast Philadelphia AirportPhiladelphiaPNE
Paraport AirstripWarren4PS3
Reading Regional Carl A Spaatz FieldReadingRDG
University Park AirportState CollegeUNV
Venango Regional AirportFranklinFKL
Wilkes Barre Scranton International AirportWilkes-Barre/ScrantonAVP
Williamsport Regional AirportWilliamsportIPT
Willow Grove Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve BaseWillow GroveNXX

Small Airports in Pennsylvania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
5 Lakes AirportFayettevillePA81
7-H Skeet Club Inc. FieldPattonPS53
A G A Farms AirportPerkasie61PN
Adams AirportConeville90PA
Aerequus AirportSolebury38PA
Air Haven AirportMoscow6PA6
Akm AirfieldColumia Cross RoadsPN54
Albert AirportPhilipsburg1N3
Alberter Farms AirportJohnstownPS52
Allentown Queen City Municipal AirportAllentownXLL
Altemose UltralightportMalvernPN69
Arnold AirportBirdsboroPA43
Ashlawn AirportClifford3PN1
Baker AirportElklandPA75
Baker-Sell AirportWoodbury2PN5
Bally Spring Farm AirportBallyPA35
Bandel AirportEighty Four22D
Baney's AirportDover90PN
Barnes Farmland AirportVolantPS43
Barnhart AirportFlintonPS69
Baublitz Commercial AirportBrogue9W8
Beaver Creek UltralightportNew Galilee1PA5
Beaver Springs AirportBenferPA39
Bedford County AirportBedfordHMZ
Beers Farm AirportOrbisona/RockhillPN73
Bellefonte AirportBellefonteN96
Beltzville AirportLehighton14N
Ben's Landing UltralightportEast BerlinPA89
Bendigo AirportTower City74N
Bendinsky AirportMahanoy City5PA0
Bentley AirportPottstown1PN0
Benton AirportBentonPA40
Bermudian Valley AirparkKralltown07N
Bert's AirportBirdsboro - PottstownPS38
Berwick AirportBerwick6PA7
Bierly(Personal Use) AirportBellefonte01PN
Big Bend AirportMercerUS-0120
Bilinski AirportMiddleboroPA07
Bittner-Whitsel AirportRouzerville5PN5
Bittner/Whitsel AirportWaynesboroPN58
Black Rock AirportNew Brighton32PN
Blomster Field Farm AirportCarmichaels5PA0
Bloomsburg Municipal AirportBloomsburgN13
Blue Knob Valley AirportNewry7G4
Blue Mountain Academy (Private) AirportHamburgPA92
Boden AirportLakewood2PA4
Boehm's FieldLackawaxen2PA1
Botsford AerodromeShippensburg6PA5
Bowtie AirportBiglervillePA51
Boyer AirportWernersville63PA
Braden AirparkEastonN43
Bradford County AirportTowandaN27
Brandon AirportProspectPN85
Brandywine AirportWest ChesterOQN
Branning FieldHonesdalePN33
Brennan Personal Use AirportZelienople2PN7
Broadt Personal Use AirportMainville5PA1
Brokenstraw AirportPittsfieldP15
Brookside Farms AirportHershey59PN
Buckingham AirportDoylestownPS68
Bugs AirportNazarethPA68
Bullfly UltralightportGermansvillePN48
Butler County-K W Scholter FieldButlerBTP
Butler Farm Show AirportButler3G9
Butter Valley Golf Port AirportBally7N8
Buzzards FieldMill HallPA18
C & W Milliron Flying FieldSigelPN13
C.J.K. AirportTunkhannock4PN8
Canaan's FieldLawrencevillePA17
Capital City AirportHarrisburgCXY
Captain's Folly AirportGettysburgPS25
Carbondale-Clifford AirportCarbondale9PA1
Carlisle AirportCarlisleN94
Carlson AirportEdinboroPN06
Carsonville AirportCarsonville0PS3
Cash Creek AirportUlsterPN10
Cataney AirportMidwayPN62
Cavage Personal Use AirportPrompton15PA
Cedar Acres Private Group AirportRevere23PA
Cedar Run AirportDorseyvillePN01
Centre AirparkCentre HallN16
Chambers AirportTunkHannock45PN
Champ FieldKnoxville6PS3
Charles G. Kalko AirportHonesdale7PA3
Cherry Ridge AirportHonesdaleN30
Cherry Springs AirportGaleton5G6
Cherry Valley AirportSaylorsburg65PA
Chester County G O Carlson AirportCoatesville40N
Chestnut Hill AirportDuncannon5PS5
Cider FieldFriedensburgPS70
Circle W AirfieldEast BerlinPA72
Clarion County AirportClarionAXQ
Clearfield Lawrence AirportClearfieldFIG
Cloudbound AirportGettysburgPA47
Cohen AirportOxford4PS7
Corry Lawrence AirportCorry8G2
Cosklos Elkview AirportCarbondalePA53
Countryside AirportLehman3PN3
Cove Valley AirportWilliamsburg6G6
Crosswinds AirfieldSassamansvillePN00
Cuatros Vientos AirportQuaker CityPA25
Culmerville AirportCulmervillePN38
Cumberland Valley AirstripGreencastlePA66
D.Evans Farm AirportEast ProspectPA73
Danville AirportDanville8N8
Davis AirportChambersvillePN08
Deck AirportMyerstown9D4
Dee Jay AirportOno8PA1
Deer Meadows AirstripWeatherly8PA3
Deitch AirportNew Kingstown41PA
Dillen Personal AirportMc KeanPA02
Dimascio FieldPottstown14PA
Don's Place AirparkHamburg68PA
Donegal Springs AirparkMount Joy/MariettaN71
Double D Skyranch AirportSt John's5PA2
Downes AirportClymerPS39
Doylestown AirportDoylestownDYL
Draco STOLportStewartstown84PN
Drewniany-Springmeadow AirportFrederickPA85
Drillmore Acres AirportNewburg0PN7
Dunbar AirportKittanningPN49
Dunlea AirparkNew AlexandriaPN66
Dutch Country Egg Farms AirportFredericksburgPS35
Dwight's Delight AirportDushorePA71
Eagle FieldPort Matilda09PA
Eagles Mere Field AirportEagles Mere40PN
Eakin AirportCranberry11PN
East Penn AirportAndreasPA30
Ebensburg AirportEbensburg9G8
Echo AirportMorrisPN0
Ecko FieldHummelstown0PA4
Egolf AirportLandisburg2PA7
Elephant Path AirportPerkasiePS03
Erie County AirportWattsburg3G1
Erkes AirportUpper Black Eddy59PA
Erwinna Private AirportErwinnaPA77
Fairview Evergreen AirportFairviewPN18
Fairview Farm AirfieldPine GrovePS20
Farmers Pride AirportFredericksburg9N7
Fauser UltralightportTurbotville7PA5
Ferrell FieldMercer00PN
Fetters Construction AirportDowningtownPA70
Finkhaven AirportTrout Run73PN
Finleyville AirparkFinleyvilleG05
Fino AirportHookstownPN37
Fisher AirportFranklin0PA5
Fletcher AirportSheakeyville0PN0
Flying Acres AirportSlippery Rock0PN2
Flying Dollar AirportCanadensis8N4
Flying Eagle AirportDalmatiaPS21
Flying M AerodromeGermansvilleP91
Flying M Ranch AirportGrove City4PN0
Flying R AirportHarrisonvillePN35
Folmar AirportGrassflat07PN
Fox FieldNewport34PN
Fox Hollow AirportLewisburg3PA6
Frame FieldCandor82PA
Franklin Center AirportCranesville96PA
Franklin County Regional AirportChambersburgN68
Frederick AirparkTylersburg0PS0
Freefall Oz AirportCeres06PA
Frymoyer AirportLiverpool4PA3
G & N AirportAlbionPS05
Gap View AirportStone Church49PA
Gardner AirportBreinigsville29PA
Gehris AirportSouderton39PA
Gettysburg Regional AirportGettysburgW05
Giffin AirportLeraysville3PA4
Gilbert AirportYork73PA
Gilfert AirportBenfer77PN
Gold Mine FieldSellersville97PN
Gravel Run AirportCambridge Springs3PN6
Grayce Farms AirportFleetvillePA82
Graystrip AirportDublinPS46
Greeley AirportCoudersportPN15
Greene County AirportWaynesburgWAY
Greensburg Jeannette Regional AirportJeannette5G8
Greenville Municipal AirportGreenville4G1
Gregg AirportEighty Four16PA
Grimes AirportBethel8N1
Grove City AirportGrove City29D
Grover AirportWeatherlyPS12
Gunden AirportPerkasiePS54
Gusler AirportElizabethville/HalifaxPA74
H&H Personal Use AirportTioga57PA
Hackenburg-Penny Hill AirportMontoursville6PA3
Hallett's AirportBangor8PN2
Hamilton Hill AirportEbensburgPS47
Hanny Beaver Airpark Inc AirportHookstown80PN
Hanover AirportHanover6W6
Hansen AirportSassamansville5PS4
Harman AirportElizabethville0PS7
Harris AirportLincoln University3PA8
Hartman AirportGarrettPS49
Haunstein UltralightportShermans Dale0PA2
Hawkins FieldCooperstown92PA
Hazleton Municipal AirportHazletonHZL
Heberlig AirportNewvillePS02
Hermitage AirportSharonPA22
Hi Line Lodge AirportWellsboro61PA
Hi-Vu AirportCoplayPA65
Hiawatha AirportStarlight4PA6
Hideaway UltralightportQuarryville14PS
Hilling International AirportHuntingdonPN64
Hinaman Acres AirportJersey Shore1PA0
Hoge Farm AirportTinicum56PA
Homan AirportState College47PA
Home Safe AirportEllsworth/BentleyvillePS87
Horne AirportScenery HillPN95
Horst AirportLebanon3PA0
Hostetler AirportHuntingdon0PA6
Huf AirportHarfordPS50
Hughes UltralightportTioga02PS
Hurst STOLportNewmanstown69PA
Husky Haven AirportMontroseP32
Ickes AirportOsterburg1PS0
Indian Lake AirportCentral City5G2
Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Fld/ AirportIndianaIDI
Inter County AirportIrwin31D
J F T AirportMifflinburg8PA4
J T Willie AirportWorthington9PS2
Jackson AirportNew GalileePN68
Jake Arner Memorial AirportLehighton22N
Jansen Vineyards AirportRichfieldPN71
Jarrett AirportIvyland5PN7
Jersey Shore AirportJersey ShoreP96
Jim Shearer AirportAlbionUS-PA47
Jj & Pk AirportGreencastlePA08
Johnson AirportPort Allegany2PA5
Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville AirportConnellsvilleVVS
Juergensen Airpark and Maritime Facility AirportAddisonPS27
Kampel AirportWellsville2N5
Karlindo AirportFairfield3PN2
Kellachows AirportCarbondalePA54
Keller Brothers AirportLebanon08N
Keystone AirportFort Hill9PA7
Kindelberger Landing StripFreedom24PA
Kings AirportSchwenksville30PA
Kingsdale Air ParkLittlestownPA23
Kiski AirportVandergrift85PN
Kitner AirportNew Bloomfield0PN4
Kolb AirportSpring City43PA
Krill Personal Use AirportFrystownPA86
Krout AirportLewistown4PS6
Krumenacker AirportCarrolltown85PA
Kunda AirportCollegevillePA61
Kutztown AirportKutztownN31
Lackawannock AirportSharonPN99
Lake AirportMillville19PA
Lake Arthur FieldPortersvillePN84
Lakehill AirportMarsP09
Lamberson AirportNew Oxford51PA
Lance AirportParker Ford9PA0
Lars/Private AirportAthensPA33
Lazy B Ranch AirportDoverPS08
Lazy J. Ranch AirportSpringbrookPS82
Lehman AirportDallas2PA2
Lenzner Farm AirportSewickley7PS7
Level Acres Farm AirportFordvillePA84
Lincoln Farms AirportCalvin5PN8
Lindsay AirportFreeportPN25
Linvill AirportMedia0PA7
Little Britain AirportQuarryville79PA
Logue AirportBodinesPA45
Lohr's Landing AirportJennerstownPN47
Lost Acres AirportChambersburg8PN0
Malco AirportWestfield2PN1
Malinchak Private AirportCarbondale9PN8
Manor Knoll Personal Use AirportMountville7PA0
Manor Landing AirportGettysburg9PS8
Maple Cave Park AirportCooperstown93PA
Marion Center Speedway AirportMarion CenterPN57
Market Garden AirportYork Springs2PN3
Marsh Creek AirportGettysburg8PN9
Marsteller AirportStewartstownPN17
Marther FieldAlbion75PA
Masser FieldSacramento67PN
Mathna AirportYork Springs2PS3
Mc Cardle Farm AirportBurnhamPS11
Mc Cauley'S AirportVenus8PN3
Mc Clure AirportTroyPN21
Mc Coy AirportClinton88PA
Mc Donald's AirportBrandonville6PN9
Mc Ginness AirportColumbia8N7
Mc Ville AirportFreeportP37
Meadow Strip UltralightportRichlandtown9PA3
Memmi AirportThree Springs0PN6
Merritt FieldEagles Mere4PN7
Merrys Pymatuning AirportLinesvillePA01
Metzler AirportManheim5PA3
Mid Atlantic Soaring Center AirportFairfieldW73
Mid State AirportPhilipsburgPSB
Middlebury AirportMiddlebury Center8PS0
Mifflin County AirportReedsvilleRVL
Mifflintown AirportMifflintownP34
Millard AirportAnnville4PA0
Miller AirportMahaffeyPN56
Mills Brothers AirportBurnt Cabins05PS
Misty Hill Farm AirportRen FrewPN14
Monesmith AirportPoint PleasantPA05
Moorhead Airpark LLCNorth EastPN40
Morgantown AirportMorgantownO03
Morton's AirportCambridge SpringsPS64
Mount Pleasant/Scottdale AirportMount PleasantP45
Mountain Bay Air Park Inc AirportHawleyPA49
Mountain Crest AirportTidioute17PS
Mountain Hide-Away AirportMillcreek3PS4
Mountain Top AirportChadds Ford4PS4
Moyer AirportLine Lexington3PA9
Muddy Creek AirportCarmicheal4PS5
Myer AirportMilford6PA0
Napodano AirportTransfer1PN1
Nardo AirportAllison Park77PA
Navarro AirportSellersville3PA1
Neeb AirportLehighton3PA2
Neiderer AirportCarlislePA55
Nelson's Run AirportMercer39PN
Nemacolin AirportFarmingtonPA88
New Castle Municipal AirportNew CastleUCP
New Garden AirportToughkenamonN57
Nichols AirportSpartansburg0PN5
Nielsen AirportTioga99PA
Nort's Resort AirportMeshoppen01PS
Northumberland County AirportShamokinN79
Numidia AirportNumidia8PA0
Oberlander AirportUnion CityPA52
Offutt Acres AirportEast BradyPN02
Old Orchard AirportCurwensville0PS4
Old Plains AirportPennsburg9PA2
Orson FieldOrson7PA4
Pabst Blue Ribbon AirportEvans CityPN16
Parker-Cramer AirportClarionPS66
Paul Personal Use AirportTitusville0PN9
Pecora FieldBradfordPS18
Pegasus Air ParkStroudsburg50PA
Penn Valley AirportSelinsgroveSEG
Pennfield Farm AirportSpring Mills44PA
Pennridge AirportPerkasieCKZ
Penns Cave AirportCentre HallN74
Perkiomen Valley AirportCollegevilleN10
Phil Cain Memorial FieldExport3PN9
Philadelphia GliderportHilltown0PA0
Pittsburgh-Monroeville AirportMonroeville4G0
Pleasant Hill AirportPortersville98PA
Pocono Mountains Municipal AirportMount PoconoMPO
Ponderosa AirportLock Haven4PA5
Port Meadville AirportMeadvilleGKJ
Pottstown Limerick AirportPottstownPTW
Pottstown Municipal AirportPottstownN47
Poverty AirportMackeyvillePS73
Punxsutawney Municipal AirportPunxsutawneyN35
Quakertown AirportQuakertownUKT
Quemahening Flightpark UltralightportStoystown2PN4
Ranch-Aero AirportRoulettePN90
Ransome STOLportSolebury57PN
Rayne AirportHomePN36
Reed AirportLake Ariel2PA3
Reigle FieldPalmyra58N
Reno AirportEnon ValleyPN11
Richland Acres UltralightportQuakertown13PN
Ridge Soaring GliderportUnionville79N
Ridgeview AirportKellers Church1PA3
Rigrtona AirportTidioute13PA
Risker FieldBulger3PS9
River Hill Aviation AirportApolloPN46
Roadcap AirportMiddleburg37PA
Robbins Farm AirportTroy0PA3
Rock AirportPittsburgh9G1
Rocktop AirportChambersburgPA58
Rocky Hill UltralightportCresco48P
Rocky Hollow FieldStrongstownPN72
Rosenzweig AirportWilkes BarrePA76
Rostraver AirportMonongahelaFWQ
Rover AirportAnnvillePA31
Russo AirstripPipersville4PA8
Sagulla AirportGrove CityPN31
Sainovich AirportIndustryPN43
Sam's FieldBradford6PN5
Sanders Personal Use AirportSugar Grove70PN
Sankey AirportOsceola Mills1PS4
Sauers-Haven AirportNew Berlin4PA1
Scandia Air ParkRussell6PA4
Schadels AirportKlingerstown1PA9
Schrenkel AirportCassvillePN30
Schulteis AirportBiglerville3PN0
Schulteis FieldNew Oxford71PN
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ AirportPottsvilleZER
Seamans FieldFactoryville9N3
Seesholtz AirportBloomsburg86PN
Seitz FieldPerryopolis9PN1
Sency AirportTreskow55PA
Seven Springs AirportSeven Springs Borough7SP
Shangri La AirportBurnham6PA9
Sharretts AirportSabinsvillePN91
Sheepshead AirportLykens4PA7
Shelley Private AirportRichfield27PN
Shield Farm AirportRussell5PA6
Shippensburg AirportShippensburgN42
Shoestring Aviation AirfieldStewartstown0P2
Shontz AirportZieglerville74PA
Shreveport North AirportWellsville62PA
Shriver AirportTitusville0PN8
Shulls AirportLandisburg2PA8
Skala AirportMc ClellandtownPN55
Skunk Hollow AirportPlumvillePN83
Sky Classics FieldGrantville7PS4
Skyhaven AirportTunkhannock76N
Skyline AirstripShoemakersvillePN50
Slack AirportForest Grove18PA
Slatington AirportSlatington69N
Smoketown AirportSmoketownS37
Snook AirportBeaver SpringsPS06
Solt FieldLeighton9PA5
Somerset County AirportSomerset2G9
Spring Hill AirportSterling70N
Spud View AirportUpper Strasburg18PN
St Marys Municipal AirportSt MarysOYM
Stahl's Mountain AirportUnion Dale3PN7
Stefanik AirportBedminsterPA36
Still Meadow Farm AirportJackson Center8PS2
Stitt AirportKittanningPN59
Stone Castle Motel AirportBloomsburgPA44
Stott Private AirportNewtown7PA6
Strawberry Acres AirportWattsburg2PN0
Strittmatter AirportEbensburgPN04
Strizki UltralightportElkdalePA19
Strohmier AirportLorettoPN53
Stroudsburg Pocono AirportEast StroudsburgN53
Sunbury AirportSunbury71N
Sunny Rest AirportPalmerton8PA8
Sutliff Private AirportShickshinny33PA
Sweet Valley AirportSweet ValleyPN12
Tall Pines AirfieldLock Haven6PA8
Tallman East AirportTower City58PA
Tallman West AirportDauphinPS00
Tate AirportWest Rockhill5PS9
Taylor Flight Park UltralightportStrattanville5PA9
The Old Commonwealth AerodromeShartlesville2PA6
Thermal G. Ranch GliderportEriePA20
Thomas FieldLoysville00PS
Tidioute AirportTidioutePS61
Tidmore AirportMinersville7PN0
Tintinhull AirportErwinnaPA78
Titusville AirportTitusville6G1
Tower AirfieldNorth Washington6PA1
Travis AirportSmicksburgPS98
Turtle Rock AirstripShermansdale8PA6
Tyler AirportNew Milford6PS8
Uphill AirportClaysvillePS67
Vansant AirportErwinna9N1
Veit AirportWysox9PN7
Vicars Private AirportAltoonaPS15
Vogelsong AirportDillsburgPA69
Wagner AirportLewistown1PA4
Waisley AirportMc Kean38PN
Waltman AirportChicora87PA
Waltz AirportGettysburg34PA
Warren AirparkWarren7PA1
Washington County AirportWashingtonAFJ
Wellsboro Johnston AirportWellsboroN38
West Middlesex AirportWest MiddlesexPA21
West Penn Township AirportTamaquaPS99
Whittle AirportKennett Square1PA6
Wicker & Wings AerodromeTrumbauersville1PS9
Wildcat AirportTamaqua52PA
Wilkes Barre Wyoming Valley AirportWilkes-BarreWBW
William T. Piper Memorial AirportLock HavenLHV
Willows AirportCranesville97PA
Windy Hill AirportCurwensvillePS23
Wings FieldPhiladelphiaLOM
Yarrow AirportSchwenksville28PA
Yingst AirportHarrisburg3PS8
York AirportYorkTHV
Yost Personal Use AirportShermans Dale32PA
Zelienople Municipal AirportZelienoplePJC
Zettlemoyer AirportKutztown2PA0
Ziggy's FieldBellefonte03PS

Seaplane Bases in Pennsylvania

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Beaver Seaplane BaseBeaver75PN
Couillard Seaplane BaseMartins CreekPA15
Deer Lakes Seaplane BaseNatrona HgtsPN65
Flat Rock Seaplane BaseGladwynePA90
Hunts Cove Seaplane BaseFoxburgPN19
Kikkatuck Ii Seaplane BaseFreeportPS88
Pete's Water Landing Seaplane BaseFreeport0PN1
Philadelphia Seaplane BaseEssington9N2
Snider Seaplane BaseFreeportPN24
Sunbury Seaplane BaseSunburyH11