Traveling to Kyrenia District via Jet Charter

Planning a family vacation to Kyrenia District? Consider going by private jet charters. Your trip will be enjoyable for many reasons. First of all, you and your family will have the jet to yourselves. The privacy of your own plane is sure to enhance your family time together. Secondly, you and your family will arrive at your destination without having to deal with other passengers that you are sure to encounter when flying by commercial air lines. Thirdly, booking your private jet charters can be done at your convenience. Your decision when to go on vacation to a certain destination shouldn't have to depend on a commercial air lines schedule. And, finally, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the most private and exclusive types of air travel, the private jet charters.

Being able to get away from time to time on a private jet charter is a necessary thing for people in business, entertainment or in the political arena. Having a private plane can be an asset especially for those who value their privacy for whatever reason. World famous people charter jets and aircraft to get through their busy lives and in doing so chose the best available jet charters. Some of the most sought after types are Cessna 500ĺs, Falconĺs, Learjets and Beechjets. This safe and effective way of transportation has been around for some time now, and keeps growing. The cost of ordering a private jet charter is very reasonable by today's standards Kyrenia District. Being able to conduct business, travel safely with family and friends and visit other places without the watchful eye of the general public is priceless.

Traveling to Kyrenia District via Jet Charter

WP Air understands that what goes into picking the right private charter company. A good idea beforehand would be to check out the different hangers and runways in Kyrenia District. They will be more than glad to let you tour the jets and give you a breakdown of passenger incentive programs, many amenities, and costs. They know that most private jet charters have a presence online complete with pictures of their fleets and contact information. Donĺt forget the power of word of mouth. You can always get feedback from former clients or referrals from flyers. If you want to remove yourself from the process you can always hire a broker to prearrange the best accommodations for you. Most private jet charters are rated on their level of service and you can see their reputations via the web.

If your local alumni group is stumped for things to do, consider chartering a plane for the next Kyrenia District bowl game. It's a good way to arrive on time and in style. To get going, contact the charter company for plane size availability. Understand, however, that nothing can be held without a deposit. Once you have that info in hand, attend your next alumni meeting with ballpark costs and have people begin the prepaying process. As the football season dies down, your group will be able to narrow in on the week, and maybe even the game, your team will attend a few weeks later. It will be a rapid turnaround, but because you will have had contact with the charter office, as well as money from your fellow travelers in hand, the trip should go off smoothly. Happy travels!

With a private jet charter, you have peace of mind with flexibility. Charter a trip to Kyrenia District on a luxurious private jet. All jet charter coordinators are glad to educate you on air charter safety. These experts are available 24/7 to assist you in arranging your private jet charter flight. All private jets are finely inspected and come with very experienced flight crews. Whether its a business trip or a family weekend getaway, you can be assured of quality and convenience. No need to wait in long airport security lines. You will receive a hassle free way of travel. When ever or where ever your travels may take you, a private jet charter will pamper you the entire way. They can offer fantastic prices and high levels of security standards.

Large Airports in , Kyrenia District

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Adnan Menderes International Airport ADB
Bremen Airport BRE
Dalaman International Airport DLM
Erzurum International Airport ERZ
Esenbo─ča International Airport ESB
Faro Airport FAO
General Mariano Escobedo International Airport MTY
Hannover Airport HAJ
Kadena Air Base DNA
King Abdulaziz Air Base DHA
Munster Osnabruck Airport FMO
New Doha International Airport
Nurnberg Airport NUE
Osan Air Base OSN
Porto Airport OPO
Tianjin Binhai International Airport TSN

Medium Airports in , Kyrenia District

Airport NameCityAirport Code
A 511 AirportRKSG
A─čr─▒ AirportAJI
Abadan AirportABD
Abeche AirportAEH
Abha AirportAHB
Abu Simbel AirportABS
Abumusa Island AirportAEU
Ad─▒yaman AirportADF
Afyon AirportAFY
Agartala AirportIXA
Agatti AirportAGX
Aghajari AirportOIAG
Agra AirportAGR
Ahmedabad AirportAMD
Ahwaz AirportAWZ
Aizawl AirportAJL
Akhisar AirportLTBT
Akola AirportAKD
Al Ahsa AirportHOF
Al Anad Air BaseOY74
Al Azraq / Al Shaheed Muwaffaq Salti Air BaseOJ40
Al Baha AirportABT
Al Bumbah North Air BaseHL68
Al Dhafra Air BaseOMAM
Al Ghaidah International AirportAAY
Ali Al Salem Air BaseOKAS
Along AirportIXV
Alpha AirportABH
Altay Air BaseCN-0113
Alverca AirportLPAR
Amasya Merzifon AirportMZH
Ambala Air Force StationVI18
Ambodedjo AirportMZI
Amborovy Airport AirportMJN
Amritsar Air Force StationATQ
An Nasiriyah Air BaseOS64
Anaa AirportAAA
Analalava AirportHVA
Andapa AirportZWA
Andros Town AirportASD
Antique AirportSJI
Antsirabato AirportANM
Ararat AirportARY
Arba Minch AirportAMH
Ardabil AirportADU
Armidale AirportARM
Arrachart AirportDIE
Arthurs Town AirportATC
Arutua AirportAXR
Asahikawa AirportRJCA
Ashiya AirportRJFA
Aswan International AirportASW
Asyut International AirportATZ
Ataq AirportAXK
Atsugi Naval Air FacilityNJA
Avalon AirportAVV
Axum AirportAXU
Aykhal AirportUERA
Çanakkale AirportCKZ
Çardak AirportDNZ
├çi─čli AirportIGL
Bagdarin AirportUIUB
Baihe Ning Ming Air BaseCN-0053
Bairnsdale AirportBSJ
Baita AirportHET
Baitabu Air BaseCN-0089
Baku Zabrat AirportAZ-0001
Bal─▒kesir K├Ârfez AirportEDO
Bal─▒kesir Merkez AirportBZI
Ballina Byron Gateway AirportBNK
Balranald AirportBZD
Bam AirportBXR
Bandar Lengeh AirportBDH
Bandari Air BaseOP12
Band─▒rma AirportBDM
Bandundu AirportFDU
Bangoka International AirportFKI
Baoji Air BaseCN-0114
Baoshan AirportCN-0027
Barcaldine AirportBCI
Bareilly Air Force StationVIBY
Baruun Urt AirportUUN
Basco AirportBSO
Bata AirportBSG
Bateen AirportAZI
Bathurst AirportBHS
Bathurst Island AirportBRT
Batman AirportBAL
Batna AirportBLJ
Bedourie AirportBEU
Beihan AirportBHN
Belaya Gora AirportUESG
Belgaum AirportIXG
Beloyarskiy AirportEYK
Benalla AirportBLN
Benina AirportBEN
Berezovo AirportEZV
Bern Belp AirportBRN
Besalampy AirportBPY
Bhatinda Air Force StationBUP
Bhavnagar AirportBHU
Bhopal AirportBHO
Bhubaneshwar AirportBBI
Bhuj AirportBHJ
Bidar Air Force StationVOBR
Bilaspur AirportPAB
Birdsville AirportBVI
Birsa Munda AirportIXR
Bisha AirportBHH
Biskra AirportBSK
Bislig AirportBPH
Blackall AirportBKQ
Blackwater AirportBLT
Blida AirportQLD
Borlange AirportBLE
Bou Chekif AirportTID
Bou Saada AirportBUJ
Bouak├ę AirportBYK
Boufarik AirportQFD
Boulia AirportBQL
Bourke AirportBRK
Braga AirportBGZ
Braganca AirportBGC
Braunschweig Wolfsburg AirportBWE
Brewarrina AirportBWQ
Broken Hill AirportBHQ
Bryansk AirportBZK
Buchel AirportETSB
Buckeburg AirportETHB
Bukavu Kavumu AirportBKY
Bundaberg AirportBDB
Bunia AirportBUX
Buri Ram AirportBFV
Bursa Yeni┼čehir AirportYEI
Bushehr AirportBUZ
Busuanga AirportUSU
Buta Zega AirportBZU
Cacique Aramare AirportPYH
Caicara del Orinoco AirportCXA
Cairns International AirportCNS
Cairo West AirportCWE
Calicut AirportCCJ
Camden AirportCDU
Camiguin AirportCGM
Cangxian Air BaseCN-0090
Capitan Fap Guillermo Concha Iberico AirportPIU
Capitan Montes AirportTYL
Car Nicobar Air Force StationCBD
Carnarvon AirportCVQ
Cauayan AirportCYZ
Ceduna AirportCED
Celle AirportZCN
Cengiz Topel AirportKCO
Cerklje AirportLJCE
Cha Ian AirportNST
Chah Bahar AirportZBR
Changchun Air BaseCN-0185
Changsha Huanghua International Air BaseCN-0055
Changzing Air BaseCN-0145
Charleville AirportCTL
Cheikh Larbi Tebessi AirportTEE
Chengdu Air BaseCN-0026
Cheongju International AirportCJJ
Chiang Mai International AirportCNX
Chiang Rai International AirportCEI
Chichen Itza International AirportCZA
Chifeng Air BaseCN-0187
Chinchilla AirportCCL
Chitose Air BaseRJCJ
Choibalsan AirportCOQ
Chub Cay AirportCCZ
Chumphon AirportCJM
Ciudad Bol├şvar AirportCBL
Clermont AirportCMQ
Cleve AirportCVC
Cloncurry AirportCNJ
Cobar AirportCAZ
Cocos Keeling Island AirportCCK
Coen AirportCUQ
Coffs Harbour AirportCFS
Coimbatore AirportCJB
Coimbra AirportCBP
Coleman Army Air FieldETOR
Colima AirportCLQ
Colonel Hill AirportCRI
Conakry AirportCKY
Coober Pedy AirportCPD
Cooktown AirportCTN
Cooma Snowy Mountains AirportOOM
Coonabarabran AirportCOJ
Coonamble AirportCNB
Cootamundra AirportCMD
Coronel Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International AirportTCQ
Corowa AirportCWW
Corryong AirportCYG
Covilha AirportCOV
Cowra AirportCWT
Cuddapah AirportCDP
Culiacan International AirportCUL
Cuman├í (Antonio Jos├ę de Sucre) AirportCUM
Cunnamulla AirportCMA
Daegu Air BaseTAE
Daishan Air BaseCN-0146
Daloa AirportDJO
Daman AirportNMB
Dandong Air BaseCN-0189
Dangyang Air BaseCN-0056
Daru AirportDAU
Dayrestan AirportOIKQ
Deadmans Cay AirportLGI
Dehradun AirportDED
Del Norte International AirportNTR
Deniliquin AirportYDLQ
Derby AirportDRB
Devi Ahilyabai Holkar AirportIDR
Devonport AirportDPO
Dhanbad AirportDBD
Dimapur AirportDMU
Dingxin/Shuangchengzi Air BaseCN-0190
Dipolog AirportDPL
Dirranbandi AirportDRN
Diyarbakir AirportDIY
Dongshan AirportHLD
Dongying Air BaseCN-0091
Dortmund AirportDTM
Dubbo AirportDBO
Duncan Town AirportDCT
Durango International AirportDGO
Dyagilevo Air BaseUUBD
Dysart AirportDYA
Ech Cheliff AirportQAS
Echuca AirportECH
El Arish International AirportAAC
El Aroui AirportNDR
El Golea AirportELG
El Gora AirportEGH
El Libertador AirbaseELR
Elaz─▒─č AirportEZS
Elcho Island AirportELC
Elorza AirportEOZ
Emerald AirportEMD
Emmen AirportLSME
Erding AirportETSE
Erzincan AirportERC
Es Senia AirportORN
Eski┼čehir Air BaseESK
Esperance AirportEPR
Exuma International AirportGGT
Fakarava AirportFAV
Fangatau AirportFGU
Faranah AirportFAA
Fascene AirportNOS
Fassberg AirportETHS
Faya Largeau AirportFYT
Feidong Air BaseCN-0147
Fengning Air BaseCN-0013
Fianarantsoa AirportWFI
Fitzroy Crossing AirportFIZ
Foluo Northeast Air BaseCN-0057
Forbes AirportFRB
Forrest AirportFOS
Frankfurt Hahn AirportHHN
Fria AirportFIG
Friedrichshafen AirportFDH
Fujairah International AirportFJR
Fukui AirportFKJ
Futenma Marine Corps Air StationROTM
Fuxin Air BaseCN-0191
Gachsaran AirportOIAH
Gangneung AirportKAG
Gao AirportGAQ
Garden Point AirportGPN
Gassim AirportELQ
Gaya AirportGAY
G├╝vercinlik AirportLTAB
Gbadolite AirportBDT
Ge├žitkale Air BaseGEC
Geilenkirchen AirportGKE
Gemena AirportGMA
General Bartolome Salom International AirportPBL
General Francisco J Mujica International AirportMLM
General Francisco Javier Mina International AirportTAM
General Heriberto Jara International AirportVER
General Ignacio P Garcia International AirportHMO
General Leobardo C Ruiz International AirportZCL
General Lucio Blanco International AirportREX
General Manuel Marquez De Leon International AirportLAP
General Mariano Matamoros AirportCVJ
General Pedro Jose Mendez International AirportCVM
General Rafael Buelna International AirportMZT
General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada International AirportMXL
General Servando Canales International AirportMAM
George Town AirportGGT
Geraldton AirportGET
Ghale Morghi AirportOIIG
Ghat AirportGHT
Ghriss AirportMUW
Girua AirportPNP
Gladstone AirportGLT
Glen Innes AirportGLI
Gold Coast AirportOOL
Gonghe Air BaseCN-0117
Gongzhuling Air BaseCN-0192
Gorakhpur AirportGOP
Gorgan AirportGBT
Goroka AirportGKA
Goulburn AirportGUL
Gove AirportGOV
Governors Harbour AirportGHB
Grafenwohr Army Air FieldETIC
Grafton AirportGFN
Grand Bahama International AirportFPO
Great Harbour Cay AirportGHC
Grenchen AirportZHI
Griffith AirportGFF
Groote Eylandt AirportGTE
Guanajuato International AirportBJX
Guangzhou Shadi Air BaseCN-0061
Guasdalito AirportGDO
Guemar AirportELU
Guiping Mengshu Air BaseCN-0063
Guiria AirportGUI
Guna AirportGUX
Gunnedah AirportGUH
Guriat Domestic AirportURY
Gurney AirportGUR
Gwangju AirportKWJ
H1 New Air BaseIQ-0016
H2 Air BaseIQ-0017
H3 Air BaseIQ-0018
H3 Northwest AFBIQ-0020
H3 Southwest Air BaseIQ-0021
Hachijojima AirportHAC
Hachinohe AirportHHE
Hagfors AirportHFS
Hail AirportHAS
Hailang AirportMDG
Hakodate AirportHKD
Halls Creek AirportHCQ
Hamamatsu AirportRJNH
Hamilton AirportHLZ
Hamilton Island AirportHTI
Hanamaki AirportHNA
Hao AirportHOI
Harbin Air BaseCN-0193
Hassi R'Mel AirportHRM
Hat Yai International AirportHDY
Hatay AirportHTY
Hay AirportHXX
Hede Air BaseESPJ
Hemavan AirportHMV
Herat AirportHEA
Heringsdorf AirportHDF
Hermanos Serdan International AirportPBC
Hervey Bay AirportHVB
Hiroshima AirportHIJ
Hiroshimanishi AirportHIW
Hissar AirportHSS
Hiva Oa-Atuona AirportAUQ
Hobart AirportHBA
Hofu AirportRJOF
Hohenfels Army Air FieldETIH
Hohhot Air BaseCN-0014
Hohn AirportETNH
Hokitika AirfieldHKK
Holzdorf AirportETSH
Hopetoun AirportHTU
Horn Island AirportHID
Horsham AirportHSM
Huairen Air BaseCN-0015
Hudiksvall AirportHUV
Huian Air BaseCN-0152
Huiyang Air BaseCN-0068
Hultsfred AirportHLF
Hyakuri AirportRJAH
Hyvinkaa AirportHYV
Ie Jima AirportIEJ
Iki AirportIKI
Iligan AirportIGN
Illizi Takhamalt AirportVVZ
Imphal AirportIMF
In Amenas AirportIAM
In Salah AirportINZ
Ingeniero Alberto Acuna Ongay International AirportCPE
Inverell AirportIVR
Iran Shahr AirportOIZI
Ishigaki AirportISG
Ivato AirportTNR
Iwami AirportIWJ
Iwo Jima AirportIWO
Ixtapa Zihuatanejo International AirportZIH
Ixtepec AirportIZT
Izumo AirportIZO
Jabalpur AirportJLR
Jaipur AirportJAI
Jaisalmer AirportJSA
Jalalabad AirportJAA
Jalibah Southeast Air BaseIQ-0024
Jammu AirportIXJ
Jamshedpur AirportIXW
Jeongseok AirportRKPD
Jever AirportETNJ
Jialaishi Air BaseCN-0069
Jiamusi AirportJMU
Jiaozhou/Jiaocheng Air BaseCN-0092
Jiaxing Air BaseCN-0154
Jijel AirportGJL
Jinan Air BaseCN-0093
Jiroft AirportOIKJ
Jiugucheng Air BaseCN-0094
Jolo AirportJOL
Jorhat AirportJRH
Jungwon Air BaseRKTI
Jwaneng AirportJWA
Kahramanmara┼č AirportKCM
Kailashahar AirportIXH
Kaiyuan Air BaseCN-0197
Kalemie AirportFMI
Kalgoorlie Boulder AirportKGI
Kalibo AirportKLO
Kalmar AirportKLR
Kamina Base AirportKMN
Kamphaeng Saen AirportVTBK
Kampong Chhnang AirportKZC
Kamuzu International AirportLLW
Kananga AirportKGA
Kandahar AirportKDH
Kandla AirportIXY
Kangra AirportDHM
Kanoya AirportRJFY
Kanpur AirportKNU
Karlskoga AirportKSK
Karlsruhe Baden Baden AirportFKB
Karlstad AirportKSD
Karratha AirportKTA
Kashan AirportOIFK
Kashi AirportKHG
Kastner Army Air FieldRJTR
Kauhajoki AirportKHJ
Kaukura AirportKKR
Kavieng AirportKVG
Kayes Dag Dag AirportKYS
Kempsey AirportKPS
Kenitra AirportNNA
Kerang AirportKRA
Kerema AirportKMA
Kerman AirportKER
Keshod AirportIXK
Khajuraho AirportHJR
Khark Island AirportKHK
Khok Kathiam AirportKKM
Khon Kaen AirportKKC
Khoram Abad AirportKHD
Kikai AirportKKX
Kikwit AirportKKW
Kilimanjaro International AirportJRO
Kindu AirportKND
King Island AirportKNS
King Khaled Air BaseKMX
Kingaroy AirportKGY
Kingscote AirportKGC
Kiruna AirportKRN
Kisarazu AirportRJTK
Kish Island AirportKIH
Kisimayu AirportKMU
Kitadaito AirportKTD
Kitee AirportKTQ
Kochi AirportKCZ
Kolhapur AirportKLH
Kolwezi AirportKWZ
Konduz AirportUND
Korhogo AirportHGO
Kota AirportKTU
Krabi AirportKBV
Kullu Manali AirportKUU
Kumejima AirportUEO
Kununurra AirportKNX
Kushiro AirportKUH
Kut Al Hayy East Air BaseIQ-0030
Kyzylagadzh Air BaseAZ-0021
La Fria AirportLFR
Laage AirportRLG
Labasa AirportLBS
Labe AirportLEK
Lae Nadzab AirportLAE
Laghouat AirportLOO
Lahr AirportLHA
Laiyang Air BaseCN-0096
Lalin Air BaseCN-0198
Lampang AirportLPT
Landsberg Lech AirportETSA
Laohutun Air BaseCN-0003
Lar AirportLRR
Latrobe Valley AirportLTB
Launceston AirportLST
Laupheim AirportETHL
Lavan Island AirportLVP
Lazaro Cardenas AirportLZC
Learmouth AirportLEA
Lecce AirportLCC
Lechfeld AirportETSL
Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee AirportIXL
Leigh Creek AirportLGH
Leinster AirportLER
Leirin AirportVDB
Leiyang Air BaseCN-0071
Lencero AirportJAL
Les Eplatures AirportLSGC
Liancheng Air Base LianfengCN-0156
Licenciado Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int AirportMID
Licenciado y General Ignacio Lopez Rayon AirportUPN
Lightning Ridge AirportLHG
Lijiang AirportCN-0039
Lingshui Air BaseCN-0072
Lintsang AirfieldCN-0040
Lisala AirportLIQ
Lismore AirportLSY
Liuting AirportTAO
Ljtao Air BaseCN-0125
Lockhart River AirportIRG
Loei AirportLOE
Longjia AirportCGQ
Longreach AirportLRE
Longtian/Lung-T'ien Air BaseCN-0158
Longyou Air BaseCN-0159
Lubang AirportLBX
Lubeck Blankensee AirportLBC
Lubumbashi International AirportFBM
Lucknow AirportLKO
Ludhiana AirportLUH
Lugano AirportLUG
Luliang Air BaseCN-0041
Luxor International AirportLXR
Luyang Air BaseCN-0097
Lycksele AirportLYC
Mackay AirportMKY
Madang AirportMAG
Madurai AirportIXM
Mae Hong Son AirportHGN
Mae Sot AirportMAQ
Magas AirportURMS
Mahshahr AirportMRX
Mahuiling Air BaseCN-0161
Maimana AirportMMZ
Makemo AirportMKP
Mamburao AirportMBO
Man AirportMJC
Manakara AirportWVK
Mananjary AirportMNJ
Manapouri AirportTEU
Mangalore AirportIXE
Manihi AirportXMH
Maningrida AirportMNG
Mareeba AirportMRG
Maria Reiche Neuman AirportNZA
Maribor AirportMBX
Mariehamn AirportMHQ
Maroantsetra AirportWMN
Maroochydore Sunshine Coast AirportMCY
Marsa Alam International AirportRMF
Marsa Brega AirportLMQ
Mataiva AirportMVT
Matan al-Sarra Air BaseHL56
Matari AirportIRP
Mati National AirportMXI
Matur├şn AirportMUN
Maupiti AirportMAU
Mayaguana AirportMYG
Mazar I Sharif AirportMZR
Mbandaka AirportMDK
Mbuji Mayi AirportMJM
Mecheria AirportDAAY
Meekatharra AirportMKR
Mekele AirportMQX
Melbourne Essendon AirportMEB
Memanbetsu AirportMMB
Memmingen Allgau AirportFMM
Menara AirportRAK
Mendi AirportMDU
Mendig AirportETHM
Mengzi Air BaseCN-0043
Merimbula AirportMIM
Mersa Matruh AirportMUH
Metropolitano AirportSVMP
Miandrivazo AirportZVA
Mildura AirportMQL
Minami Daito AirportMMD
Minatitlan AirportMTT
Misawa Air BaseMSJ
Miyakejima AirportMYE
Miyako AirportMMY
Miyazaki AirportKMI
Moh├ęli Bandar Es Eslam AirportNWA
Mollis AirportLSMF
Momeik AirportMOE
Momote AirportMAS
Monbetsu AirportMBE
Monclova International AirportLOV
Monte Real AirportLPMR
Moorea AirportMOZ
Mora AirportMXX
Moranbah AirportMOV
Moree AirportMRZ
Morombe AirportMXM
Morondava AirportMOQ
Moruya AirportMYA
Mosj├Şen Airport, Kj├ŽrstadMJF
Moulay Ali Cherif AirportERH
Moundou AirportMQQ
Mount Cook AirportMON
Mount Gambier AirportMGB
Mount Hotham AirportMHU
Mount Isa AirportISA
Mount Keith AirportWME
Mount Magnet AirportMMG
Mudgee AirportDGE
Munda AirportMUA
Muzaffarpur AirportMZU
Nagasaki AirportNGS
Naja AirportOIIM
Nakashibetsu AirportSHB
Nakhon Phanom AirportKOP
Nakhon Ratchasima AirportNAK
Nan AirportNNT
Nanki Shirahama AirportSHM
Napier AirportNPE
Narathiwat AirportNAW
Narrabri AirportNAA
Narrandera AirportNRA
Narromine AirportQRM
Narsarsuaq AirportUAK
Ndjili International AirportFIH
Ndolo AirportNLO
Nejran AirportEAM
Neubrandenburg AirportFNB
Neuburg AirportETSN
New Kitakyushu AirportKKJ
New Tanegashima AirportTNE
Newman AirportZNE
Ngukurr AirportRPM
Niigata AirportKIJ
Ningbo Zhangqiao Air BaseCN-0165
Nordholz AirportNDZ
Normans Cay AirportNMC
Normanton AirportNTN
North Caicos AirportNCA
North Eleuthera AirportELH
Norvenich AirportQOE
Noshahr AirportNSH
Noto AirportNTQ
Notodden AirportNTB
Nowra AirportNOA
Nuku Hiva AirportNHV
Nuuk AirportGOH
Nyutabaru AirportRJFN
Oakey AirportOKY
Oamaru AirportOAM
Oberpfaffenhofen AirportOBF
Obihiro AirportOBO
Odate Noshiro AirportONJ
Oita AirportOIT
Okayama AirportOKJ
Okba Ibn Nafa Air BaseHL77
Okierabu AirportOKE
Okushiri AirportOIR
Orange AirportOAG
Oshima AirportOIM
Oskarshamn AirportOSK
Ouarzazate AirportOZZ
Oued Irara AirportHME
Ouesso AirportOUE
Ovar AirportLPOV
Ozuki AirportRJOZ
Paderborn Lippstadt AirportPAD
Padre Aldamiz AirportPEM
Pagadian AirportPAG
Pajala AirportPJA
Palmerston North AirportPMR
Palmyra AirportPMS
Panagarh Air Force StationVEPH
Paraburdoo AirportPBO
Paramillo AirportSCI
Paraparaumu AirportPPQ
Parkes AirportPKE
Paro AirportPBH
Pathankot Air Force StationIXP
Patna AirportPAT
Pattani AirportPAN
Paya Lebar Air BaseQPG
Payam AirportOIIP
Payerne AirportLSMP
Phetchabun AirportPHY
Phitsanulok AirportPHS
Phrae AirportPRH
Phuket International AirportHKT
Piedras Negras International AirportPDS
Pingquan Air BaseCN-0201
Playa De Oro International AirportZLO
Pohang AirportKPO
Ponciano Arriaga International AirportSLP
Pondicherry AirportPNY
Porbandar AirportPBD
Port Augusta AirportPUG
Port Hedland International AirportPHE
Port Keats AirportPKT
Port Lincoln AirportPLO
Port Macquarie AirportPQQ
Port Pirie AirportPPI
Portimao AirportPRM
Portland AirportPTJ
Porto Santo AirportPXO
Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz AirportOEDM
Prince Sultan Air BaseAKH
Principe AirportPCP
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast AirportPPP
Puerto Escondido International AirportPXM
Puka Puka AirportPKP
Pukaki AirportTWZ
Pulandian Air BaseCN-0004
Qalat Salih Air BaseIQ-0034
Qingdao-Cangkou Air BaseCN-0100
Qingshui Air BaseCN-0127
Qionglai Air BaseCN-0045
Queenstown International AirportZQN
Quer├ętaro Intercontinental AirportQRO
Quetzalcoatl International AirportNLD
Quilpie AirportULP
RAAF Base AmberleyYAMB
RAAF Base CurtinYCIN
RAAF Base East SaleSXE
RAF AkrotiriAKT
Rafsanjan AirportRJN
Raipur AirportRPR
Rajahmundry AirportRJA
Rajkot AirportRAJ
Ramsar AirportRZR
Rangiroa AirportRGI
Ranong AirportUNN
Ras Mishab AirportOERM
Ras Tanajib AirportOETN
Ras Tanura AirportOERT
Rasheed Air BaseIQ-0039
Rasht AirportRAS
Ratnagiri AirportRTC
Reao AirportREA
Relizane AirportQZN
Renmark AirportRMK
Rheine Bentlage AirportZPQ
Rishiri AirportRIS
RNZAF Base Auckland-WhenuapaiNZWP
RNZAF Base OhakeaOHA
Rock Sound AirportRSD
Rockhampton AirportROK
Roi Et AirportROI
Roma AirportRMA
Ronneby AirportRNB
Roth AirportETHR
Rottnest Island AirportRTS
Rourkela AirportRRK
Rurutu AirportRUR
Ruwayshid Air BaseIQ-0040
Saarbr├╝cken AirportSCN
Saïss AirportFEZ
Sado AirportSDS
Safdarjung AirportVIDD
Saga AirportHSG
Sahl Sinjar Air BaseIQ-0042
Sainte Marie AirportSMS
Sakon Nakhon AirportSNO
Salem AirportSXV
Salum Air BaseIQ-0044
Sam Neua AirportNEU
Samarra East Air BaseIQ-0045
Sambava AirportSVB
Samedan AirportSMV
Samui AirportUSM
San Antonio Del Tachira AirportSVZ
San Fernando AirportSFE
San Pedro AirportSPY
San Tome AirportSOM
Sanandaj AirportSDG
Sanga Sanga AirportSGS
Saniat Rmel AirportTTU
Santa Bárbara del Zulia AirportSTB
Santa Elena de Uairen AirportSNV
Santo Pekoa International AirportSON
Sari Dasht E Naz AirportSRY
Satna AirportTNI
Savannakhet AirportZVK
Sayun International AirportGXF
Schleswig AirportWBG
Schwerin Parchim AirportSZW
Selebi Phikwe AirportPKW
Sendai AirportSDJ
Seoul Air BaseSSN
Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani AirportKSH
Shahid Asyaee AirportOIAI
Shahre Kord AirportCQD
Shaoguan Air BaseCN-0079
Shark Bay AirportDNM
Sharm El Sheikh International AirportSSH
Sharurah AirportSHW
Shepparton AirportSHT
Shigatse Air BaseCN-0046
Shimla AirportSLV
Shimofusa AirportRJTL
Shimojishima AirportSHI
Shizuhama AirportRJNY
Shonai AirportSYO
Siegerland AirportSGE
Sigonella AirportNSY
Silchar AirportIXS
Sintra AirportLPST
Sion AirportSIR
Siping Air BaseCN-0208
Sirjan AirportSYJ
Sirri Island AirportSXI
Sirsa Air Force StationVISA
Sital Chay AirportAZ-0013
Smithton AirportSIO
Snake Bay AirportSNB
Sondre Stromfjord AirportSFJ
Songkhla AirportSGZ
Sortavala AirportULPW
Soummam AirportBJA
South Bimini AirportBIM
South Caicos AirportXSC
South Pole Station AirportNZSP
Sri Sathya Sai AirportBEK
St Catherine International AirportSKV
St Gallen Altenrhein AirportACH
Staniel Cay AirportTYM
Stawell AirportSWC
Stella Maris AirportSML
Storuman AirportSQO
Sua Pan AirportSXN
Suixi Air BaseCN-0080
Suizhong Air BaseCN-0209
Sukhothai AirportTHS
Surat AirportSTV
Surat Thani AirportURT
Surigao AirportSUG
Surin AirportVTUJ
Suwon AirportSWU
Sveg AirportEVG
Swan Hill AirportSWH
Ta'izz International AirportTAI
Taba International AirportTCP
Tabiteuea North AirportTBF
Tabuk AirportTUU
Tafaraoui AirportTAF
Tahiti Faaa AirportPPT
Taif AirportTIF
Tajin AirportPAZ
Tak AirportTKT
Takamatsu AirportTAK
Takapoto AirportTKP
Takaroa AirportTKX
Takhli AirportTKH
Tal Ashtah New Air BaseIQ-0051
Tamanrasset AirportTMR
Tambler AirportRPMR
Tamworth AirportTMW
Tancos AirportLPTN
Tandag AirportTDG
Tangguantun Air BaseCN-0018
Tanna AirportTAH
Tapachula International AirportTAP
Tarama AirportTRA
Tateyama AirportRJTE
Telfer AirportTEF
Temora AirportTEM
Tengah Air BaseTGA
Tezpur AirportTEZ
Thargomindah AirportXTG
Tiahe Air BaseCN-0081
Tian Yang Air BaseCN-0082
Tianshui Air BaseCN-0130
Tibooburra AirportTYB
Tikehau AirportTIH
Timaru AirportTIU
Timimoun AirportTMX
Tindal AirportKTR
Tindouf AirportTIN
Tiska AirportDJG
Toamasina AirportTMM
Tokachi AirportRJCT
Tokua AirportRAB
Tokushima AirportTKS
Toliara AirportTLE
Toowoomba AirportTWB
Torp AirportTRF
Torreon International AirportTRC
Torsby AirportTYF
Totegegie AirportGMR
Tottori AirportTTJ
Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir AirportAZR
Trang AirportTST
Trat AirportVTBO
Treasure Cay AirportTCB
Tsuiki AirportRJFZ
Tsushima AirportTSJ
Tubuai AirportTUB
Tuchengzi Air BaseCN-0210
Tuguegarao AirportTUG
Tumeremo AirportTMO
Tumut AirportTUM
Turaif Domestic AirportTUI
Tuz Khurmatu Air BaseIQ-0054
Ubon Ratchathani AirportUBP
Udaipur AirportUDR
Udhampur Air Force StationVIUX
Udon Thani AirportUTH
Uromiyeh AirportOMH
Urumqi South Air BaseCN-0132
Utsunomiya AirportQUT
Uxxaktal Air BaseCN-0133
Vadodara AirportBDQ
Valle de La Pascua AirportVDP
Valle Del Fuerte International AirportLMM
Vanimo AirportVAI
Varanasi AirportVNS
Vijayawada AirportVGA
Vila Real AirportVRL
Vilhelmina AirportVHM
Viseu AirportVSE
Vohimarina AirportVOH
Volgodonsk AirportVLK
Wadi Al Dawasir AirportEWD
Wadi Al Khirr New Air BaseIQ-0055
Wagga Wagga AirportWGA
Wakkanai AirportWKJ
Walgett AirportWGE
Wanaka AirportWKA
Wangaratta AirportWGT
Wapenamanda AirportWBM
Warracknabeal AirportWKB
Warren AirportQRR
Wattay International AirportVTE
Weipa AirportWEI
Wendeng Air BaseCN-0103
Wenshan Air BaseCN-0048
Wenshui Air BaseCN-0020
West Sale AirportSXE
Westerland Sylt AirportGWT
Westport AirportWSZ
Wewak International AirportWWK
Whakatane AirportWHK
Whangarei AirportWRE
Wiluna AirportWUN
Windorah AirportWNR
Winton AirportWIN
Wittmundhafen AirportETNT
Wollongong AirportWOL
Wonju AirportWJU
Wugong Air BaseCN-0134
Wulumuqi Air BaseCN-0135
Wunstorf AirportETNW
Wuwei Air BaseCN-0136
Xian Air BaseCN-0137
Xiangyun Midu Air BaseCN-0049
Xiaogan Air BaseCN-0085
Xincheng Air BaseCN-0138
Xingcheng Air BaseCN-0104
Xining Air BaseCN-0050
Xoxocotlan International AirportOAX
Xuzhou Daguozhang Air BaseCN-0105
Xuzhou Jiulishan Air BaseCN-0106
Yaerbashi Test RangeCN-0139
Yakushima AirportKUM
Yamagata AirportGAJ
Yamaguchi Ube AirportUBJ
Yamoussoukro AirportASK
Yangcun Air BaseCN-0021
Yanji AirportYNJ
Yanliang Air BaseCN-0140
Yasouj AirportOISY
Yazd Shahid Sadooghi AirportAZD
Yecheon AirportYEC
Yenbo AirportYNB
Yidu Air BaseCN-0109
Yingchenzi/Xinzhaizi-Dalian Air BaseCN-0212
Ylivieska AirportYLI
Yonaguni AirportOGN
Yoron AirportRNJ
Young AirportNGA
Yuanmou Air BaseCN-0012
Zabol AirportACZ
Zanjan AirportOITZ
Zenata AirportTLM
Zero AirportZER
Zhangjiakou Air BaseCN-0024
Zhangshu Air BaseCN-0182
Zhangye Southeast Air BaseCN-0143
Zhongchuan AirportZGC
Zhucheng Air BaseCN-0111
Zunhua Air BaseCN-0025

Small Airports in , Kyrenia District

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aavahelukka AirportEFAA
Abaco I Walker C AirportWKR
Abingdon Downs AirportYABI
Abqaiq AirportOEBQ
Abrolhos IslandAU-0039
Abrolhos North IslandYNTI
Abrolhos Rat IslandYRAT
Abu Ali AirportOEAA
Abu Road AirportVA74
Aca├▒ana AirportVE-0001
Acacia Downs AirportYACS
Achaguas AirportSVCH
Adaminaby AirportYADI
Adampur Air Force StationVIAX
Ad├şcora AirportSVAR
Adelaide AirportCU-0052
Adels Grove AirportYALG
Aeropelican AirportBEO
Afro Venture AirportNA-0001
Agdzhabedi AirportAZ-0010
Agedabia AirportHL58
Aghdam AirportAZ-0012
Aghdas AirportAZ-0006
Agnes Water AirportYAWT
Agropecuaria Cuajarote AirportVE-0008
Agropecuaria Gamma AirportSVGA
Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes AirportSVGG
Agropecuaria San Francisco AirportSVSI
Agua Clara AirportSVAU
Agua Linda AirportSVGL
Agua Prieta South AirportMM65
Agua Prieta Southwest AirportMM75
Aguacate AirportCU-0072
Agualeguas AirportMMAL
Agualeguas Old AirportMM44
Ahmadi Military Air FieldIR-0002
Ahmosuo AirportEFAH
Ain Oussera AirportDAAQ
Airport Punta EspadaCO-0001
Ajaokuta AirportDN51
Akbarpur AirportVI90
Akeno AirportRJOE
Akhty AirfieldRU-0235
Al Al AirportOS73
Al Artawiyah South AirportOE52
Al Badie AirportOYBA
Al Bir Highway StripSA-0001
Al Fathah Air BaseIQ-0001
Al Ghadaf Highway StripJO-0006
Al Hamada Con 66 East AirportHL81
Al Hamra Aux AirportOMAH
Al Hasa AirportSA-0005
Al Hayy AirportIQ-0002
Al Iskandariyah New AirportIQ-0003
Al Jafr 2 Air BaseJO-0003
Al Jufra AirportHL69
Al Khadim AirportHL59
Al KharjOE47
Al Kharj East AirportOE51
Al Khuwaymat AirportHL70
Al Lidem AirportOE46
Al Mansurah AirportHE32
Al Mufrash AirportIQ-0004
Al Muhammadi AirportIQ-0005
Al Qatranah Highway StripJO-0007
Al Quwayrah Highway StripJO-0008
Al RahmaniyahEG-0001
Al Saqr FieldOMRS
Al Wariah SE Highway StripSA-0002
Al Wigh AirportHL57
Alaki Hot SpringsUS-0055
Albilbah AirportYALH
Albion Downs AirportYABS
Albrechts AistripNA-0145
Alcoota Station AirportYALC
Alderley AirportYALY
Alexandria Homestead AirportAXL
Alexandrovo Air BaseRU-0003
Alfonsina's AirstripMASN
Algodonal AirportSVAL
Aligoodarz AirportOICZ
Allambie AirportYALM
Allandy AirportYALN
Altagracia AirportCU-0019
Altagracia de Orituco AirportSVAO
Alton Downs AirportYADS
Alturas AirportCU-0076
Amakusa AirportRJDA
Amansa Guapos AirportCU-0046
Amara New Air BaseIQ-0006
Amata AirportAMT
Ambilobe AirportAMB
Ambri AirportLSPM
Amburla AirportYABU
Amla AirportVA1L
Amlikon Glider AirportLSPA
Ammaroo AirportAMX
Amol AirportOINA
Ampampamena AirportFMNZ
Amphitheatre AirportYATR
Ampilatwatja AirportYAMJ
An Numaniyah Air BaseIQ-0007
Anadolu University AirportAOE
Andado AirportYADO
Andamooka AirportADO
Andulo AirportAO-0005
Angatja AirportYANJ
Anib Lodge Landing SiteNA-0003
Anna Creek AirportYANK
Anna Plains AirportYAPA
Anningie AirportYANN
Annitowa AirportYANW
Anse-a-Galets AirportHT-0002
Answer Downs AirportYAND
Antabare AirportSVTE
Antananarivo Arivonimamo AirportFMMA
Anthony Lagoon AirportYANL
Antsiranana Andrakaka AirportFM43
Apollo Bay AirportYAPO
Ar Rumaylah Southwest Air BaseIQ-0008
Ar Rutbah Highway StripIQ-0009
Ar Rutbah South AirportIQ-0010
Aracay Abajo AirportSVRE
Aramac AirportAXC
Arapunya AirportYARP
Aratika Nord AirportNTKK
Araya AirportSVAY
Arboga AirportESQO
Arcadia AirportYACI
Arckaringa AirportYAKG
Ardlethan AirportYARL
Ardmore AirportYAOR
Ardrossan AirportYARS
Areyonga AirportYARN
Arfa AirportOE43
Argadargada AirportYARD
Argyle AirportGYL
Arichuna AirportSVAI
Aricuaisa AirportSV74
Arizona 1 AirportYARI
Arkaroola AirportYARK
Arkonam AirportVOAR
Arkwrights airstrip/DunsandelNZ-0006
Armraynald AirportYAML
Arrabury AirportAAB
Arrowsmith StationNZ-0002
Arubiddy AirportYADD
Arvika AirportESKV
As Salihiyah AirportHE39
As Sallum AirportHE19
As Salman North Air BaseIQ-0011
Ashburton AerodromeASG
Ashburton Downs AirportYAHD
Ashford AirportYASF
Ashuluk AirfieldRU-0101
Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airp├▓rtVE-0015
Asita AirportVE-0016
Atherton AirportYATN
Atizapan De Zaragoza AirportMMJC
Atley AirportYATY
Atula AirportYATL
Auckland Hobsonville AirportNZHB
Augathella AirportYAUA
Augusta AirportYAUG
Augustus Downs AirportAUD
Auob Lodge AirportNA-0006
Aurukun AirportAUU
Austral Downs AirportAWP
Autlan AirportMM63
Auvergne AirportAVG
Aveiro AirportLPAV
Avery Ranch AirstripUS-0058
Avon Downs AirportYAVD
Avon Valley NP airstripAU-0031
Avonmore AirportYAVM
Awantipur Air Force StationVIAW
Axe LakeCAX2
Ayang Ni Highway StripKP-0037
Ayr AirportAYR
Az ZaqaziqEG-0002
Azraq Highway StripJO-0004
─îagona AirfieldSI-0007
Çardak Highway StripTR-0009
B I R AirportMY55
Babice AirportEPBC
Bacchus Marsh AirportYBSS
Bachaquero AirportSVBQ
Bacubirito AirportMM12
Bad Endorf Joll AirportEDPC
Bad Ragaz AirportLSZE
Badr El Din AirportHE11
Badu Island AirportBDD
Baft AirportOIKF
Bagabag AirportRPUZ
Bahia de Kino AirportBHK
Bahregan AirportOI20
Baikal AirportYIKL
Bajo Verde AirportSVVB
Bakblok AirportYASS
Baku Lokbatan AirportAZ-0014
Balaklava AirportYBVA
Balcanoona AirportLCN
Balfour AirportYBFR
Balgair AirportYBGI
Balgo Hill AirportBQW
Baljek AirportIN-0015
Balladonia AirportYBAL
Ballarat AirportYBLT
Ballera AirportYLLE
Ballidu AirportYBIU
Baluza AirportHE22
Bamaga Injinoo AirportABM
Bamawm AirportYBMM
Bamburi AirportBMQ
Bamyili AirportYBMY
Ban Huoeisay AirportOUI
Banco Verde AirportSVBV
Band Tal AirportVI76
Banjawarn AirportYBJW
Bannockburn AirportYBNC
Banswara AirportVA51
Baqubah AirportIQ-0012
Baradine AirportYBAD
Barillas upperGT-0012
Barimunya AirportYBRY
Barkly Downs AirportYBAW
Barkly Wayside Inn AirportYBKS
Barmera AirportYBMR
Barraba AirportYBBA
Barrackpore Air Force StationVE31
Barradale AirportYBDX
Barrow Creek AirportYBRC
Barrow Island AirportBWB
Barth AirportBBH
Barton Siding AirportYBTN
Barwon Heads AirportYBRS
Basa Air BaseRPUF
Base Belgrano II AirportSAYB
Bashiqah AirportIQ-0013
Basrah Maqal AirportIQ-0014
Bastak AirportOIBH
Batavia Downs AirportYBTV
Batchelor AirportYBCR
Bathurst Harbour AirportYBHB
Battery Downs AirportYBTS
Bauhinia Downs AirportYBAH
Baumholder Army Air FieldETEK
Bayamo Northwest AirportCU-0023
Bayswater AirportYBYW
B├Ârg├Ândi AirportHU-0007
Beacon AirportYBEC
Beagle Bay AirportYBGB
Beaufort AirportYBEF
Beausejour/Av-Ranch AirparkCAV6
Beaverton NorthCBN7
Bedford Downs AirportYBDF
Beechworth AirportYBCH
Beenbreek Landing SiteNA-0115
Behbehan Northwest AirportIR-0009
Behshahr AirportOINH
Beit Bridge AirportFVBB
Belele AirportYELE
Bella Vista AirportSVWE
Bellalie AirportYBLH
Bellechasse AirportLSTB
Bellevue AirportYBLU
Benambra AirportYBRA
Bencubbin AirportYBCB
Bendigo AirportYBDG
Beni Mellal AirportGMMD
Beni Walid AirportHL54
Benmara AirportYBNM
Bentinck Island AirportYBTK
Bergland Landing StripNA-0129
Bernal AirportSVBE
Berwick AirportYBER
Betoota AirportBTX
Between Lakes Private AirstripAU-0013
Beulah 1 AirportYBEU
Beverley AirportYBEE
Beverley Springs AirportBVZ
Bharkot AirportVI82
Bhilai AirportVA1E
Bhilwara AirportVI20
Bhiwani AirportVIBW
Biel-Kappelen AirportLSZP
Bielsko Biala AirportEPBA
Big Bay Beech stripNZ-0014
Biggenden AirportYBIN
Billabalong AirportYBBL
Billabong Road House AirportYBLB
Billiluna AirportYBIL
Bimsfarm Landing SiteNA-0106
Bindook AirportYBIK
Bingara AirportYBIA
Biniguy AirportYBGY
Bir Abu Rahal AirportHE17
Bir HasanahEG-0004
Bir Jifjafah AirportHE36
Bir Umran AirportHL71
Birchip AirportYBIR
Birlagram AirportVA1C
Birobidzhan Yuzhniy AirfieldUHHB
Birofeld AirfieldRU-0124
Birrfeld AirportLSZF
Birrindudu AirportYBDU
Birthday Siding AirportYBDS
Bitterwasser N. Sta AirportNA-0008
Bitterwasser North AirportNA-0009
Bizant AirportYBIZ
Blackstone AirportYBSR
Blackville AirportYBVL
Blinman AirportYBLM
Bloomfield River AirportYBMD
Blumfelde Pan Landing SiteNA-0010
Boatman AirportYBOT
Bocon AirportSVBN
Bodalla AirportYBOD
Boggabri AirportYBOG
Boigu AirportGIC
Bokaro AirportVEBK
Bollards Lagoon AirportYBLG
Bollon AirportBLS
Bolwarra AirportYBWR
Bombala AirportYBMO
Bon Bon AirportYBBO
Bond Springs AirportYBSP
Bonn-Hardthoehe Air BaseETHH
Bonney Downs Station AirportYBYD
Boobyalla AirfieldAU-0027
Boolcarrol Station AirportYBCL
Booleroo Centre AirportYBOC
Boomi AirportYBMI
Boonah AirportYBOA
Boort AirportYBBT
Booylgoo Springs AirportYBOY
Boquemonte AirportSVBT
Bor AirportLY89
Bordertown AirportYBOR
Borongan AirportRPVW
Borroloola AirportBOX
Bothwell AirportYBEL
Bou Sfer AirportDAOE
Bowen AirportZBO
Bowthorn AirportYBWT
Boyup Brook AirportYBOP
Bozcaada AirportTR-0008
Braidwood AirportYBAO
Brampton Island AirportBMP
Branas AirportCU-0075
Branxholme AirportYBXH
Breeza AirportYBZA
Bridgewater AirportYBGR
Bridport AirportYBDP
Briesen Brand AirportEDUC
Brighton Downs AirportYBTD
Bronzewing AirportYBWG
Brooklands AirportYBLD
Browse Is AirportYBWS
Bruce Rock AirportYBRO
Brugge Air BaseBGN
Brunchilly AirportYBNY
Brunette Downs AirportYBRU
Bruny Island AirportYBYI
Bryah AirportYBYA
Bu Attifel AirportHLFL
Budgerygar AirportYBGT
Buena Vista del Ca├▒o AirportVE-0023
Buena Vista del Ca├▒o Medio AirportSVVM
Buhasa AirportOMAB
Bulagtai Resort AirportZMBR
Bulga Downs Station AirportYBUG
Bulgan Sum AirportZMBS
Bulgunnia AirportYBUL
Bulimba AirportYBWM
Bulleringa AirportYBUX
Bullo River Valley AirportYBVY
Bulloo Downs Station AirportYBUO
Bullsport Landig SiteNA-0095
Bunbury AirportBUY
Bundarra AirportYBUA
Bunyip AirportYBUP
Buochs AirportLSMU
Burdekin Falls Dam AirportYBWI
Burhar AirportVA1O
Burketown AirportBUC
Burnie AirportYBUI
Burnpur AirportVE23
Burren Junction AirportYBRJ
Bush Breaks Lodge Landing SiteNA-0011
Bushy Park AirportYBHK
Busselton AirportYBLN
Butch AirportYBUC
Buttabone AirportYBTT
Buttwil AirportLSZU
Bygyr AirportAZ-0008
Byrock AirportYBYR
Ca├▒o Iguana Sur AirportVE-0034
Ca├▒o Negro AirportSVKN
Ca├▒o Santo AirportVE-0035
Cabera AirportCU-0044
Caboolture AirportYCAB
Cabuya AirportVE-0027
Cacuri AirportVE-0028
Cacurito AirportVE-0029
Cadjebut AirportYCAJ
Cadney Homestead AirportYCDH
Caiguna AirportCGV
Caio Voisan AirportCU-0022
Caldervale Station AirportYCDV
Calga AirportYCAA
Callendale AirportYCLE
Callion AirportYCAI
Caloundra AirportCUD
Calton Hills AirportYCTS
Calvin Grove AirportYCVG
Camani AirportVE-0031
Camden Haven AirportYCMH
Camel Creek AirportYCMK
Camfield AirportCFI
Camooweal AirportCML
Camp Bastion AirportOAZI
Camp Nifty AirportNIF
Campbell Bay AirportVO94
Campbell Town AirportYCAE
Campechuela AirportCU-0033
Campo de Palma AirportVE-0033
Campo Gobierno AirportMM30
Cananea AirportCNA
Cann River AirportYCNR
Cannington Station AirportYCAM
Cannon Hill Community AirportYCAN
Canon Lodge AirportFYXX
Canowindra AirportYCWW
Canoxy AirportOY75
Canteen Creek AirportYCCK
Cape Barren Island AirportCBI
Cape Borda AirportYCBO
Cape Campbell airstripNZ-0016
Cape Crawford AirportYCCF
Cape Don AirportYCPD
Cape Flattery AirportYCFL
Cape Leveque AirportYCLQ
Cape Otway AirportYCTY
Cape Santa Maria AirstripBS-0003
Cape Wessels AirportYCWE
Caprivi StripNA-0012
Carandotta AirportYCDT
Carbonero AirportSVBR
Carinda AirportYCRA
Carnarmah AirportYCNH
Carnegie Station AirportYCGI
Carpentaria Downs AirportYCPN
Carrao AirportSVRR
Carrieton AirportYCRT
Casa Madero AirportMM37
Cascais AirportLPCS
Caserio la Jocuma North AirportCU-0079
Casino AirportCSI
Cassilis Rotherw AirportYCSI
Casterton AirportYCTN
Castlemaine AirportYCAL
Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon AirstripYBOO
Cattle Creek AirportYCAC
Cattle Creek AirstripNZ-0008
Caujarito AirportSVCT
Cayama Nueva AirportCU-0026
Cayoateri (Coyowateli) AirportVE-0042
Cazorla AirportSVCQ
Ceibana AirportVE-0043
Cementos Mexicanos AirportMM27
Centenary AirportFVCN
Central Bol├şvar AirportSVSJ
Century Mine AirportYCNY
Ceres AirportYCES
Cerro Bol├şvar AirportVE-0046
Cervantes AirportYCVS
Cessnock AirportCES
Ch'o do AirportKP-0099
Chajura├▒a AirportVE-0050
Chakulia AirportVECK
Chanda AirportVA1B
Chandragadhi AirportBDP
Changjin-up AirportKP-0036
Changyon Highway StripKP-0063
Chaparalito AirportVE-0051
Charikar AirportAF-0003
Charlton AirportYCHL
Charters Towers AirportCXT
Chatsworth AirportYCTH
Chaumont AirportLFSY
Chelinda Malawi AirportFWCD
Chelyabinsk Shagol AirportUSCG
Cherrabah AirportYCHB
Chiang Rai AirportVTCR
Chicken StripUS-0059
Chik-Tong AirportKP-0062
Childers AirportYCDS
Childra AirportYCHR
Chillagoe AirportLLG
Chilpancingo AirportMMCH
Chinaz├│n AirportSVCW
Chivapure AirportVE-0052
Chorhata AirportVA1G
Chorobobo AirportVE-0053
Christmas Creek Station AirportYCRK
Chungribu AirportCVB
Citronfjorden Ice Landing StripGL-0001
Ciudad Camargo Southeast AirportMM13
Ciudad Guzman AirportMM25
Ciudad Pemex AirportMM48
Ciudad Piar AirportSVDW
Clare Station AirportYCLA
Clarke Island AirportYCKD
Clifton AirportYCFN
Clonagh AirportYCGH
Cluny AirportCZY
Coahuayana AirportMM66
Cobden AirportYCDE
Cockatoo Island AirportYCTI
Cocklebiddy AirportYCKY
Coco AirportMHCO
Coco de Mono AirportSVOW
Coconut Island AirportCNC
Cocuiza AirportSVDC
Codsa AirportSVDS
Coemba AirportAO-0004
Coffin Bay AirportYCOF
Cohuna AirportYCOH
Colac AirportXCO
Cole Landing Zone AirportNX01
Coleambally AirportYCLY
Coleraine AirportYCOL
Collarenebri AirportCRB
Collector AirportYCLT
Collector2 AirportYWDR
Collie AirportYCOI
Collinsville AirportKCE
Collymongle AirportYCLM
Comitan AirportCJT
Commonwealth Hill AirportYCWH
Conargo AirportYCNO
Condobolin AirportCBX
Coniston AirportYCNS
Conjuboy AirportYCJU
Consuelo AirportYCSL
Cooinda AirportCDA
Cook AirportYOOK
Coolah AirportCLH
Coolawanyah AirportYCWY
Coolgardie AirportYCLG
Cooloola Village AirparkYCXA
Cooma/Polo Flat (Unlic) AirportYPFT
Coonana AirportYCNN
Coonawarra AirportYCNQ
Coondambo AirportYCDB
Coondewanna Wa AirportYCWA
Coongan AirportYCOG
Cooranbong (Unlic) AirportYCOB
Cooranbong AirportYOOB
Cooranga AirportYCNG
Copper Hills AirportYCPH
Copper Triangle AirportYCPP
Coppins Gap AirportYCPG
Coral Bay AirportYCOY
Cordoba AirportMM20
Corocito AirportSVRT
Coromandel AerodromeCMV
Corona Station AirportYCNA
Corowa Downs AirportYCWN
Corrigin AirportYCIG
Cosala AirportMM50
Coshiloateri AirportVE-0056
Cosmo Newberry AirportYCOS
Cottbus (Cottbus Army) AirportETHT
Cotten Creek AirportYCTC
Courtelary AirportLSZJ
Cowarie AirportCWR
Cowdray AirstripNA-0112
Cowell AirportCCW
Cowes AirportYCWS
Cranbrook AirportYCRN
Croker Island AirportCKI
Cromwell Racecourse AerodromeNZCS
Crookwell AirportYCRL
Croydon AirportCDQ
Crystal Brook AirportTCYT
Cuatro Cienegas New AirportMM64
Cudal AirportCUG
Cuddapan AirportYCUD
Cue AirportCUY
Cumarebo AirportSVRB
Cummins AirportYCUS
Cummins Town AirportYCMM
Cunderdin AirportYCUN
Cupeyes AirportCU-0048
Cupul AirportMM72
Curdimurka AirportYCKA
Curtin Springs AirportYCSP
Cuthero AirportYCUT
Cuttack AirportVE62
Dadswells Bridge AirportYCFF
Dagworth AirportYDAG
Dahalak Island AirfieldER-0001
Dahra AirportHLRA
Daintree AirportYCBY
Dairy Creek Homestead AirportYDRC
Dajarra AirportDJR
Dakhla AirportDAK
Dalby AirportDBY
Dale River AirportYDVE
Dalgaranga AirportYDGR
Dalgety Downs Station AirportYDGT
Dalhousie AirportDALH
Dallas AirportYDAL
Daltonganj AirportVE54
Dalwallinu AirportYDWU
Daly River AirportDVR
Daly Waters AirportYDLW
Damghan AirportOIIU
Dangxiong Air BaseCN-0033
Dannevirke AerodromeNZDV
Daporijo AirportDAE
Daraw AirportHE23
Darbhanga AirportVE89
Dargaville AerodromeDGR
Darlington AirportYDAR
Darlot AirportYDLO
Darnick AirportYDNK
Daulat Beg Oldi Advanced Landing GroundIN-0003
Davenport Downs AirportDVP
Dazu Air BaseCN-0034
De Grey Homestead AirportYDGY
De Rose Hill AirportYDRL
Deep Well AirportYDPW
Deesa AirportVADS
Dehdadi AirportAF-0002
Deir El Gill AirportHE33
Delamere Range Facility AirportYDWF
Delamere Station AirportYDMR
Delegate AirportYDEG
Delicias South AirportCU-0021
Delissaville AirportDLV
Delmore Downs AirportYDLD
Delta Downs AirportDDN
Depot Outcamp AirportYDPT
Depot Springs AirportYDPS
Derrinallum AirportYDER
Derry Downs AirportYDYD
Devoncourt AirportYDEV
Dewadaru - Kemujan IslandWARU
Dezful AirportOIAD
Dezful Highway StripIR-0006
Dhalinbuy AirportYDHL
Dhana AirportVA1J
Dhulia AirportVA53
Diemal Find AirportYDMF
Dignangan AirportGASO
Dimbulah AirportYDIM
Dingleburn Station AirstripNZ-0010
Dirkou AirportDRZD
Dittingen AirportLSPD
Diva─Źa AirportLJDI
Divri─či AirportTR-0002
Dixie AirportYDIX
Diyarbak─▒r Northwest AirportTR-0011
Dneiper AirportYDPR
Do├▒a Bella AirportSVDB
Dochra AirportYDOC
Docker River AirportDKV
Donald AirportYDOD
Dongara AirportYDRA
Donnington AirparkYDOP
Donors Hill AirportYDOO
Doomadgee AirportDMD
Doongan AirportYDGN
Doongmabulla AirportYDNB
Doornpoort AirstripNA-0127
Doris LakeCDL7
Dorunda AirportDRD
Doshan Tappeh Air BaseOIID
Dostmohammadkhan Kalay AirportAF-0004
Dowerin AirportYDON
Droeplaas Landing SiteNA-0104
Drysdale River AirportYDRD
Duketon AirportYDUK
Dulacca AirportYDLC
Dullingari AirportYDGI
Dumayr Air BaseOS61
Dumbleyung AirportYDUM
Dunbar AirportDNB
Dunk Island AirportYDKI
Dunmore Manila AirportYDNR
Dunolly AirportYDLL
Dunwich AirportYDUN
Durham Downs AirportDHD
Durrie AirportDRR
Dwight AirportCNF8
Dynevor Downs AirportYDNV
Earaheedy AirportYERH
Earlston AirportYELS
Ecuvillens AirportLSGE
Edenhope AirportYEDE
Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field)CCF6
Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field)CMN6
Edmund Station AirportYEDM
Eggebeck Air BaseETME
Eildon Weir AirportYELW
Eintracht AirstripNA-0138
Eket AirportDN55
El Abiodh Sidi Cheikh AirportDA12
El Alcaravan AirportSVAV
El Alto AirportMHAL
El Asiento AirportCU-0051
El Callao (El Per├║) AirportSVEL
El Capitán AirportSVEK
El Carmen AirportVE-0057
El Carrao AirportSVKC
El Cenizo AirportCU-0045
El Centro AirportSVEY
El Congo AirportCU-0031
El Corozo AirportSVRZ
El Cubo AirportMHEC
El Diamante AirportVE-0059
El Dormitorio AirportCU-0029
El Embrujo AirportSVMB
El Estrecho AirportSP69
El Flagelo AirportSVFG
El Fuentero AirportSVFT
El Fuerte AirportMM79
El Guayabo de Cojedes AirportSVEG
El Guayabo del Zulia AirportSVEB
El Jabillal AirportSVEJ
El Jibaro AirportCU-0059
El Karama AirportKE-0039
El Kharga AirportUVL
El Lucero del Zulia AirportSVLE
El Mango AirportSVNG
El Manteco AirportSVET
El Merey AirportSVRY
El Milagro Carabobo AirportSVGR
El Milagro Cojedes AirportSVMK
El Milagro Oeste AirportSVMO
El Milagro Sureste AirportSVML
El Millanero AirportVE-0061
El Minya AirportHE25
El Morichal AirportSVNR
El Palmar AirportSVEP
El Pardillero AirportSVPQ
El Pauj├ş AirportSVPI
El Pi├▒al AirportSVPX
El Progreso AirportSVPG
El Pueblito AirportSVPL
El Questro AirportYEQO
El Respiro AirportSVER
El Roc├şo AirportSVRC
El Rosario AirportSVRO
El Samán de Barinas AirportVE-0062
El Samán de Guárico AirportVE-0063
El Sharqi AirportHE46
El Terr├│n AirportSVRN
El Tor AirportELT
El Yagual AirportSVYG
El Yavi AirportSVYI
Elblag AirportEPEL
Elderslie AirportYEES
Elengerah AirportYELG
Elkedra AirportYELK
Elmore AirportYELM
Elsenthal Grafe AirportEDNF
Elverum Starmoen AirportENHN
Emkaytee (Unlic) AirportYMKT
Empujeca AirportSVEF
Emu Junction AirportYEMJ
Emu Park AirportYEMP
Encontrados AirportSVEN
Engonnia AirportYEGA
Enoggera AirportYENO
Ensenada AirportESE
Entrerios AirportVE-0067
Epenarra AirportYEPR
Epsilon AirportYEPL
Erebastina AirportVE-0068
Erldunda AirportYERL
Ernabella AirportERB
Eromanga AirportERG
Erong Station AirportYERO
Errabiddy Homestead AirportYERA
Erudina AirportYERU
Escott AirportYESC
Escravos AirportDN56
Esfahan East AirportIR-0010
Esmeralda AirportCU-0047
Espinho AirportLPIN
Espino AirportSVPN
Essen Mulheim AirportESS
Essex / Billing AirstripCEB8
Essider AirportHLSD
Euabalong AirportYEAB
Eucla AirportEUC
Eudamulla Station AirportYEUD
Eulalia AirportYEUL
Eulo AirportYEUO
Eura AirportEFEU
Eureka Na AirportNA-0016
Euroa AirportYEUA
Evans Head AerodromeEVH
Evelyn Downs AirportYEYD
Everard Park AirportYEVP
Evora AirportLPEV
Exmouth AirportEXM
Faaite AirportFAC
Fagerhaug AirportENOP
Fagotrans AirportSVFS
Fairview AirportYFVW
Falcon Dam AirportMM38
Farafangana AirportRVA
Faraway Bay AirportYFWY
Farrell Flat AirportYFFT
Fausto Vega Santander AirportMM31
Federation Hsd AirportYFDN
Fernando Air BaseRPUL
Fife AirportEGPJ
Finca Yacurito AirportSVFY
Finger Gottes AirstripNA-0079
Finley AirportYFIL
Firuzabad AirportOI19
Fish Creek AirportYFCK
Fiskville AirportYFSK
Fizuli East AirportAZ-0011
Flat Point AerodromeNZFT
Flefil AirportMHLF
Flinders Island AirportFLS
Flora Valley AirportYFLO
Flying M Ranch AirstripUS-0001
Forest Field AerodromeNZFF
Forrestania AirportYFTA
Forsayth AirportYFSA
Forster (Wallis Is) AirportFOT
Fort Collins Downtown AirportK3V5
Fort Magsaysay AirportRPLV
Fortescue River AirportYFCU
Fortnum AirportYFOR
Fortuna Landing SiteNA-0148
Foxpine AerodromeNZFP
Francisco AirportCU-0035
Franz Josef AerodromeWHO
Fregon AirportYFRG
Fricktal-Schupfart AirportLSZI
Friedersdorf AirportEDCF
Friendly Beaches AirportYFRI
Frome Downs AirportYFRD
Fuerstenwalde AirportEDAL
Fukche Advanced Landing GroundVI66
Fundaci├│n Layera AirportSVFL
Fundo de Buena Ventura AirportCU-0038
Fundo la Marquese├▒a AirportSVMQ
Fundo Santa Mar├şa AirportSVSM
Fursatganj AirportVIRB
G 103 AirportRK53
G 107 AirportRK25
G 110 AirportRK45
G 203 AirportRK29
G 213 AirportRK56
G 217 AirportRKRO
G 218 AirportRK27
G 219 AirportRK28
G 222 AirportRKRA
G 225 AirportRK35
G 227 AirportRK37
G 228 AirportRK38
G 231 AirportRK14
G 233 AirportRK18
G 237 AirportRK15
G 238 AirportRK36
G 239 AirportRK39
G 240 AirportRK40
G 301 AirportRK30
G 307 AirportRK31
G 311 AirportRK42
G 312 AirportRK16
G 313 AirportRK22
G 314 AirportRK19
G 317 AirportRK41
G 404 AirportRK13
G 405 AirportRK82
G 406 AirportRK17
G 412 AirportRK44
G 413 AirportRK21
G 414 AirportRK43
G 417 AirportRK34
G 418 AirportRK33
G 419 AirportRK48
G 420 AirportRK32
G 500 AirportRK20
G 501 AirportRK52
G 505 AirportRKUC
G 510 AirportRKRN
G 522 AirportRK24
G 526 AirportRK50
G 530 AirportRK49
G 536 AirportRKUL
G 605 AirportRK6O
G 710 AirportRK6D
G 712 AirportRK60
G 806 AirportRK58
Gabo Is aAd sSte AirportYGOV
Gabo Island AirportYGBO
Gahcho KueCGK2
Galatea AirfieldNZGA
Galdeville AirportYGDV
Galilea AirportSPGB
Gallipolli AirportYGLP
Galway Downs AirportYGWD
Gamboola AirportYGAM
Gams Farm Landing SiteNA-0117
Gan Gan AirportYGAN
Ganader├şa Pedernales AirportSVGE
Garden Island (Military) AirportYGAD
Gardez AirportOAKA
Garmcar Sw AirportOI03
Gascoyne Junction AirportYGSC
Gawler AirportYGAW
Gayndah AirportGAH
Gaziemir AirportLTBK
G├╝eppi┬ş AirportSP01
Gebel El Basur AirportHE28
Geelong AirportGEX
Geluk Kuala Lodge AirportFYGK
George Smith Farm AirportKE-6873
Georgetown (Tas) AirportGEE
Georgetown AirportGTT
Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing SiteNA-0017
Ghafah AirportOE55
Ghalaysan New Air BaseIQ-0015
Ghazni AirportOAGN
Ghazvin Azadi AirportOIIA
Gianti-1 AirportNA-0092
Gibb River AirportGBV
Gidgee AirportYGID
Giebelstadt Army Air FieldETEU
Gifford Creek Station AirportYGIF
Giles Point AirportYGPI
Gilgandra AirportYGIL
Giralia AirportYGIR
Giridih AirportVE41
Giron AirportCU-0070
Glen Garland AirportYGGL
Glen Harding AirportYGHG
Glen Ruth AirportYGRU
Glenayle Homestead AirportYGLY
Glencoe AirportYGLN
Glendambo AirportYGLD
Glendevie AirportYGVE
Glengyle AirportGLG
Glenorchy AirportNZGY
Glenormiston AirportGLM
Gliwice Glider AirportEPGL
Gloucester AirportYGCR
Gnaraloo Station AirportYGAR
Gnowangerup AirportYGNW
Gokwe AirportFVGO
Golden Grove AirportYGGE
Gomnab AirportNA-0108
Gonbad Ghabus AirportOI24
Gondia AirportVA2C
Gong Kedak AirportWMGK
Goodooga AirportYGDA
Goolgowi AirportYGGI
Goolwa AirportYGWA
Goomadeer AirportYGMD
Goomalling AirportYGOM
Goondiwindi AirportGOO
Goonoo Goonoo AirportYGGO
Gore3 AirportNZGC
Gorreh AirportIR-0008
Gorskaya AirfieldRU-0072
Grampians AirportYGMP
Granada AirportYGNA
Grand Valley NorthCGV3
Granite Downs AirportGTS
Gravenstein Prv AirportFYGV
Great Keppel Is AirportYGKL
Great Lakes Vi AirportYGRL
Great Mercury AirportNZGR
Greenbah AirportYGAH
Greenhorn Valley AirportCO22
Greenthorpe AirportYGTP
Greenvale AirportGVP
Gregory Downs AirportGGD
Gregory Springs AirportYGGS
Grenfell AirportYGNF
Greub Landing SiteNA-0018
Greymouth AirportGMN
Grootpan East Landing SiteNA-0019
Grovedale AirportYGRD
Grudziadz Lisie AirportEPGI
Gruyeres AirportLSGT
Guachara AirportSVCX
Guaicanamar AirportCU-0037
Guamo AirportCU-0027
Guamuchil AirportMM39
Guamus AirportNA-0081
Guanajuato AirportMMGT
Guanarito AirportVE-0075
Guanay AirportVE-0076
Guangzhou East AirfieldCN-0059
Guasimal AirportSVMS
Guasipati AirportSVGT
Guaviarito AirportVE-0077
Guesipo AirportSVGP
Guibes Landing StripNA-0070
Guira de Melena AirportCU-0074
Gullewa AirportYGUL
Gullknapp Flpl AirportENGK
Gunbower AirportYGBW
Gunnawarra AirportYGUW
Gunpowder AirportYGPR
Gympie AirportGYP
H3 Highway StripIQ-0019
Haapamaki AirportEFHI
Haast AerodromeNZHT
Haasts Bluff AirportYHAA
Habata AirportHE18
Habbaniyah AirportIQ-0022
Habit Awlad Muhammad AirportHL78
Hacienda Bella Vista AirportVE-0079
Hacienda Carutal AirportSVHL
Hacienda El Caimito AirportSVHC
Hacienda El Calvario AirportSVHD
Hacienda Las Lomas AirportSVMJ
Hacienda R├şo Yaza AirportSVRX
Hacienda Santa Elena de Mirand AirportSVSL
Hacienda Santa F├ę AirportSVFE
Haddon Rig AirportYHRG
Hafar Al Atk AirportOE54
Haga AirfieldNO-0001
Hagshult AirportESMV
Haig AirportYHAG
Haikou City AirfieldCN-0064
Hailuoto AirportEFHL
Hakatere AirstripNZ-0004
Hakimpet AirportVOHK
Hall Hall AirportKE-0042
Hall Strip AirportKE-0043
Hallviken AirportESNA
Halwara Air Force StationVIHX
Hamaguir AirportDA11
Hamah Air BaseOS58
Hameenkyro AirportEFHM
Hamilton AirportYHMT
Hanau Army Air FieldZNF
Hanko AirportEFHN
Hanmer Springs AirportNZHR
Hannover N AirportNA-0020
Harden AirportYHAE
Harihar AirportVO52
Harts Range AirportYHTS
Harvest Home AirportYHVH
Hasenstrick AirportLSPK
Hastings AirportNZHS
Hato Aguaro AirportVE-0081
Hato Altamira de Bol├şvar AirportSVHA
Hato Altamira de Monagas AirportSVHT
Hato El Burro AirportSVBW
Hato El Caimán AirportSVIM
Hato El Cujicito AirportVE-0082
Hato El Gallo de Oro AirportVE-0083
Hato El Porvenir AirportSVPO
Hato El Rosero AirportSVOO
Hato El Samán AirportVE-0084
Hato El Sesenta AirportSVHS
Hato Guaribe AirportVE-0086
Hato La Candelaria AirportSVHX
Hato La Chaconera AirportSVHN
Hato la Guaca AirportSVHK
Hato La Laguna del Junco AirportSVJU
Hato La Lejan├şa AirportSVJI
Hato La Ponderosa AirportSVPD
Hato La Romere├▒a AirportSVRM
Hato La Vergare├▒a AirportSVVR
Hato Las Yeguas AirportSVHY
Hato Los Pozos AirportVE-0087
Hato Macolla AirportSVLK
Hato Mikitole AirportSVNK
Hato Puga AirportSVDX
Hato Rancho Alegre AirportSVHE
Hato Rancho Novillero AirportVE-0088
Hato San Antonio AirportVE-0089
Hato San Francisco AirportVE-0090
Hato San Leonardo AirportVE-0091
Hato Santa Clara AirportSVXF
Hato Ura├▒on AirportSVBF
Hato Veladero AirportSVDV
Hato Viejo AirportSVBJ
Hato Yavi AirportVE-0093
Hatuey AirportCU-0036
Hausen am Albis AirportLSZN
Hawea DownsNZ-0003
Hawke FieldCA-0307
Hawtah AirportOEHW
Hayfields AirportHYF
Headingly AirportHIP
Heathcote Emergency AirportYHCT
Heathlands AirportYHTL
Heck Field AirportYHEC
Hedlow AirportYHEW
Heidelberg Army Air FieldETIE
Hells Gate AirportYHEG
Helmand AirportAF04
Henbury AirportYHBY
Herberton AirportYHTN
Hermannsburg AirportHMG
Hetaku Game Lodge Landing SiteNA-0022
Hideaway Bay AirportYHAB
Highbury AirportYHHY
Highgate (South)CHS3
Highway H Highway StripJO-0009
Higuerote AirportSVHG
Hillgrove AirportYHLG
Hillman Farm AirportYHLM
Hillside AirportYHIL
Hillston AirportYHLS
Hiltaba AirportYHTA
Hindon Air Force StationVIDX
Hobart Cambridge AirportYCBG
Hodgson Downs AirportYHDD
Hodgson River AirportYHOV
Hoeyang Southeast AirportKP-0061
Hokksund AirfieldENHS
Holbank AirportZA-0099
Holbrook AirportYHBK
Hollins Bay AirportYHOY
Holsworthy (Military) AirportYSHW
Hon AirportHUQ
Hooker Creek AirportHOK
Hopetoun AirportYHPE
Horseshoe Bend AirportYHSB
Horseshoe Lights AirportYHSL
Hosur AirportVO95
Howard Island AirportYHOA
Howell New Lenox Airport1C2
Hubli AirportHBX
Huckitta AirportYHKT
Huetamo AirportMM73
Hugh River AirportYHGR
Hughenden AirportHGD
Hughes Siding AirportYHGS
Humbert River AirportHUB
Hungerford AirportYHRD
Hunter Island AirportYHTR
Hwangju AirportKP-0020
Hwangsuwon AirportKP-0035
Hyden AirportYHYD
Hyesan AirportKP-0060
Hyon-ni AirportKP-0019
Ibis Farm AirportKE-0045
Icabar├║ AirportICA
Ichon AirportKP-0034
Idracowra AirportYIDR
Ie Shima Auxiliary Air BaseRODE
Iffley AirportIFF
Ifrane AirportGMFI
Igrim AirportUSHI
Ihyon AirportKP-0059
Illesheim Air BaseETIK
Illizi AirportDA10
Imanpa AirportYIMA
Immola AirportEFIM
Impadna AirportYIMP
Imroz AirportLT86
Ims─▒k AirportBXN
Inchon Northeast AirportKP-0058
Indiga AirportRU-0087
Indulkana AirportIDK
Inezgane AirportGMAA
Ingelara AirportYING
Ingeniero Juan Guillermo Villasana AirportMMPC
Ingham AirportIGH
Ingomar AirportYIGR
Injanah Air FieldIQ-0023
Injune AirportINJ
Inkerman AirportIKP
Innamincka AirportINM
Innesvale AirportYISV
Innisfail AirportIFL
Inowroclaw Glider AirportEPIN
Inowroclaw Inowr AirportEPIR
Inshas AirportHE12
Interlaken Air BaseZIN
Intu Africa Pan AirportFYIA
Inverell North AirportYINO
Inverleigh AirportYINV
Ipsa 3 AirportOEPK
Isis Downs AirportYISD
Isisford AirportISI
Isla Cedros AirportMM10
Isla Mujeres AirportISJ
Isla Rat├│n AirportVE-0096
Isla Socorro AirportMM81
Isparta AirportLTBM
Ivanhoe AirportYIVO
Ixmiquilpan AirportMM61
J Agustin Castro AirportMM16
Jabiru AirportJAB
Jackson AirportYJAK
Jacobs Well AirportYJCW
Jaguey Grande North AirportCU-0069
Jahrom AirportOISJ
Jakalapaa AirportEFJP
Jakkur AirfieldIN-0011
Jalgaon AirportVA47
Jallowal AirportVI88
Jameson AirportYJAM
Jamestown AirportYJST
Jatibonico South AirportCU-0053
Jaujilla AirportMM47
Jebel Dhana AirportOMAJ
Jeedamya AirportYJEY
Jemalong AirportYJEM
Jericho AirportYJCO
Jerilderie AirportYJER
Jerramungup AirportYJGP
Jervois AirportYJVS
Jervois Mine AirportYJVM
Jhansi AirportVIJN
Jharsuguda AirportVEJH
Jhunjhunu AirportVI69
Jiggalong Mission AirportYJIG
Jindabyne AirportQJD
Jinka AirportYJNK
Jirah Air BaseOS62
Jobabo Northwest AirportCU-0032
Jobito AirportSVBP
Jokkmokk AirportESNJ
Jonroy AirportYJNY
Jowalbinna AirportYJWB
Juan Florencio AirportSVJF
Judaea StripNA-0023
Julia Creek AirportJCK
Julia Landing SiteNA-0024
Jundah AirportJUN
Jundee AirportYJUN
Junglaven AirportVE-0099
Jurien Bay AirportJUR
Jurish Highway Strip HPS-0001
Jutiera AirportCU-0063
Juwarin Highway StripIQ-0025
K1 Air BaseIQ-0026
K2 Air BaseIQ-0027
Kadina AirportYKDI
Kaduna Old AirportDN53
Kaechon AirportKP-0018
Kagiswil AirportLSPG
Kaikohe AirportKKO
Kaikoura AirportKBZ
Kaipara Flats AirportNZKF
Kaiuroo AirportYKIU
Kajabbi AirportYKAJ
Kakl─▒├ž AirportLTFA
Kalahari Game Lodge AirportFYKE
Kalaikunda Air Force StationVEDX
Kalajoki AirportEFKO
Kalaleh AirportOINE
Kalamurina AirportYKLR
Kalannie AirportYKAE
Kalbarri AirportKAX
Kalinga AirportYKLG
Kalixfors AirportESUK
Kalka AirportVI71
Kalkgurung AirportKFG
Kallala AirportYKLL
Kalpowar AirportYKPR
Kalumburu AirportUBU
Kalyanpur AirportVI75
Kamalpur AirportIXQ
Kambalda AirportYKBL
Kamien Slaski AirportEPKN
Kamileroi AirportKML
Kamombombe East AirportNA-0026
Kanandah AirportYKAN
Kanarakuni Norte AirportVE-0100
Kanarakuni Sur AirportVE-0101
Kanaripo AirportVE-0102
Kang AirportFBKG
Kang Da Ri AirportKP-0033
Kangaroo Well AirportYKWG
Kangdong AirportKP-0017
Kaniva AirportYKNV
Kannus AirportEFKN
Kansimba Landing SiteNA-0027
Kansk West AirportRU-0029
Karachala AirportAZ-0018
Karad AirportVA1M
Karamea AirportNZKM
Karbala Northeast AirportIQ-0028
Kargil AirportVI65
Karlsruhe-Forchheim AirportEDTK
Karnal AirportVI40
Karumba AirportKRB
Kastler Compressor Station AirportUS-0045
Kasumigaura AirportRJAK
Katanning AirportKNI
Katherine Gorge AirportYKHG
Katoomba AirportYKAT
Katzensteg AirportNA-0085
Kaukerus Landing SiteNA-0111
Kautokeino Air BaseQKX
Kavac AirportVE-0103
Kavanayen AirportKAV
Kayes AirportGA1A
Kayrunnera AirportYKAY
Kaz─▒ Magomed AirportAZ-0017
Kazimierz Biskup AirportEPKB
Kefar Gallim Highway StripIL-0001
Keith AirportYKTH
Keitzaub Landing SiteNA-0131
Kellerberrin AirportYKEB
Kelly FieldNZKC
Kelvin Station AirportYKEL
Kemijarvi AirportEFKM
Kencherang AirportYKNC
Kendall River AirportYKRV
Kenmore Park AirportYKEN
Kentani Landing SiteNA-0028
Kentucky Sud Pan Landing SiteNA-0029
Kerweder AirportNA-0030
Khachmas AirfieldAZ-0002
Khalfan AirportOE56
Khan Bani Sad AirportIQ-0029
Khancoban AirportYKHA
Khao E To AirportVTBI
Khorab Safari Lodge AirportNA-0031
Khorat AirportVTUN
Khoun Khan AirportVTSA
Khujirt AirportZMHU
Khunan Phumipol AirportVTPY
Khurais AirportOEKR
Khvej Ghar North AirportAF06
Khvej Ghar South AirportAF07
Kiana Station AirportYKIA
Kidman Springs AirportYKDM
Kidston AirportYKID
Kiikala AirportEFIK
Kilchu Highway AirportKP-0016
Kildurk AirportYKIL
Killarney AirportYKLE
Killiecrankie AirportYKCK
Kimba AirportYIMB
King Abdul Aziz Military Academy AirportOE53
King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz / Al Jafr Air BaseJO-0002
Kingfisher Camp AirportYKFC
Kingoonya AirportYKGA
Kings (Ladbrooks)NZ-0012
Kings Canyon AirportYKCA
Kings Creek AirportKCS
Kingsfield Air BaseCY-0004
Kingston AirportYKIG
Kintore AirportYKNT
Kirkvine AirstripJM-0009
Kisangani Simisini AirportFZIA
Kisima Farm AirportKE-6025
Kitona Base AirportFZAI
Kitzingen Army Air FieldETIN
Kiuruvesi AirportEFRV
Kivij├Ąrvi AirportEFKV
Kizyl Atrek Northwest AirportTM-0004
Kizyl Atrek West AirportTM-0005
Klipdrif AirstripNA-0072
Kobuleti AirfieldGE-0006
Kodinsk AirportUNKI
Kohnan AirportRJBK
Kojo AirportKP-0057
Kojonup AirportYKOJ
Kokatha AirportYKKH
Koksan AirportKP-0015
Koksan Highway AirportKP-0014
Kolendo AirportYKOL
Kom Awshim AirportHE30
Kondinin AirportYKDN
Kondoolka AirportYKDL
Kookynie AirportYKOK
Koolatah AirportYKLA
Koolyanobbing Range AirportYKBG
Koongarra AirportYKOG
Koonmarra AirportYKNM
Kooralbyn AirportYKBN
Kophinou Highway StripCY-0006
Koppies AirportZA-0003
Kore Galana Ranch AirportKE-0067
Kornos Highway StripCY-0005
Koszalin Zegrze AirportOSZ
Kotakoli AirportKLI
Kotta AirportYKTA
Kotubkhel AirportAF08
Kotwa AirportFVOT
Kouwater Landing SiteNA-0090
Kovilpatti AirportVO26
Kovin AirportLY87
Kowhai AerodromeNZKY
Krapje Ver┼żej AirfieldSI-0003
Krasny Posyolok AirfieldRU-0354
Kronshtadt AirfieldRU-0068
Krzesiny AirportEPKS
Kubin AirportKUG
Kuhmo AirportEFKH
Kuktong AirportKP-0056
Kulalu Ranch AirportKE-6028
Kulin AirportAU-0007
Kumlinge AirportEFKG
Kummolovo AirfieldRU-0069
Kununoppin AirportYKNP
Kurray AirportYKUY
Kuruc-A-Ruc South AirportYRKE
Kurweeton AirportYKUW
Kushke Nosrat AirportOI1B
Kuum-ni AirportKP-0013
Kuznetsovo AirfieldRU-0071
Kwail Airport AirportKP-0039
Kwaksan AirportKP-0012
Kwekwe East AirportFV76
Kyabram AirportYKYB
Kyneton AirportYKTN
Kynuna AirportYKYN
Kyongsong-Chuul AirportKP-0055
La Alcanc├şa AirportSVLI
La Argentina AirportSVLT
La Bananera AirportSVWB
La Bendici├│n Ramera AirportVE-0104
La Caba├▒a AirportSVBX
La Calzada AirportSVKB
La Candelaria AirportSVLN
La Cantara AirportVE-0105
La Centella AirportSVTL
La Cubana AirportCU-0077
La Culata AirportSVAT
La Divina Pastora AirportSVDP
La Encarnacion AirportMM21
La Escondida AirportCU-0025
La Esmeralda AirportVE-0107
La Esperanza AirportSVEX
La Fe de Apure AirportSVFX
La Francia AirfieldCU-0016
La Garza AirportSVGZ
La Gaviota AirportSKGA
La Gran China AirportSVGC
La Grange Bay AirportYLGB
La Guacharaca AirportSVGH
La Joya AirportMHJO
La Mona AirportSVMA
La Orchila AirportSVLO
La Paragua AirportSVPU
La Paz AirportSVPZ
La Pesca AirportMM22
La Reforma AirportSVRF
La Retama Southwest AirportMM17
La Tigra AirportSVTG
La Torta AirportSVTT
La Trinidad De Amazonas AirportVE-0110
La Trinidad de Barinas AirportSVTN
La Trinidad de Ferro AirportSVTF
La Vig├şa Oeste AirportSVJO
La Yagua AirportSVLY
La Yaguita AirportSVLX
La Yegua AirportVE-0111
Lady Barron (Flinders Is) AirportYLDB
Laglan AirportYLGL
Lagodekhi AirfieldGE-0011
Lagoon Bay AirportYLAG
Laguna Del Rey AirportMM82
Laguna San Ignacio AirportMLSI
Lahti Vesivehmaa AirportQLF
Laikipia Ranch AirportKE-6320
Lakatamia AirportCY-0001
Lake Bolac AirportYLBO
Lake Cargelligo AirportYLCG
Lake Evella AirportLEL
Lake Everard AirportYLVD
Lake Grace AirportYLGC
Lake Haupiri/Gloriavale Christian Community AirportNZ-0005
Lake Keepit AirportYKEP
Lake King AirportYLKG
Lake Leagur AirportYLLR
Lake Nash AirportYLKN
Lake Pedder AirportYLPR
Lake Station AirportNZLE
Lake Varley AirportYLVY
Lake Way AirportYLWY
Lakefield AirportYLFD
Lakeland AirportYLND
Lakes Entrance AirportYLET
Lal (Sarjangal) AirportOALL
Lambina AirportYLAM
Lambrook AirportYLMB
Lameroo AirportYLAO
Lancelin AirportYLCI
Landor Races AirportYLNR
Landor Station AirportYLDO
Langawirra AirportYLAN
Langenthal AirportLSPL
Langlo Downs AirportYLLD
Lansdowne AirportYLSS
Lapinlahti AirportEFLL
Las Carmelitas de Apure AirportVE-0116
Las Corobas AirportSVLS
Las Crisis AirportCU-0055
Las Cruces AirportCU-0041
Las Delicias AirportMM77
Las Flores AirportSVLM
Las Glorias AirportCU-0081
Las Guadalupes AirportSVGX
Las Guasimas AirportCU-0061
Las Lagunitas AirportSVLP
Las Majaguas AirportSVLG
Las Mercedes AirportSVNE
Las Mercedes Capanaparo AirportVE-0117
Las Nieves AirportSVNV
Las Nuevas AirportCU-0065
Las Obas AirportCU-0057
Las Palmeras AirportSVPK
Lask AirportEPLK
Laura AirportLUU
Lausanne-la Blecherette AirportLSGL
Laverak (Military) AirportYLVK
Laverton AirportLVO
Lawlers AirportYLAW
Lawn Hill AirportLWH
Leeman AirportYLEA
Leeton AirportYLEE
Leeuwin Estate AirportYLUW
Legnica AirportEPLE
Legune AirportYLGU
Lendepas Landing SiteNA-0087
Lengpui AirportVELP
Leon Gonzales Pie De La Cuesta AirportMM41
Leongatha AirportYLEG
Lepsari AirfieldRU-0076
Lethbridge Park AirportYLED
Lidfontein Landing SiteNA-0097
Lieksa Nurmes AirportEFLN
Lilla Creek AirportYLLC
Lily Dutch Windmill AirstripAU-0017
Lily Vale AirportYLLV
Lilydale AirportYLIL
Limbunya Station AirportYLIM
Lingayen AirportRPUG
Lismore AirportYLSM
Lizard Island AirportLZR
Locarno AirportZJI
Lochinvar AirportYLOC
Locksley FieldYLCS
Logan Reserve AirportLGRS
Logar AirportOALG
Lombadina AirportYLBD
Lommis AirportLSZT
Long Hill AirportYLHL
Longdown AirportYLGD
Longwarry AirportYLOY
Longwood AirportYLOD
Loongana AirportYLGN
Lora AirportCU-0020
Lord Howe Island AirportLDH
Lorna Glen Homestead AirportYLRG
Lorraine AirportLOA
Lorraine Station AirportYLRN
Los Aguacates AirportSVLW
Los Andes AirportSVAX
Los Arabos AirportCU-0067
Los Arrecifes AirportSVRK
Los Belseres AirportSVBH
Los Camorucos AirportSVBD
Los Cocos AirportSVOS
Los Conucos AirportSVQQ
Los Galleguitos East AirportCU-0058
Los Indios AirportSVOI
Los Ingleses AirportCU-0039
Los Lajeros AirportSVJL
Los Llanos AirportMHNS
Los Malabares AirportSVMW
Los Mangos de Baragua AirportCU-0018
Los Oripopos AirportSVOP
Los Quitasoles AirportSVQT
Los Siete Samanes AirportSVSN
Los Tamarindos AirportCU-0060
Los Venados AirportSVVX
Los Zagales AirportCU-0078
Louisa Downs AirportYLOU
Louwater Pan Landing SiteNA-0035
Louwater S M7 AirportNA-0124
Lovely Banks AirportYLVB
Loxton AirportYLOX
Lubin AirportEPLU
Lublin Radwiec AirportEPLR
Lucindale AirportYLUI
Lucky Downs AirportYLKD
Lucy Creek AirportYLUC
Luepa AirportSVPP
Luisa AirportVE-0120
Lutong AirportWMLU
Lyndley AirportYLYD
Lyndoch AirportYLYK
Lyndon AirportYLYN
Maasin AirportRPSM
Mabel Creek Station AirportYMAK
Macagua AirportVE-0121
Macana AirportSVNA
Macanillal AirportSVMH
Macdonald Downs AirportYMDS
Machiques North AirportSV75
Machuka Advanced Landing GroundVE67
Macrossan AirportYMCS
Macumba AirportYMAC
Madura AirportYMAD
Maengsan AirportKP-0054
Mafoota AirstripJM-0011
Mahanewo AirportYMWO
Mahmudabad AirportOI13
Maitland AirportYMLD
Maitland Downs AirportYMDW
Majagua AirportVE-0122
Majawa AirportVE-0123
Majawana AirportVE-0124
Makarora AirstripNZMW
Malan Frein AirportHE31
Malbork AirportEPMB
Malina AirportYMLA
Malita AirportRP17
Mallacoota AirportXMC
Mallapunyah Springs AirportYMYH
Mam├│n AirportSVMM
Manangatang AirportYMAG
Manapiare AirportSVMY
Manchioneal AirstripJM-0002
Mandeville AerodromeNZVL
Maneroo AirportYMNO
Manfred AirportYMNF
Mangalore AirportYMNG
Manguri AirportYMAI
Manjimup AirportMJP
Manners Creek AirportMFP
Manpo AirportKP-0053
Mansfield AirportYMFD
Mansurabad North AirportIR-0011
Manuka Point Lodge AirstripNZ-0009
Mapire AirportSVME
Maraca AirportVE-0126
Maralinga AirportYMRA
Mararanka Homestead AirportYMKA
Marble Bar AirportMBB
Mardi Station AirportYMDZ
Margaret River (Station) AirportYMGR
Margaret River AirportMGV
Maria Rayes AirportCU-0056
Marieta AirportVE-0127
Marion Downs AirportMXD
Maripa AirportSVNB
Marisol AirportSVNP
Markab Northeast AirportIQ-0031
Marla AirportMRP
Maroa AirportSVMV
Marree AirportRRE
Marti East AirportCU-0066
Martiniiskonpalo AirportEFMP
Martins Bay AerodromeNZMJ
Martins Well AirportYMTW
Marueta AirportVE-0128
Marvel Loch AirportYMVH
Mary Valley AirportYMYY
Maryborough AirportYMBU
Marymia AirportYMYI
Maryvale AirportYMYV
Mata Charo AirportSVMF
Mata de Bárbara AirportVE-0129
Mata de Ca├▒a AirportSVAM
Mata de Guama AirportVE-0130
Mata de Juajua AirportSVAJ
Mata Oscura AirportSVAQ
Mata Palos AirportSVAZ
Matamata Glider AirportMTA
Matarangi AirportNZAG
Matehuala AirportMM67
Mateo Roman AirportCU-0024
Matienzo BaseSAWZ
Matratin AirportHL80
Mavaca I AirportVE-0131
Mavaca II AirportVE-0132
Mawhishi├▒a AirportVE-0133
Mayobateli AirportVE-0134
Mayupa AirportSVUA
Mbela Big Wings Landing SiteNA-0042
McArthur River Mine AirportMCV
Mckinley AirportYMCK
Mecca East AirportOE49
Meerut Sw AirportVA2B
Mehtar Kalateh AirportOI1C
Meier Airstrip Landing SiteNA-0043
Meiringen AirportLSMM
Meixian Air BaseCN-0075
Meling Ranch AirstripMSJG
Melrose AirportYMRS
Menindee AirportYMED
Meningie AirportYNIN
Menkijarvi AirportEFME
Menore├▒o AirportVE-0137
Menzies AirportYMZI
Meppe AirportETWM
Merapah AirportYMEP
Mercer1 PDZ AirportNZME
Merecure AirportSVAW
Meredith AirportYEDH
Mereenie AirportYMEI
Merluna AirportYMEU
Merredin AirportYMDN
Merton AirportYMEO
Merty Merty AirportRTY
Mesopotamia Station AirstripNZ-0001
Metabaru Air BaseRJDM
Mezze AirportOS67
Mhangura AirportFV77
Middalya Homestead AirportYMIX
Middlemount AirportMMM
Mielec AirportEPML
Mieles AirportCU-0068
Mikuski AirportVE-0138
Milawa Vineyard AirportYILA
Miles AirportYMLS
Mileura AirportYMUX
Milford Sound AirportMFN
Milgun AirportYMIL
Milingimbi AirportMGT
Millicent AirportMLR
Millmerran AirportYMMN
Millrose Homestead AirportYMIS
Millungera AirportYMLL
Milton AirportYILT
Milton Park AirportYMPK
Milurie Homestead AirportYMLX
Mina Hercules AirportMM68
Minami Torishima AirportRJAM
Minderoo Station AirportYMDR
Mingenew AirportYMEW
Minjilang AirportYMIJ
Minlaton AirportXML
Minnamoolka AirportYMLK
Minnipa AirportMIN
Minsk Mazowiecki AirportEPMM
Mintabie AirportYMIB
Minura AirportYMNX
Miquelon AirportSVQP
Miralwyn AirportYMIR
Mirim AirportKP-0011
Misheifa AirportHE41
Mishmar Ayy Highway Strip HIL-0002
Misi├│n Padamo AirportVE-0139
Mitchell AirportMTQ
Mitta Mitta AirportYITT
Mittagong AirportYMIG
Mittebah AirportYMTA
Mo─Źna 'Jurkovi─Ź' AirfieldSI-0008
Mobella AirportYLLA
Modlin AirportEPMO
Mogador AirportESU
Mogadouro AirportLPMU
Mole Creek AirportYMLC
Mollakend AirportAZ-0009
Monduran AirportYMUA
Monkira AirportONR
Monolon AirportYMLN
Montellano AirportSVAE
Monto AirportMNQ
Montricher AirportLSTR
Moolawatana AirportYMWT
Mooleulooloo AirportYLUL
Mooloola Homestead AirportYOOO
Moomba AirportMOO
Moonambel AirfieldAU-0028
Moonaree AirportYMOE
Moonerah AirportYORA
Mooraberree AirportOOR
Moravske Toplice 'Mari─Ź' AirfieldSI-0004
Morawa AirportMWB
Morester Landing SiteNA-0096
Morichal AirportSVNX
Moriche AirportVE-0140
Morichito II AirportSVNJ
Morney AirportOXY
Mornington Island AirportONG
Mornington Station AirportYMNT
Moron AirportCU-0049
Morven AirportYMVN
Moscow Landing SiteNA-0044
Mostaganem AirportDA14
Motiers AirportLSTO
Motueka AirportMZP
Moulamein AirportYMOM
Mount Allan AirportYMNA
Mount Augusta AirportYMAU
Mount Barnet AirportYBAN
Mount Barry AirportYMNB
Mount Beauty AirportYMBT
Mount Borradale AirportYMUE
Mount Bundey AirportYMDY
Mount Cavenagh AirportYMVG
Mount Clarence AirportYMTC
Mount Clere Homestead AirportYMCE
Mount Coolon AirportYMCL
Mount Cooper AirportYMPE
Mount Dare AirportYMTX
Mount Darwin AirportFVMD
Mount Davies AirportYMDV
Mount Denison AirportYMNN
Mount Dimer AirportYDME
Mount Eba AirportYMEB
Mount Ebenezer AirportYMBZ
Mount Elephant AirportYMPH
Mount Elizabeth AirportYMTZ
Mount Etjo AirportFYME
Mount Fitton Talc AirportYFTN
Mount Garnet AirportYMRT
Mount Hart Station AirportYMHT
Mount Holland AirportYMHL
Mount Hope AirportYMTP
Mount House AirportMHO
Mount Howitt AirportYMHW
Mount Ive AirportYMIV
Mount James AirportYMJE
Mount Liebig AirportYLBG
Mount Lindsay AirportYLSY
Mount Margaret AirportYMMT
Mount Mcclure AirportYMCU
Mount Mcquoid AirportYMQD
Mount Morgans AirportYMGS
Mount Riddock AirportYMDK
Mount Sandon AirportYMSO
Mount Sanford Station AirportMTD
Mount Sarah AirportYSAR
Mount Skinner AirportYMSK
Mount Surprise AirportYMSP
Mount Swan AirportYMNS
Mount Valley AirportYMVY
Mount Vernon Station AirportYMVR
Mount Vivian AirportYVIV
Mount Wedge AirportYMWE
Mount Weld AirportYMNW
Mount William AirportYMWM
Mount Willoughby AirportYWIB
Moura AirportYMOU
Muanda AirportMNB
Muchowiec AirportEPKM
Mudaysis Air BaseIQ-0032
Muenster Aero AirportLSPU
Muirpur AirportVA1D
Mukhrani AirportUGMM
Mukinbudin AirportYMKB
Mukur AirportOAMK
Mulga Downs AirportYLGA
Mulga Park AirportYMUP
Mulgathing AirportYMGG
Mullaley AirportYMEY
Mullewa AirportMXU
Muloorina AirportYMLR
Mundabullangana AirportYMDB
Mundrabilla Motel AirportYMDT
Mundubbera AirportYMDA
Mungindi AirportYMGI
Mungo Lodge AirportYLMU
Munjina AirportYMUJ
Murchison Shire AirportYMSS
Murgoo AirportYMGO
Muridjo Ranch AirportKE-0036
Murnpeowie AirportYMNP
Murod Kond AirportVO55
Murray Bridge AirportYMBD
Murray Downs AirportYMYW
Murray FieldYMUL
Murrin Murrin AirportYMMI
Murwillumbah AirportYMUR
Musgrave AirportYMGV
Mutara Grand Ref AirportFVGR
Mutare AirportUTA
Muttaburra AirportUTB
Muzquiz New AirportMM42
Myroodan Station AirportYMYR
Myrup fly in estate AirportAU-0005
Nabarlek AirportYNAB
Nabus Landing SiteNA-0099
Naftalan AirportAZ-0004
Nagambie AirportYNGB
Nagarjuna Sagar AirportVONS
Nagaur AirportVI73
Nain AirstripJM-0010
Nain Military AirportUS-OI05
Nakhon Sawan AirportVTPN
Namib Naukluft Landing SiteNA-0046
Namibia East Air BaseNA-0047
Namuldi AirportYNUD
Nanango AirportYNAN
Nanded AirportNDC
Nankova AirportAO-0002
Nannup AirportYNAU
Nantarra AirportYNNT
Nanur AirportHL83
Napier Downs AirportYNPD
Nappa Merrie AirportNMR
Napperby AirportYNPB
Naracoorte AirportNAC
Narembeen AirportYNRB
Narrogin AirportYNRG
Narwietooma AirportYNWT
Naryilco AirportYNRL
Natal Downs AirportYNDS
Nataxtari AirfieldGE-0013
Natya AirportNYA
Nauen AirportEDCN
Navarra AirportYNVR
Navarre AirportYNVE
Nayak AirportAF09
Nchalo Sucoma AirportFWSU
Neils BeachNZ-0017
Nejef New Air FieldIQ-0033
Nelson Springs AirportYNES
Nepabunna AirportYNPU
Neuchatel AirportQNC
Neuloore Landing SiteNA-0109
New Crown AirportYNCS
New Haven AirportYNHV
New Laura AirportLUT
New Moon AirportYNMN
New Norcia NorthAU-0037
Newdegate AirportYNDG
Newhaven AirportYNHE
Neyveli AirportNVY
Nhill AirportYNHL
Nicholson AirportNLS
Nijima AirportRJAN
Nili AirportOANL
Nilpinna AirportYNPA
Nimach AirportVA1N
Ninette Landing SiteNA-0136
Noccundra AirportYNCD
Nockatunga AirportYNOC
Nogales International AirportNOG
Nonning AirportYNIG
Nonoc AirportRP13
Noondoonia Homestead AirportYNON
Noonkanbah AirportYNKA
Noosa AirportNSV
Nooyeah Downs AirportYNOO
Nordenbeck AirportEDGN
Norfolk AirportYNOF
Normanville AirportYNVL
Norseman AirportNSM
North Grip Ice LandingstripGL-0003
North Well AirportYNWL
Northam AirportYNTM
Northampton AirportYNHP
Northcliffe Airstrips (needs confirmation)AU-0025
Norwood AirportYNOR
Nossob Gabel Landing SiteNA-0126
Nuagaon AirportVE36
Nuchon Ni Highway StripKP-0052
Nudjaburra AirportYNUJ
Nuestra Se├▒ora del Socorro AirportSVSK
Nuevo Casas Grandes AirportNCG
Nuevo Dolores AirportMM53
Nullabor Motel AirportNUR
Nullagine AirportNLL
Numbulwar AirportNUB
Numery AirportYNUE
Nummela AirportEFNU
Nundroo AirportYNDR
Nutwood Downs AirportYNUT
Nyang AirportYNYG
Nymagee AirportYNYM
Nyngan AirportNYN
Nypari AirportYNYP
Nyrripi AirportYNRR
Oak Valley AirportYOKV
Oakvale AirportYOKE
Oaky Creek AirportYOAY
Ocamo AirportVE-0144
October AirportHEOC
Oelde Bergeler AirportEDLU
Oenpelli AirportOPI
Oha Kaua/Otjiwa Lodge Landing SiteNA-0048
Ohlsenhagen Landing SiteNA-0049
Ojika AirportRJDO
Ojo de Agua AirportSVOJ
Okahennesiva Landing SiteNA-0146
Okamapu Landing SiteNA-0149
Okiwi Station AirportNZOX
Okosongoro Airport AirportNA-0050
Okpyong ni AirportKP-0051
Old Andado AirportYOAD
Old Bar Heritage AirportYOBR
Oldonyo Farm AirportKE-0046
Olifantwater West Landing SiteNA-0107
Oljogi Ranch AirportKE-6158
Olsztyn Dajtki AirportEPOD
Olten AirportLSPO
Olympic Dam AirportOLP
Omaha Landing SiteNA-0156
Omarama Glider AirportNZOA
Omeo AirportYOMO
Omicron Station AirportYOMI
Omuramba AirportNA-0052
Onchon Airport AirportKP-0023
Onduruqea Lodge AirportNA-0152
Ondwa AirportVA1H
One Arm Point AirportYOAP
Ongjin AirportKP-0050
Onjossa AirportNA-0053
Onslow AirportYOLW
Oodnadatta AirportODD
Ooldea AirportYODA
Ooratippra AirportYORT
Oostwold Airport---
Ootann AirportYOTN
Opotiki AirportNZOP
Optand AirportESNM
Orang AirportKP-0032
Orapa AirportORP
Orbost AirportRBS
Orielton AirportYOIT
Orient Well AirportYORW
Oritupano AirportSVOK
Orleans Farm AirportYORL
Orroroo AirportYORR
Orsa AirportESNR
Oruzgan AirportAF10
Osborne Mine AirportYOSB
Ourdel AirportYODL
Ouyen AirportYOUY
Oxley Station AirportYOLY
Pacemaker Landing Zone AirportKZ10
Pacicuchero AirportVE-0145
Pacific Haven AirportYPAC
Padthaway Station AirportYPDY
Paegam AirportKP-0049
Pagbilao Grande Island AirportRP12
Paihia Private AirportNZPA
Pakenham AirportYPAK
Pakyong Airport (Under Construction)IN-0012
Palenque International AirportPQM
Palm Island AirportPMK
Palma Sola AirportSVPY
Palmer AirportYPME
Palmer Station AirportNZ12
Palmers Island/Yamba AirportYPLI
Palumpa AirportYPUA
Panamint Springs AirstripUS-0163
Pandie Pandie AirportPDE
Pannawonica AirportYPNW
Panyab AirportOAPJ
Papunya AirportYPAY
Parakai AerodromeNZPI
Parakylia AirportYPKI
Parima AirportVE-0146
Parral AirportMM84
Parupa AirportVE-0148
Pasar AirportRP15
Patchewollock AirportYPCH
Patiala AirportVIPL
Pauanui Beach Glider AirportNZUN
Paynes Find AirportYPYF
P─▒narba┼č─▒ Air BaseCY-0003
Płoty (Maków)PL-0003
Peak Hill AirportYPKH
Peake AirportYPKE
Pedernales AirportPDZ
Pelayo AirportSVPW
Pellworm AirportDE-0005
Pendare AirportVE-0150
Penong AirportYPNG
Perai Tepuy AirportPPH
Perenjori AirportYPJI
Pesurca AirportSVPJ
Peterborough AirportYPBH
Petrel AirportSA47
Phalodi AirportVA2A
Phillip Island AirportYPID
Phonesavanh AirportVLPV
Pia AirportYPIX
Pigeon Hole AirportYPGH
Piikajarvi AirportEFPI
Pila AirportEPPI
Pilani New AirportVI70
Pilliga AirportYPLG
Pina AirportCU-0050
Pinamalayan AirportRP11
Pine Creek AirportYPNC
Pingelly AirportYPIY
Pinnacle AirportYPIN
Pinnacles Homestead AirportYPCS
Pinnaroo AirportYPNN
Pirsagat AirportAZ-0016
Piscuri AirportSVKI
Pista Larga AirportVE-0151
Pithorgarh AirportVIDF
Pittsworth AirportYPWH
Platanal AirportVE-0161
Playa Pintada AirportSVTP
Plenty AirportYPLE
Plevna Downs AirportYPVD
Plock AirportEPPL
Plumbago AirportYPMB
Plutonic AirportYPLU
Pokka AirportEFPA
Pokweni Glider AirportFYPO
Pomonal AirstripYPML
Ponikve AirportUZC
Pooncarie AirportYPCE
Porangahau AerodromeNZPO
Porepunkah AirportYPOK
Pormpuraaw AirportEDR
Porphyry AirportYPOP
Porrontruy AirportLSZY
Port Esquivel AirstripJM-0006
Port FairyAU-0024
Powidz AirportEPPW
Prachuap AirportVTBP
Praia Verde 23M AirportLPPV
Prairie AirportYPRA
Premer Betoota AirportYPRE
Prenti Downs AirportYPNI
Preston Field - Blair HoweAU-0018
Prilozje - MetlikaSI-0005
Prince Hasan Air BaseOJHF
Private AirstripKE-0073
Pruszcz Gdanski AirportEPPR
Ptuj AirportLJPT
Puckapunyal (Military) AirportYPKL
Pudasjarvi AirportEFPU
Pudding Hill AerodromeNZPH
Puente Guillen AirportCU-0028
Puerto Libertad North AirportMM32
Puerto PaezSVDZ
Pukch'ang Airport AirportKP-0022
Pulau Sudong Military AirstripSG-0002
Pump Station 10 AirportOEPJ
Pump Station 3 AirportOEPC
Pump Station 6 AirportOEPF
Pump Station 9 AirportOEPI
Punda MiliaZA-0100
Punkaharju AirportEFPN
Punmu AirportYPUN
Punta Brava AirportSVPB
Punta de Oro AirportSVCI
Punta Gorda AirportSVDG
Punta Pescadero AirportMMPP
Punta San Francisquito AirstripMPSF
Punto Fijo AirportSVDF
Purio AirportCU-0064
Purnea AirportVEPU
Pyhasalmi AirportEFPY
Pyhoselka AirportEFPH
Pyong Ni South Highway StripKP-0010
Pyongsul Li AirportKP-0048
Pyongyang AirportKP-0047
Pyramid Hill AirportYPYD
Qalat Sikar Air BaseIQ-0035
Qalibah Highway StripSA-0003
Qaryat Al Karmal AirportHL64
Qasr Tall Mihl AirportIQ-0036
Qayyarah South AirportIQ-0037
Quairading AirportYQDG
Quambatook AirportYQBK
Quambone Royona AirportYQBE
Quarry2 AirportYQUA
Queenstown AirportUEE
Questa Park AirportYQUE
Quirindi AirportUIR
Quondong AirportYQON
Quorn AirportYQRN
Quwaysina AirportHE42
Quz South AirportOE48
Raahe Pattijoki AirportEFRH
Rabbit Flat AirportYRBT
Rabigh AirportOERB
Radif Al Khafi Highway StripIQ-0038
Radom AirportEPRA
Raedhanpur AirportVA1K
Rag Rock AirportFYRR
Raglan AirfieldRAG
Raglan AirportYRAG
Rainbow AirportYRBW
Rainbow Beach AirportYRBB
Raivavae AirportNTAV
Rakkestad Astorp AirportENRK
Ramblazon de Reyes AirportCU-0054
Ramingining AirportRAM
Rancho El Durangueno AirportMM11
Rancho Grande AirstripMMRG
Rancho Grande de Táchira AirportSVRH
Rancho Guadalupe South AirportMM51
Rancho La Milpita AirportMM80
Rancho Marina Vieja AirportMM54
Rancho PalGT-0014
Rancho Pando AirportVE-0169
Rancho San Salvador Northeast AirportMM36
Rancho Santa Ynes AirportMM23
Rangitaiki AirfieldNZRK
Rantasalmi AirportEFRN
Ranua AirportEFRU
Rapaco II AirportMHRA
Ras Banas AirportHE14
Ras Jimsah New AirportHE20
Ras Khafji AirportOE45
Ras Lanuf Oil AirportHLNF
Ras Shukhayr New AirportHE21
Ras SudrHE45
Ras SumeiraAE-0001
Rasin El Aboud AirportOS66
Ratlam AirportVA2D
Raudales de Danta AirportVE-0170
Rautavaara AirportEFRA
Ravensthorpe AirportYNRV
Ravensworth AirportYRWH
Rawlinna AirportYRAW
Rawlinna Station AirportYRWA
Rawnsley Park AirportYRYK
Raxaul AirportVERL
Raymangirr AirportYRRR
Raymore Homestead AirportYRAM
Rayskala AirportEFRY
Razer AirportOARZ
R├şo de Agua AirportSVRA
R├şo Hacha AirportVE-0174
R├Şst AirportRET
Rebun Airport AirportRBJ
Red Deer / South 40 AirstripCRD4
Red Hill Station AirportYRHL
Redbank Mine AirportYRBM
Redmont AirportYRDM
Reedys AirportYRDY
Reggane AirportDAAN
Regional Hamer AirportMHRH
Reichenbach Air BaseLSGR
Rheinpfalz Landing SiteNA-0113
Rhenoster K AirportNA-0155
Rhodes Ridge AirportYRRG
Rice Lake AirportKRIE
Richmond AirportRCM
Ringer Soak AirportYRSK
Ringwood AirportYRNW
Rio Verde AirportMM14
Rito AirportAO-0003
Riveren AirportYRVE
Rob Muang AirportVTUR
Robe AirportYRBE
Robinhood AirportROH
Robinson River AirportYRBR
Robinvale AirportRBC
Roblecito AirportSVRU
Robray AirportOP36
Rocklands AirportYRKS
Rocklea AirportYRLE
Rocky River AirportYROK
Roidina Peter Jo AirportNA-0054
Rolleston AirportYRLL
Romsey(Riddell/Penfield) AirportYRSY
Roper Bar AirportYRRB
Rosario AirportSVRW
Roseberth AirportRSB
Rosehill Heliport AirportYRSH
Rosetta AirportSVRQ
Rosevale Resort AirportYRSV
Ross River AirportYROV
Rothsay Mine AirportYROT
Roxburgh AerodromeNZRX
Roxby Downs Station AirportYRXB
Roy Hill Station AirportYRYH
Ruawai AerodromeNZRW
Rudal River AirportYRUD
Rugby AirportYRUG
Rum Cay AirportRCY
Runnersrest Landing SiteNA-0100
Rupsi India AirportRUP
Rustag AirportOART
Rutland Plains AirportRTP
Sa Pran Nak AirportKKM
Saanen AirportLSGK
Sabana Dulce AirportSVSD
Safwan AirportIQ-0041
Saida AirportDA15
Sainshand AirportZMSH
Saint Arnaud AirportYSTA
Saipem AirportYSAI
Sak Long AirportVTPL
Saldus AirfieldLV-0003
Sale AirportYSLT
Salerno Landing Zone AirportAF11
Salman Pak East Air FieldIQ-0043
Salyany Air BaseAZ-0019
Salzbrunn AirstripNA-0091
Samarra West Air FieldIQ-0046
Samjiyon AirportKP-0029
San Antonio De Amazonas AirportVE-0175
San Antonio De Falcon AirportSVSF
San Benito AirportSVSU
San Carlos AirportCU-0040
San Carlos R├şo Negro AirportSVSC
San Cristobal De Las Casas AirportSZT
San Felipe International AirportSFH
San Fernando De Atabapo AirportSVAT
San Francisco De Carabobo AirportSVSW
San Francisco de M├ęrida AirportSVSY
San Ignacio AirportSVUK
San Jos├ę de Kayama AirportVE-0178
San Jos├ę de R├şo Cuao AirportVE-0179
San Jose Northwest AirportCU-0034
San Juan de los Cayos AirportSVSX
San Juan De R├şo Claro AirportSVSH
San Leonardo AirportSVSQ
San Lorenzo De Barinas AirportSVOA
San Lorenzo De Falc├│n AirportSVOB
San Luis Capanaparo AirportSVOC
San Luis Ixcan Valle Uno CandelariaGT-0013
San Mar Gale AirportUS-0047
San Mart├şn BaseSAYS
San Pablo De Barinas AirportSVOT
San Pablo Pae├▒o AirportSVOZ
San Pancracio AirportSVRL
San Pedro de Adawa├▒a AirportVE-0180
San Ram├│n AirportSVOR
San Silvestre AirportSVOH
San Sim├│n de Cocuy AirportVE-0181
San Vittore AirportLSXV
Sandfire AirportYSFI
Sandfly AirportYSFY
Sandhill AirportYSAH
Sandy Point AirportMYAS
Sangachaly Air BaseAZ-0015
Sangwon Highway StripKP-0028
Santa Ana AirportSVOD
Santa Bárbara de Monagas AirportSVOF
Santa Bárbara del Amazonas AirportSVOG
Santa Cruz AirportLPSC
Santa Elena de R├şo Claro AirportSVQB
Santa Fe AirportCU-0073
Santa Fe De Antioqu├şa AirportSKSF
Santa Juana AirportSVQD
Santa Mar├şa de Erebato AirportVE-0182
Santa Mar├şa La Tigra AirportSVQC
Santa Margarida AirportLP77
Santa M├│nica AirportSVOQ
Santa Rita AirportSVQS
Santa Rosa de Barinas AirportSVQZ
Santa Rosal├şa AirportSVQA
Santa Teresa AirportYSTT
Sappi / NgodwanaZA-0101
Saravan AirportOIZS
Sardeh Band AirportOADS
Sarhawdza Landing Zone AirportAF12
Sarir Nw AirportHL84
Sarsawa Air Force StationVISP
Sarvestan AirportIR-0013
Sattna AirportESNT
Savikko AirportEFNS
Schaffhausen AirportLSPF
Schanis AirportLSZX
Scone AirportNSO
Scotia Sanctuary AirportYSCA
Sea Lake AirportYSLK
Seahawk Lz AirportRP16
Segera Ranch AirportKE-6076
Selanpaa AirportEFSE
Selkirk / Kindy AirstripTK7
Seltsy AirfieldRU-0368
Semnan New AirportOI21
Sendai Kasuminom AirportRJSU
Seongmu AirportRKTE
Serpentine AirportYSEN
Sesriem AirstripFYSS
Shadgan AirportIR-0007
Shahabad Highway StripIR-0005
Shahid Vatan Pour Air BaseOIFH
Shahrokhi Highway StripIR-0004
Shahroud AirportOIMJ
Shaibah AirportIQ-0047
Shaki AirportAZ-0003
Shannon River AirportYSHN
Shark El Oweinat International AirportGSQ
Shayka Mazhar Air BaseIQ-0048
Shaykh Hantush Highway StripIQ-0049
Sheber Too Landing Zone AirportAF13
Sheberghan AirportOASG
Shihezi AirfieldCN-0129
Shikabe AirportRJ04
Shindand AirportOASD
Shiroro AirportDN50
Sholapur AirportSSE
Shuangcheng Air BaseCN-0207
Shute Harbour AirportJHQ
Siargao AirportRPNS
Sidhi AirportVA1F
Sidi Barrani AirportHE40
Sidi Bel Abbes AirportDAOS
Sidi Salih AirportHL53
Signakhi AirportGE-0012
Silent Grove AirportYSLG
Silent Hill AirstripJM-0008
Silver Hills AirportYSVH
Silverhill Nolf AirportKNQB
Simaraboshe AirportVE-0184
Sines AirportSIE
Singleton AirportSIX
Sinhung Highway StripKP-0027
Sirohi AirportVA38
Sitterdorf AirportLSZV
Sivoritsy AirfieldRU-0077
Sixatigni AirportMHSX
Ski Valley AirportUS-0009
Slavgorod Severniy Air BaseRU-0115
Smith Point AirportYSMP
Snowtown AirportYSNT
Sochaczew AirportEPSO
Sohung South AirportKP-0046
Sokcho AirportSHO
Soldatskaya Tashla AirfieldUWLS
Solingen AirstripNA-0137
Solio Ranch AirportKE-6151
Sonchon AirportKP-0045
Sondok AirportKP-0008
Sonkajarvi Jyrkk AirportEFSJ
Sookerating AirportVE24
Sossusvlei Lodge Landing SiteNA-0060
Sossusvlei Moun AirportFYSL
Soudan Station AirportYSDN
South Galway AirportZGL
South Goulburn Is AirportGBL
South Grafton AirportYSGR
South West Rocks AirportSWRK
Southern Cross AirportSQC
Southport AirportSHQ
Southwell AirportYSOW
Spanish Cay AirportMYAX
Spatzenfeld Landing SiteNA-0132
Speck-Fehraltorf AirportLSZK
Spring Creek AirportSCG
Springfield AirportYSPF
Springhill AirportNZSL
Springsure AirportYSPI
Springvale AirportKSV
St George AirportSGO
St Helens AirportHLS
St Leonards AirfieldYSLE
St Malo St Serva AirportLFEO
St Stephan AirportLSTS
Stanbroke AirportYSBO
Stanthorpe AirportSNH
Stirling Range RetreatAU-0029
Stonefield AirportYSFL
Stonehenge AirportYSTO
Stoney Point (Trepanier)CRJ2
Strahan AirportSRN
Strate AirportFYST
Strathalbyn AirportYSYN
Strathaven AirportYSVN
Strathbogie AirportYSBG
Strathburn AirportYSTB
Strathdownie AirportYSDW
Strathearn AirportYSTR
Strathgordon AirportYSGD
Strathleven AirportYSLN
Strathmay AirportYSMY
Strathmore AirportSTH
Streaky Bay AirportKBY
Subakhu Air FieldIQ-0050
Sudley AirportYSDL
Sulayel AirportSLF
Sulkaharju AirportEFVT
Summit Ice LandingstripGL-0006
Sunan-up North Highway StripKP-0026
Sunchon Airport AirportKP-0021
Sundbro AirportESKC
Sungam ni AirportKP-0044
Sunne AirportESKU
Sunrise Dam AirportYSRD
Suomussalmi AirportEFSU
Supplejack Downs AirportYSUJ
Surat AirportYSRT
Suratgarh New AirportVI43
Swa Knie Landing SiteNA-0143
Swansea AirportYSWA
Sweers Island Resort AirportYSWE
Swidwin AirportEPSN
Sylvania Homestead AirportYSLV
T'aet'an-pihaengjang AirportKP-0005
Ta Lo De Soto AirportMM29
Tableland Homestead AirportYTAB
Tabqa AirportOS59
Tacicuri AirportMM69
Tacicuri-Magdalena de Kino AirportMM69
Taebukpo Ri AirportKP-0007
Taggerty AirportYTGG
Taieri AirportNZTI
Takaka AirportKTF
Talanguita AirportMHLI
Talavera AirportYTVA
Talbingo AirportYTBG
Tama Tama AirportVE-0185
Tamala AirportYTML
Tamatal AirportSVQW
Tambar Springs AirportYTMS
Tambo AirportYTMB
Taminhint AirportHL66
Tamuin AirportTSL
Tanami AirportYTMN
Tanami Downs AirportYTAN
Tanbar AirportYTNB
Tandou Lake AirportYTAD
Tangalooma AirportYTGA
Tangalooma Resort AirportYXTA
Tangshan AirportCN-0005
Tanrykulular AirportAZ-0005
Tanumbirini AirportYTNR
Tapa AirportAF14
Tapaquire AirportSVQY
Tara AirportXTR
Taralga Grathawa AirportYTLG
Tarcombe AirportYTRC
Tarcoonyinna AirportYTCY
Tardun Christian Brothers airfieldAU-0033
Tarlton Downs AirportYTLT
Taroom AirportXTO
Tatave Landing SiteNA-0062
Taumarunui AirportNZTM
Tavi Tavi AirportVE-0186
Te Anau AirportNZTZ
Te Aroha AirfieldNZTA
Te Kowhai AirfieldNZTE
Teeswater (Dent Field)CDF2
Teh Wareh AirportOATW
Tehran West AirportIR-0012
Tehuacan AirportTCN
Teisko AirportEFTS
Tekapo AerodromeNZTL
Temblador AirportSVTR
Tempe Downs AirportYTPE
Tencuk AirportVE-0188
Tenneco Station Five AirportYTEN
Tenneco Station Four AirportYTNN
Tenneco Station One AirportYTNE
Tenneco Station Three AirportYTEC
Tenneco Station Two AirportYTOS
Tenqua AirportVE-0189
Tenterfield AirportYTFD
Tessalit AirportGATS
Thames AerodromeTMZ
The Garden AirportYGDR
The Granites AirportYTGT
The Grove AirportYTGV
The Monument AirportYTMO
The Oaks AirportYOAS
Thebephatshwa AirportFBTP
Theda Station AirportYTHD
Theodore AirportTDR
Thevenard Island AirportYTHV
Thoise AirportVI57
Three Rivers Homestead AirportYTHR
Three Springs AirportYTHS
Thumamah AirportOE44
Thun AirportLSZW
Thuniabhand AirportVE96
Thylungra AirportTYG
Ti Tree AirportYTIT
Tidal River AirportYTDL
Tierra Negra AirportSVQK
Tieyon AirportYTYN