Traveling to King Abdullah II Air Base via Jet Charter

Traveling to King Abdullah II Air Base via Jet Charter

Flying first class is allright for some. You, however, deserve more. The dream of flying on your own personal jet is now within your grasp. Imagine being able to skip the problems at the airport involved in flying commercial. No more ticket counters. No more waiting at the gate. No more layovers. No more delays. This level of service and luxury was once only available to those able to put out tens of millions to buy and maintain their own jet. Now private jet charters can offer you all the advantages of owning your own jet without all the cost. Whether it is that conference in King Abdullah II Air Base or that trip to King Abdullah II Air Base you have been planning, a private jet charter is the only way to go.

If you are planning to take a holiday by plane, there are other choices which you can choose from in order to get around by air. When considering modes of travel, you should think of hiring a private jet charter company in King Abdullah II Air Base, for your next getaway. A private jet charter is a fabulous way to travel in full luxury, style, and best of all, comfort and not having to be on a plane with hundreds of strangers you don't know. If you book a private jet charter in advance you can also save on the cost if this is a big concern to you; just make sure to book a few weeks, up to one month in advance, and you can be rest assured that you will get a great deal.

The next time a spur of the moment trip comes up, why not ponder taking a private jet not only will it be cheaper but also the potential of having it near King Abdullah II Air Base will make it easier. When it comes time to figure out what sort of jet to take then evaluate the distance that is to be traveled. A second thing to look at when deciding what type of jet service is how many people are going to be on the trip, as the private jet industry does provide different types of jets ranging from a small prop jet to a turbine jet engine. A third thing to look at is how comfortable does a passenger want to feel on the trip. These key things can make for a great flight.

Large Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Queen Alia International Airport Amman AMM

Medium Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Al Azraq / Al Shaheed Muwaffaq Salti Air BaseOJ40
Amman-Marka International AirportAmmanADJ
Aqaba King Hussein International AirportAqabaAQJ

Small Airports in Jordan

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Al Ghadaf Highway StripJO-0006
Al Jafr 2 Air BaseJO-0003
Al Qatranah Highway StripJO-0007
Al Quwayrah Highway StripJO-0008
Azraq Highway StripJO-0004
Highway H Highway StripJO-0009
King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz / Al Jafr Air BaseJO-0002
King Hussein Air CollegeMafraqOMF
Prince Hasan Air BaseOJHF
Wadi El Murbah Highway StripJO-0005
Zarqa AirportZarqaOJ38