Charter a Jet to Illinois

Now who wouldn't want their own private jet to fly them anywhere, anytime?? I know I would love it, if i felt like going somewhere I would just have to call up my jet and off I go. Not too many individuals can afford a private jet charter, but there are some who can. For instance: Football, Basketball, Soccer, or any sports teams, Celebrities, Ceo's, Super Models, and business men. You can take a private jet across the country, across the ocean, to the next Illinois, or to many cities at a time. Anywhere you wanna go anytime. WP Air offers great prices and great customer service. There are some great benefits on using a private jet, you can fly by your schedule, privacy, and work in peace and quiet. You wouldn't want to travel in there own private jet plane. Its the most comfortable way to travel.

Charter a Jet to Illinois

Private jets are becoming an increasingly common form of transportation in both the luxury and business markets. Most private jet charter companies now offer a myriad of aircraft to suit whatever function you may need, while remaining cost effective. These aircraft range from light jets to full capacity airlines, as well as helicopters. These rates are often less expensive than one might originally think, often starting well below $1000 per hour for helicopters, with small jets being available from around $2000 per hour. With memberships for private jet companies costing often over $100,000 per year, it can be extremely cost effective for those not in need of constant transport, to simply charter a jet from one city to another. For instance, a charter flight out of Illinois could be easily arranged, and cost only a couple thousand dollars total, but provide the same luxuries and conveniences offered through much more expensive membership programs.

Are you planning a long flight from Illinois, cross country to a business meeting in a foreign country? If you are a business executive, and are dealing with a client which is extremely important to your business, your company may want to ponder hiring a private jet charter for your travel needs. Not only will it be a great flight for you, but it will ensure that when you arrive at the business meeting with that important client you will be prepared, and on top of your game. Private jet charters are comfortable, much faster than airplane travel, and will supply the ultimate comfort for its travelers, especially on long trips. For for your cross-continent or cross-country business travels for employees, companies should consider the use of a private jet charter.

Most travelers believe that the commercial flights are quite comfortable. There are justified to do so, since they may have not experienced the luxury and comfort that comes along with renting the private jets. There are certain situations when one seeks total comfort while traveling and this makes the private jets a great option to go by. Couples who are heading for their honeymoon can also use the private jet rentals to arrive to the destination in style. Celebrities have also often used the private jets to Illinois and other destinations. This travel option works well with celebrities and famous people who are out to provide a strong statement. It does not hurt to mix some pleasure with business. Political aspirants have often used private jet rentals in their campaign endeavors.

Large Airports in Illinois

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Springfield SPI
Central Il Rgnl Arpt at Bloomington-Normal Airport Bloomington/Normal BMI
Chicago Midway International Airport Chicago MDW
Chicago O'Hare International Airport Chicago ORD
Chicago Rockford International Airport Chicago/Rockford RFD
Greater Peoria Regional Airport Peoria PIA
Quad City International Airport Moline MLI
Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport Belleville

Medium Airports in Illinois

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Decatur AirportDecaturDEC
Dupage AirportChicago/West ChicagoDPA
Greater Kankakee AirportKankakeeIKK
Quincy Regional Baldwin FieldQuincyUIN
Southern Illinois AirportCarbondale/MurphysboroMDH
St Louis Regional AirportAlton/St LouisALN
University of Illinois Willard AirportChampaign/UrbanaCMI

Small Airports in Illinois

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Adams Private AirportRoyalton94IS
Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 1Pontiac70LL
Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 2Pontiac2LL7
Adkins RLA Restricted Landing AreaHarvard8IL0
Adkisson AirportHammondIL32
Aero Acres AirportCampusIL51
Aero Estates AirportBelleville7IS2
Aero Four AirportChannahonIL58
Aero Lake Estates AirportGenoa30IS
Aerogrange AirportMarengo66IL
Air Estates Inc AirportMundeleinLL09
Alan B. Janssen AirportMorrisonville4LL9
Albertus AirportFreeportFEP
Albrecht /2/ AirportAmboyIL09
Alcock RLA Restricted Landing AreaLindenwood41IL
Ambler - Cady AirportEarlville7IL9
Anderson AirportSycamore26LL
Andrew RLA Restricted Landing Area AirportChampaignIL55
Antique AerodromeCornell40IL
Arras RLA Restricted Landing AreaGreenfieldIS82
Aurora Municipal AirportChicago/AuroraARR
B & C AirportEarlvilleIL99
Baker AirportKilbourne32IS
Bakers StripWeldon7LL4
Bally's StripDixon1IL6
Barnstorm FieldEl Paso1IL0
Bauer AirportLindenwood93IL
Beckerman FieldMount Carmel5LL0
Ben Emge AirportBelleville2IL7
Benoit AirportKankakeeIL78
Benton Municipal AirportBentonH96
Berns AirportCliftonIL81
Bickel AirportNew Athens3LL6
Bingham AirportAldenIL05
Black AirportHillsdale9IL7
Blackhawk Farms Inc AirportRocktonLL89
Blickhan Lndg Area AirportQuincy88IS
Block AirportPearl City88LL
Bob Davis Flying Service AirportVirden25IL
Bob Walberg FieldBelvidereIL36
Bock Farms AirportWilliamsville3LS7
Bolingbrook's Clow International AirportBolingbrook1C5
Boondox FieldSeneca1LL0
Bradbury AirportPiper City25LL
Braden Farms AirportWatseka98LL
Brammeier AirportOakdale7LL9
Brandt AirportManteno55IL
Bresson AirportComptonC82
Briggs Brothers AirfieldGalena77LL
Brookeridge Air ParkDowners GroveLL22
Brooks Ranch AirportBurnsideIL46
Brunner AirportWest Dundee04LL
Bult FieldMoneeC56
Busboom AirportGiffordIL45
Busboom RLA Restricted Landing AreaSt Joseph0LL5
Bushby RLA Restricted Landing AreaMinooka87IL
Bussart AirportDudleyIS13
Butler Hill RLA Restricted Landing AreaWest Brooklyn8IL3
C D Maulding AirportPaxtonLL32
Cady Aerial RLA Restricted Landing AreaDeer Grove0IS3
Cairo Regional AirportCairoCIR
Cambier AirportRidottLL69
Campbell AirportGrayslakeC81
Carlson RLA Restricted Landing AreaPecatonicaIS19
Carmi Municipal AirportCarmiCUL
Casa De Aero Park AirportHampshire68IS
Casey Municipal AirportCasey1H8
Cast AirportFairmount5IS7
Cedar Ridge AirportNauvoo9IS0
Centralia Municipal AirportCentraliaENL
Chatsworth Restricted Landing AreaChatsworthIL60
Cheechako AirportMonroe Center82LL
Chester Wyss AirportRock CityLL75
Chicago Executive AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/WheelingPWK
Chicago Glider Club GliderportChannahonIL59
Clapper AirportMansfield53IL
Clarion FieldLa Moille35IL
Clark AirportPlymouth23IS
Classic Landings AirportBonfield05IL
Cloverleaf Ranch AirportTiskilwa15LL
Cody Port RLA Restricted Landing AreaHarding7IL8
Coles County Memorial AirportMattoon/CharlestonMTO
Colonial Acres AirportSycamore4LL8
Compass Rose AirportRocktonLL87
Compton AirportPocahontas3LL9
Cooch Landing Area AirportAtwoodIL31
Corman Acres AirportLake City5IS4
Corn Alley AirportEl Paso63IS
Corn FieldCuster ParkIL95
Cottonwood AirportRockford1C8
County Poor Farm AirportOregon67LL
Cribbet AirportBlue Mound1IS3
Crook Restricted Landing AreaColumbiaIL18
Cumberland Air Park RLA Restricted Landing AreaNeoga6LL1
Curanda AirportMorrisLL39
Curless AirportSummumIS08
Curry AirportGriggsville51IS
Cushing Field Ltd AirportNewark0C8
Cwian FieldSheridan2LL1
Dacy AirportHarvard0C0
Dahler AirportNokomis7LL8
Dale Curten Farm AirportModoc37LL
Darrington AirportRockfordLL80
David Gillespie AirportMarseilles69IL
Davison Restricted Landing AreaMinorkUS-0090
Davy Jones /Private/ AirportBonnie3IS6
Dawson Farms AirportLovington0IS4
Day Aero-Place AirportUrbana6IS0
De Kalb Taylor Municipal AirportDe KalbDKB
Delhotal AirportWest Brooklyn7LL7
Denby AirportCarlinvilleIS01
Dietchweiler AirportWatsekaIS02
Dixon Municipal Charles R. Walgreen FieldDixonC73
Doering's Port AirportProphetstownLL61
Donald A. Hamilton AirportPawnee8LL7
Donald Alfred Gade AirportAntiochIL11
Douglas AirportColusaIL84
Dozier AirportFairfield57IS
Dr Joseph W Esser AirportHampshire7IL6
Duane E. Davis AirportLeaf River26IL
Duclos RLA Restricted Landing AreaRed Bud91LS
Dunn AirportPaw PawLL54
Durbin AirportSullivan85IL
Dury Estates AirportHurstIL71
Dwight AirportDwightDTG
Eagle Pass AirportBloomington19IL
Earl Barnickel AirportComptonIL88
Earlville AirportEarlvilleC94
Early - Merkel FieldPecatonicaIS78
Earp AirportRoseville3IS2
Eckberg AirportWyanet8LL2
Edgar County AirportParisPRG
Edgar Read AirportPutnamLL65
Edward Getzelman AirportHampshire7IL7
Edwin G. Bennett AirportSheffield1LL7
Effingham County Memorial AirportEffingham1H2
Egland FieldRansomLL66
Ellis AirportDavisIL23
Emerick AirportMarengo63IL
Enjoy FieldChebanse4LL4
Enoch AirportFindlay35IS
Entwistle AirportLostantIL72
Erie Air ParkErie3H5
Ernest E Orwig AirportNorth HendersonLL18
Eudy AirportMonroe CenterIS40
Fairfield Municipal AirportFairfieldFWC
Far FieldMarengo65IL
Ferris FieldMarengo62IL
Ficklin-Airtech AirportFairbury26IS
Fischer's RLA Restricted Landing AreaNew Memphis6LL6
Flaherty FieldLa Salle0LL4
Flora Municipal AirportFloraFOA
Flying B Ranch AirportDanville0IL3
Flying Z Ranch AirportDurand47IS
Foley AirportPrinceton72LL
Foote AirportWenona3IS7
Foster FieldApple River7A4
Foxfield AerodromeLanark6IL4
Frank's Flying Service AirportMorrison4IL5
Frankfort AirportFrankfortLL40
Frasca FieldUrbanaC16
Freeport/Dornink AirportFreeportC86
Frings AirportLeeds65IS
Funfsinn AirportArlingtonIL13
G. Bray AirportLewistown34IL
Galesburg Municipal AirportGalesburgGBG
Galt FieldGreenwood/Wonder Lake10C
Gehant AirportWest Brooklyn7LL6
Gelfius International AirportDahlgren27IS
Gentry AirportPoloLL55
George AirportSomonauk2LL9
Gerald H Hamer AirportPeruLL43
Gillen AirportMonmouth36IS
Gittleson Farms AirportFranklin Grove15IL
Glatthaar AirportGrandview55IS
Godbee RLA Restricted Landing AreaKempton47IL
Gord AirportSandwich0LL6
Gordon Brown AirportTrivoli5LL5
Grandpas' Farm Mendota AirportMendota0C7
Greater Beardstown AirportBeardstownK06
Greenville AirportGreenvilleGRE
Griffin AirportAlma0IL2
Hagi Landing Area AirportStreator39IS
Hammer AirportPolo00IL
Hammock FieldAlhambra7IS7
Hardy AirportMount Auburn05IS
Harms AirstripTampico08IL
Harold Bunger AirportKirkland16IL
Harold Emmerich AirportBelleville1IS0
Harrington Farms AirportSheridanIS95
Harris AirportRamseyIS24
Harrisburg Raleigh AirportHarrisburgHSB
Harry D Fenton AirportRocktonLL88
Hartenbower Hectares AirportLostant2V3
Hartline Air Strip STOLportAnnaIS16
Hartwell Ranch RLA Restricted Landing AreaHillview79IS
Hasselbring AirportPaxton52IL
Hattan Farms AirportMinonk4IS6
Hausmann AirportWyoming75LL
Havana Regional AirportHavana9I0
Hawker AirportKankakee12IL
Hayenga's Cant Find Farms AirportKings00IS
Heeg AirportOquawkaIL22
Heitman Aerdrome AirportMillstadt1IL4
Heller AirportGalena22IL
Hemmer RLA Restricted Landing AreaDu Quoin08IS
Hemmingsen AirportSandwich93LL
Henderson AirportRosiclare95IL
Hendrickson Flying Service AirportCrestonIL93
Hendrix AirportBuckinghamIS86
Hepp AirportCutler9LL2
Herbert C. Maas AirportZionIL02
Herren AirportTimewellIS56
Herschel Hunter AirportMarissa3LL1
Highland-Winet AirportHighlandH07
Hilbert AirportMarengo37IS
Hilbert's Funny Farm AirportUnion5LL7
Hildreth Air ParkSidell96IS
Hillman AirportRock CityLL91
Hillsboro Municipal AirportHillsboro3K4
Hilvety AirportMoweaqua5LL1
Hinckley AirportHinckley0C2
Hobby Hideaway RLADelavan1IL2
Hoblit Farms AirportAtlantaIL94
Hoehn RLA Restricted Landing AreaWittIS77
Hoffman AirportDe KalbIS63
Holland FieldMc Lean1IL9
Holmes AirportPawnee3IS5
Home Free AirportSteward3IL7
Hooterville AirportClinton7IS3
Horsefeathers Ranch AirportIrving1IL1
Houseman AirportCobdenIL16
Howell AirportFindlay33IS
Howell New Lenox Airport1C2
Hugh Van Voorst AirportUnion Hill5LL8
Humm AirportEarlville06IL
Hunter AirportWoodstock8LL1
Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc AirportCairo92IL
Illinois Valley Parachute Club AirportMinier81IL
Illinois Valley Regional-Walter A Duncan fieldPeruVYS
Ingersoll AirportCantonCTK
Isley AirportWheeler33LL
J & Y UltralightportDixon9IS5
J Maddock AirportBig RockIL38
Jack W. Watson AirportDe Kalb0IL9
Jackson FieldElmira2IS3
Jacksonville Municipal AirportJacksonvilleIJX
Jan Knipe AirportWarsaw95IS
Janssen AirportShannon1LL6
Jasper County Flying Club AirportNewton7LL3
Jay Schertz Farm AirportLowpointIS00
Jerseyville Aviation Inc AirportJerseyville0LL1
Jim & Peg RLA Restricted Landing AreaDwight61IS
Jim Wehrli Memorial AirportMarseilles34IS
John D Rennick AirportSpring BayIS62
John L Coppernoll AirportStockton4LL3
John R Reed AirportAshmore9LL3
John Scharff AirportClinton33IL
John W Meils Restricted Landing AreaRutlandLL98
Johnson AirportMomence90IL
Johnson Farm AirportCarman22IS
Joliet Regional AirportJolietJOT
Jurassic Landings UltralightportEssexII31
Justus AirportSidney2LL5
Kamm AirportAtwood4IS1
Kankakee AirportKankakee3KK
Kaufield AirportBelvidere0LL0
Keil AirportDongola6IL5
Kellums AirportGoreville16IS
Kewanee Municipal AirportKewaneeEZI
Kibler AirportMarshall3LL3
King AirportColumbia7IS9
Kinsey RLA Restricted Landing AreaArenzvilleIL12
Kirkpatrick AirportHarvard8IL2
Kloker AirportMeredosiaIS69
Koch AirportShirlandIS71
Koenig AirportJerseyville0LL3
Koppie AirportGilberts7IS5
Kramer AirportLena96IL
Krohe AirportBeardstownIL86
Krutmeier AirportPayson9LL0
Kuebler RLA Restricted Landing AreaSt Elmo4IL4
Kuntz FieldGridleyIS64
Lake in the Hills AirportChicago/Lake in the Hills3CK
Lake West Wind AirportGodfrey48IL
Lambdins FieldWolf Lake12LL
Lambert AirportPinckneyville24LL
Landings Condominium AirportHuntley82IS
Lansing Municipal AirportChicagoIGQ
Lawrenceville Vincennes International AirportLawrencevilleLWV
Lee Creek AirportCaledonia56IL
Leigh Farm AirportSparland4IS8
Lewis University AirportChicago/RomeovilleLOT
Lindauer AirportNew Athens83LL
Lindell Loveless AirportGillespieLL45
Litchfield Municipal AirportLitchfield3LF
Litchfield RLA Restricted Landing AreaSeymour4IS7
Logan County AirportLincolnAAA
Low and Slow AirportHardin2IL6
Loy AirportDonovan1IL8
Lung RLA Restricted Landing AreaCarthageIL53
Lutz AirportMulberry Grove94IL
Lutz RLA Restricted Landing AreaGreenvalley7IL3
Lytleville Orchard AirportHeyworth9IS9
Lz Fairwinds AirportRockfordLL78
M.A.M Trail AirportLittle YorkIL65
Maas AirstripNew Boston69LL
Macomb Municipal AirportMacombMQB
Manito Mitchell AirportManitoC45
Maple Hurst Farms AirportRochelleLL74
Marshall County AirportLaconC75
Martin AirportHillview80IS
Martin RLA Restricted Landing AreaClintonIL82
Marvin D Bradd AirportMansfield51IL
Mary's Landing AirportCapron88IL
Mason AirportLincoln39IL
Mast FieldQuincyIS45
Mayhall AirportMurdock5LL3
Mays Aviation AirportChenoaIL63
Mc Cartney AirportDurand2IL1
Mc Christy AirportStoningtonIS54
Mc Coy AirportBlue Mound3IS1
Mc Culley AirportChampaignIL56
Mc Curdy AirportRoscoeLL94
Mc Curdy StripRockton/BelvidereLL90
Mc Leansboro AirportMc Leansboro3LL8
Mc Neal's FieldEast Moline2IL3
Mc Pherson AirportCarthage5IS9
Meadow Creek AirportMonee2IL9
Melody FieldDanvilleIS88
Mercer County AirportAledoC00
Merkle AirportHanover3IS4
Metropolis Municipal AirportMetropolisM30
Meyer AirportOquawkaLL23
Michael Pfister AirportRoanoke86IS
Midland AirportAntioch50IL
Mill Rose Farm Restricted Landing AreaChicago/BarringtonIL68
Miller AirportSouth Beloit3LL0
Minder AirportLincoln37IL
Mitchell RLA Restricted Landing AreaMarseilles67IL
Mitek AirportWinslow20IS
Monmouth Municipal AirportMonmouthC66
Morris Municipal James R. Washburn fieldMorrisC09
Morton AirportLa HarpeIS55
Mount Carmel Municipal AirportMount CarmelAJG
Mount Hawley Auxiliary AirportPeoria3MY
Mount Sterling Municipal AirportMount SterlingI63
Mount Vernon AirportMount VernonMVN
Mountain AirportPerry2IL4
Murk's StripSt. Augustine0LL2
Murphy Farms AirportFarmersville70IL
Mussman AirportGrant Park7IL0
Nance AirportOld Ripley8LL0
Naper Aero Club AirportNapervilleLL10
Neiner AirportManteno19LL
Nelson AirportCarlinville8IS1
Nelson Private AirportBrowns60IS
Newton AirportPattersonIS85
Niklaus RLA Restricted Landing AreaFarmer CityIS26
Nixon Restricted Landing AreaMedoraIS60
Noland RLA Restricted Landing AreaBlue Mound3IS3
Norman AirportPeotone89LL
O John Clark Restricted Landing AreaGrays Lake7IL2
O K Flying Club Inc AirportFillmore28IS
O'Connor FieldPecatonica8IL5
Ogle County AirportMount MorrisC55
Oink Acres AirportMahomet17LL
Olney Noble AirportOlney-NobleOLY
Olson AirportPlato CenterLL53
Oltman-Shuck AirportMinonk83IL
Otterbach Farm AirportMendota81LL
P.J. Killian AirportLexington48IS
Panther FieldPinckneyville5IL2
Parrish RLA Restricted Landing AreaLacon2IS5
Paul E. Kroenlein AirportMoweaqua5LL2
Paxton AirportPaxton1C1
Pekin Municipal AirportPekinC15
Percival Springs AirportWatson2T2
Phyllis FieldHuntley6IL2
Piatt County AirportMonticello2K0
Pike's AirportOttawa22LL
Pillow Hill AirportSpring Grove3LL4
Pinckneyville Du Quoin AirportPinckneyvillePJY
Pine Hill AirportCapron09LL
Piper's Landing AirportLawrencevilleIS34
Pittsfield Penstone Municipal AirportPittsfieldPPQ
Pontiac Municipal AirportPontiacPNT
Poplar Grove AirportPoplar GroveC77
Potter AirportBarry44IS
Prairie AirportIrvington83IS
Prairie Lake Hunt Club AirportMarseilles68IL
Providence Place FieldStockton99IL
Ralph E. Daniels AirportPutnamLL64
Ralph Jacobs AirportValmeyer27LL
Ramme AirportGenoa6IL0
Ranken AirportSteward4LL0
Rantoul National Avn Center-Frank Elliot fieldRantoulTIP
Raymond Classen Memorial AirportDanforth8IS5
Raymond Restricted Landing AreaJerseyvilleLL49
Rdh Farms AirportGood HopeLL33
Read AirportPiper CityLL46
Red Shed FieldLena2IS6
Redpath Restricted Landing AreaBaldwinIL35
Rees FieldGrand Ridge41IS
Reid Restricted Landing AreaGilberts6IL6
Reinke AirportRochelle75IS
Rendleman AirportMurphysboro4IL8
Rhea Restricted Landing AreaPontoosucIS66
Richardson AirportNew BerlinIL24
Richardson FieldSpring Grove3LL5
Richmond AirportTable GroveIL54
Riggins Farms AirportVilla GloveIS43
Riley's FieldPlainfieldLL51
Rinkenberger Restricted Landing AreaBradford3IS8
Ritter FieldIllinois City2IS4
Riverode Farms AirportPontiac71LL
Riverveiw AirportEvansville5IS3
Robertson's Roost AirportEdgewood8IL6
Robinson Municipal AirportRobinsonRSV
Rochelle Municipal Airport - Koritz FieldRochelleRPJ
Rock Cut Farms AirportLeaf River48LL
Rockenbach AirportRound LakeLL97
Rossi's Farm AirportMinooka84IL
Rothrock AirportStreator54IL
Rotstein AirportKirklandIS59
Routh AirportSt Joseph9IL2
Roy Burden Restricted Landing AreaShirley2LL3
Ruder AirportMaple Park59IL
Rummel Restricted Landing AreaGerman Valley6IL3
Runyan Aviation AirportBushnellIL15
Russell AirportDonovanIS52
Sackman FieldColumbiaH49
Salem Leckrone AirportSalemSLO
Sauer AirportDwight08LL
Schaller AirportNew AthensLL26
Schaumburg Regional AirportChicago/Schaumburg06C
Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville AirportCooksville2IS9
Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson AirportHudson04IL
Schertz FieldGibson City9IS2
Schilson FieldCarthageIS51
Schmidt AirportThomasboro56IS
Schott AirportPontiacLL56
Schumaier Restricted Landing AreaPinckneyville01LL
Schuy-Rush AirportRushville5K4
Sd Aero AirportCapronLL28
Seeman AirportChenoa31LL
Seigfried Halfpap AirportQuincy87IS
Severson AirportRockfordLL79
Sharp AirportBethany86IL
Shelby County AirportShelbyville2H0
Sies Landing Area AirportLitchfield1LL4
Silver Creek GliderportNew Douglas3IL1
Sinele StripNauvoo06IS
Sinele's Sunset StripNiota69IS
Skillet Fork Farm AirportWayne City19IS
Sky Soaring AirportUnion55LL
Skydive Chicago AirportOttawa8N2
Smith AirportMacombLL27
Smith Restricted Landing AreaHecker4IS5
Sneek AirportShannon2IL0
Snow AirportMacon2LL4
Somers Blossom AirportLindenwood2IS7
Songwood Inn AirportWatseka6LL8
Spangler AirportManteno58IL
Sparta Community Hunter FieldSpartaSAR
Spickard-Marshall AirportRockfordLL81
Spring Brook AirportSeneca1LL2
Springfield Southwest AirparkNew BerlinIL97
St Louis Downtown AirportCahokia/St LouisCPS
St Louis Metro East Shafer FieldSt Jacob3K6
Stanton AirportRiverton91IS
Staton AirportSteward4LL1
Stockton AirportStocktonIS37
Stoney Real Estate AirportEnfieldLL13
Stutzke AirportSterlingLL38
Sue Rock International AirportRock CityIS93
Sugar Creek Farm AirportAtlanta3IL9
Sullivan AirportHamilton39LL
Sunset Acres AirportMantenoLL24
Sutton AirportOmaha2IL5
Swan Valley Farm AirportLanark1IS4
Sweedler AirportElwood3IL2
Taft AirportRochester92IS
Tautz AirportMount CarrollLL07
Taylor AirportAmboyIL07
Taylorville Municipal AirportTaylorvilleTAZ
Ted's Place AirportPaxton71IS
Testoni Farms AirportCornellIL91
Thacker AirportChenoa11LL
The Sandbox AirportCordova32LL
Thompson AirportSteward9IL4
Thorp AirportWapellaLL34
Thrifty Acres STOLportStillman Valley (Byron)4IL3
Tommy's AirparkEdinburg9LL5
Townley Farms AirportMattoon9LL9
Tri Township AirportSavannaSFY
Tri-County AirportYates City2C6
Triple Creek AirportBement1IS2
Trisler AirportHomer6IS8
Trovero AirportPeruLL44
Tuscola AirportTuscolaK96
Twin Gardens AirportHarvard8IL1
Uncle Chuck's AirportDe KalbIS80
Untied Acres AirportBelvidereIS83
Unzicker AirportBenson4IL9
Van Gorder AirportMansfield04IS
Vandalia Municipal AirportVandaliaVLA
Vermilion Regional AirportDanvilleDNV
Villiger Restricted Landing AreaHenry9IL0
Vodden AirportEsmondIS15
Vogen Restricted Landing AreaNewarkIS41
Voges AirstripRed Bud89IS
Von Alvens Airview AirportBeecherIL29
W Davis AirportComptonIL87
Wade AirportWaterman56LL
Walder's Farm AirportPaw Paw1IS5
Walnut Creek AirportSomonauk49IL
Walpole AirportMarengo64IL
Walter AirportDe Kalb0IL8
Warren AirportSomonauk95LL
Watters AirportDwight2IL2
Waukegan Regional AirportChicago/WaukeganUGN
Wayne Ziller Jr AirportFairbury4IL2
Weidner AirportBunker Hill4IS9
Weihler AirportSherrard2LL2
Weishaupt AirportMackinaw9IL6
West Grove AirportLeaf River28IL
Whiteside Co Arpt-Jos H Bittorf fieldSterling/RockfallsSQI
Wichman AirportStockland96LL
Wilcoxon AirportAthensLL48
Wildy FieldNew Athens6LL4
Wiley Updike AirportPlano72IS
Willadae Farms AirportSycamore4LL7
Willhoit AirportStauntonIS33
William E. Koenig AirportDow01IS
Williams AirparkChapin30LL
Williams AirportCarthageIL52
Williamson AirportWestervelt28LL
Williamson County Regional AirportMarionMWA
Willis AirportSycamoreIS47
Wilson AirportFithian62IS
Wilts AirportStreatorLL52
Winchester AirportNauvoo38IS
Wind Rose Farm AirportMarengoIS57
Wix AirportMonee03IL
Wm Quinton Restricted Landing AreaHeyworth9IL3
Wolford's AirportAbingdonIL01
Woodlake Landing AirportSandwichIS65
Woodley Aerial Spray AirportNew BedfordIS73
Wormley AirportOswego85LL
Young AirportViola6LL2
Zea Mays FieldOhio54IS
Zelmer Memorial Airpark Inc AirportPalmyra5K1
Zoomer FieldSheldon1LL8

Seaplane Bases in Illinois

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Dutch Creek Seaplane BaseMc Henry8IL7
Fox Lake Seaplane BaseFox LakeIS03
Jackson Seaplane BaseCrystal LakeIS79
Little Sister Seaplane BaseHennepin8IL9
Quad-City Seaplane BaseMolineI04
Turner Seaplane BaseSouth ElginIS23