Private Jet Charters Are The Way To Fly to Alsace

I think taking a private jet charter is an experience that everyone should have. When a person takes a private aircraft charter they can feel like a celebrity for the time they are on the plane. A private jet charter has a full bar and menu. There is more room on jet charters. There are lounge areas on every private jet charter flight. There are big screen television sets that are in some private jet charter flights. The bathrooms are a lot cleaner and nicer on a private jet charter compared to the commercial flights bathroom. The flying is more relaxed on a private jet charter flight. There are couches and comfortable chairs that are in the lounge area. A person can fly to Alsace.

Private Jet Charters Are The Way To Fly to Alsace

Most travelers believe that the commercial flights are quite comfortable. There are justified to do so, since they may have not experienced the luxury and comfort that comes along with renting the private jets. There are certain situations when one seeks total comfort while traveling and this makes the private jets a great option to go by. Couples who are heading for their honeymoon can also use the private jet rentals to arrive to the destination in style. Celebrities have also often used the private jets to Alsace and other destinations. This travel option works well with celebrities and famous people who are out to provide a strong statement. It does not hurt to mix some pleasure with business. Political aspirants have often used private jet rentals in their campaign endeavors.

One of the things to consider when it comes to a private jet charter to Alsace. A private jet charter company understands that the loss of time can equate to hundreds even thousands of dollars. Think about it when it comes to private jet booking you can get a flight as little as a couple of hours. A lot of times if your schedule changes you can change your destination with a phone call. Try that with a commercial flight! One can literally drive up to the jet, board, and have a car waiting at the arrival destination. Private jet charters give the flexibility and put you at ease especially if you know that you are on schedule. You literally bypass the whole check-in at the terminal and the headaches of missing a flight. You can plan, board and arrive hassle free with Alsace.

Large Airports in France

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Avord (BA 702) Air Base Avord
Bordeaux-Mérignac (BA 106) Airport Bordeaux/Mérignac BOD
Brive-La Roche Airport Brive/La Roche BVE
Charles de Gaulle International Airport Paris CDG
Marseille Provence Airport Marseille/Provence MRS
Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport Nice/Côte d'Azur NCE
Paris-Orly Airport Paris/Orly ORY
Toulouse-Blagnac Airport Toulouse/Blagnac TLS
Tours-Val-de-Loire Airport Tours/Val de Loire (Loire Valley) TUF

Medium Airports in France

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abbeville-Buigny-Saint-Maclou AirportAbbeville (Buigny/Saint-Maclou)XAB
Agen-La Garenne AirportAgen/La GarenneAGF
Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte AirportAjaccio/Napoléon BonaparteAJA
Alès-Deaux AirportAlès/DeauxXAS
Albi-Le Séquestre AirportAlbi/Le SéquestreLBI
Ambérieu Airport (BA 278)AmbérieuLFXA
Amiens-Glisy AirportAmiens/GlisyQAM
Angers-Loire AirportAngers/MarcéANE
Angoulême-Brie-Champniers AirportAngoulême/Brie/ChampniersANG
Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc AirportAnnecy/MeythetNCY
Annemasse AirportAnnemasseQNJ
Arcachon-La Teste-de-Buch AirportArcachon/La Teste-de-BuchXAC
Aubenas-Ardèche Méridional AirportAubenas/Ardèche MéridionalOBS
Auch-Lamothe AirportAuch/LamotheLFDH
Aurillac AirportAurillacAUR
Auxerre-Branches AirportAuxerre/BranchesAUF
Avignon-Caumont AirportAvignon/CaumontAVN
Île d'Yeu AirportÎle d'YeuIDY
Épinal-Mirecourt AirportÉpinal/MirecourtEPL
Étain-Rouvres Air BaseÉtain/RouvresLFQE
Évreux-Fauville (BA 105) Air BaseÉvreux/FauvilleEVX
Bastia-Poretta AirportBastia/PorettaBIA
Béziers-Vias AirportBéziers/ViasBZR
Beaune-Challanges AirportBeaune/ChallangesXBV
Bergerac-Roumanière AirportBergerac/RoumanièreEGC
Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne AirportBiarritz/Anglet/BayonneBIQ
Blois-Le Breuil AirportBlois/Le BreuilXBQ
Bourges AirportBourgesBOU
Brest Bretagne AirportBrest/GuipavasBES
Caen-Carpiquet AirportCaen/CarpiquetCFR
Cahors-Lalbenque AirportCahors/LalbenqueZAO
Calais-Dunkerque AirportCalais/DunkerqueCQF
Calvi-Sainte-Catherine AirportCalvi/Sainte-CatherineCLY
Cambrai-Épinoy (BA 103) Air BaseCambrai/ÉpinoyXCB
Cannes-Mandelieu AirportCannes/MandelieuCEQ
Carcassonne AirportCarcassonne/SalvazaCCF
Castres-Mazamet AirportCastres/MazametDCM
Cazaux (BA 120) Air BaseCazaux (La Teste-de-Buch)LFBC
Chalon-Champforgeuil AirportChalon/ChampforgueilLFLH
Chambéry-Savoie AirportChambéry/Aix-les-BainsCMF
Charleville-Mézières AirportCharleville-MézièresXCZ
Châlons-Vatry Air BaseChâlons/VatryXCR
Châteaudun (BA 279) AirportChâteaudunLFOC
Châteauroux-Déols "Marcel Dassault" AirportChâteauroux/DéolsCHR
Cherbourg-Maupertus AirportCherbourg/MaupertusCER
Cholet Le Pontreau AirportCholet/Le PontreauCET
Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne AirportClermont-Ferrand/AuvergneCFE
Cognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air BaseCognac/ChâteaubernardCNG
Colmar-Houssen AirportColmar/HoussenCMR
Colmar-Meyenheim Air BaseColmar/MeyenheimLFSC
Creil Air BaseCreilCSF
Deauville-Saint-Gatien AirportDeauville/Saint-GatienDOL
Dijon-Bourgogne AirportDijon/LongvicDIJ
Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo AirportDinard/Pleurtuit/Saint-MaloDNR
Dole-Tavaux AirportDole/TavauxDLE
EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg AirportBâle/MulhouseBAS
Figari Sud-Corse AirportFigari Sud-CorseFSC
Granville AirportGranvilleGFR
Grenoble-Isère AirportGrenoble/Saint-GeoirsGNB
Istres Le Tubé/Istres Air Base (BA 125) AirportIstres/Le TubéQIE
La Baule-Escoublac AirportLa Baule-EscoublacLBY
La Roche-sur-Yon AirportLa Roche-sur-Yon/Les AjoncsEDM
La Rochelle-Île de Ré AirportLa Rochelle/Île de RéLRH
Landivisiau Air BaseLandivisiauLDV
Lannion-Côte de Granit AirportLannionLAI
Lanvéoc-Poulmic Air BaseLanvéoc/PoulmicLFRL
Laval-Entrammes AirportLaval/EntrammesLVA
Le Castellet AirportLe CastelletCTT
Le Havre Octeville AirportLe Havre/OctevilleLEH
Le Luc-Le Cannet AirportLe Luc/Le CannetLFMC
Le Mans-Arnage AirportLe Mans/ArnageLME
Le Puy-Loudes AirportLe Puy/LoudesLPY
Le Touquet-Côte d'Opale AirportLe Touquet-Paris-PlageLTQ
Libourne-Artigues-de-Lussac AirportLibourne/Artigues-de-LussacXLR
Lille-Lesquin AirportLille/LesquinLIL
Limoges AirportLimoges/BellegardeLIG
Lorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) AirportLorient/Lann/BihouéLRT
Luxeuil-Saint-Sauveur (BA 116) Air BaseLuxeuil/Saint-SauveurLFSX
Lyon Saint-Exupéry AirportLyon/Saint-ExupéryLYS
Lyon-Bron AirportLyon/BronLYN
Maubeuge-Élesmes AirportMaubeuge/ÉlesmesXME
Mâcon-Charnay AirportMâcon/CharnayQNX
Melun-Villaroche Air BaseMelun/VillarocheLFPM
Mende-Brenoux AirportMende/BrénouxMEN
Merville-Calonne AirportMerville/CalonneHZB
Metz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air BaseMetz/FrescatyMZM
Metz-Nancy-Lorraine AirportMetz/Nancy/LorraineETZ
Mont-de-Marsan (BA 118) Air BaseMont-de-MarsanXMJ
Montauban AirportMontaubanXMW
Montbéliard-Courcelles AirportMontbéliard/CourcellesXMF
Montluçon-Guéret AirportMontluçon/GuéretMCU
Montpellier-Méditerranée AirportMontpellier/MéditerranéeMPL
Morlaix-Ploujean AirportMorlaix/PloujeanMXN
Nancy-Essey AirportNancy/EsseyENC
Nancy-Ochey (BA 133) Air BaseNancy/OcheyLFSO
Nantes Atlantique AirportNantes AtlantiqueNTE
Nîmes-Arles-Camargue AirportNîmes/GaronsFNI
Nevers-Fourchambault AirportNevers/FourchambaultNVS
Niort-Souché AirportNiort/SouchéNIT
Orange-Caritat (BA 115) Air BaseOrange/CaritatXOG
Orléans-Bricy (BA 123) Air BaseOrléans/BricyORE
Paris Beauvais Tillé AirportBeauvais/TilléBVA
Paris-Le Bourget AirportParisLBG
Pau Pyrénées AirportPau/Pyrénées (Uzein)PUF
Périgueux-Bassillac AirportPérigueux/BassillacPGX
Péronne-Saint-Quentin AirportPéronne/Saint-QuentinXSJ
Perpignan-Rivesaltes (Llabanère) AirportPerpignan/RivesaltesPGF
Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Air BasePhalsbourg/BourscheidLFQP
Poitiers-Biard AirportPoitiers/BiardPIS
Pontoise - Cormeilles-en-Vexin AirportPontoisePOX
Quimper-Cornouaille AirportQuimper/PluguffanUIP
Reims-Champagne (BA 112) AirportReims/ChampagneRHE
Rennes-Saint-Jacques AirportRennes/Saint-JacquesRNS
Roanne-Renaison AirportRoanne/RenaisonRNE
Rochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) AirportRochefort/Saint-AgnantRCO
Rodez-Marcillac AirportRodez/MarcillacRDZ
Rouen AirportRouen/Vallée de SeineURO
Royan-Médis AirportRoyan/MédisRYN
Saint-Étienne-Bouthéon AirportSaint-Étienne/BouthéonEBU
Saint-Brieuc-Armor AirportSaint-Brieuc/ArmorSBK
Saint-Dizier-Robinson (BA 113) Air BaseSaint-Dizier/RobinsonLFSI
Saint-Girons-Antichan AirportSaint-Girons/AntichanLFCG
Saint-Nazaire-Montoir AirportSaint-Nazaire/MontoirSNR
Saint-Simon - Clastres Air BaseSt Pierre ILFYT
Saint-Yan AirportSaint-YanSYT
Salon-de-Provence (BA 701) Air BaseSalonLFMY
Saumur-Saint-Florent AirportSaumur/Saint-FlorentXSU
Solenzara (BA 126) Air BaseSolenzaraSOZ
Strasbourg AirportStrasbourgSXB
Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées AirportTarbes/Lourdes/PyrénéesLDE
Toulon-Hyères AirportToulon/Hyères/Le PalyvestreXHE
Toulouse-Francazal (BA 101) Air BaseToulouse/FrancazalLFBF
Toussus-le-Noble AirportToussus-le-NobleTNF
Troyes-Barberey AirportTroyes/BarbereyQYR
Valence-Chabeuil AirportValence/ChabeuilVAF
Valenciennes-Denain AirportValenciennes/DenainXVS
Vannes-Meucon AirportVannes/MeuconVNE
Verdun-Le Rozelier AirportVerdun/Le RozelierXVN
Vesoul-Frotey AirportVesoul/FroteyXVO
Vichy-Charmeil AirportVichy/CharmeilVHY
Villacoublay-Vélizy (BA 107) Air BaseVillacoublay/VélizyLFPV

Small Airports in France

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Aire-sur-l'Adour AirportAire-sur-AdourLFDA
Aix-en-Provence (BA 114) AirportLyonLFMA
Albert-Bray AirportAlbert/BrayLFAQ
Albertville AirportAngersLFKA
Alençon Valframbert AirportEvreuxXAN
Aleu AirportAleuFR-0246
Ambert Le Poyet AirportBourgLFHT
Amboise Dierre AirportPontivyLFEF
Ancenis AirportAncenisLFFI
Andernos Les Bains AirportCahorsLFCD
Angers Avrille AirportCharleville-MezieresLFRA
Apt St Christol AirportSt Pierre ILFXI
Arbois AirportColmarLFGD
Argentan AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAJ
Argenton Sur Creuse AirportPontivyLFEG
Arras Roclincourt AirportTroyesLFQD
Artigues AirportArtiguesFR-0247
Aspres-sur-Buëch AirportMendeLFNJ
Aubenasson AirportMoulinsLFJF
Aubigny-sur-Nère AirportAubigny-sur-NèreLFEH
Autun-Bellevue AirportAutun/BellevueLFQF
Avallon AirportColmarLFGE
Avignon Pujaut AirportMendeLFNT
Avranches Le Val St Père AirportVannesLFRW
Égletons AirportRoyanLFDE
Épernay Plivot AirportStrasbourgLFSW
Épinal Dogneville AirportDijonLFSE
Étampes Mondésir AirportLavalLFOX
Étrépagny AirportGuiscriffLFFY
Bacaneres AirportBagneres-de-LuchonFR-0248
Bagnères De Luchon AirportBiarritzLFCB
Bagnoles-de-l'Orne-Couterne AirportBagnoles-de-l'Orne/CouterneLFAO
Bailleau Armenonville AirportGuiscriffLFFL
Balesta Nature AirportRoquefort-sur-GaronneFR-0249
Bar Le Duc AirportGuiscriffLFEU
Bar Sur Seine AirportGuiscriffLFFR
Barcelonnette - Saint-Pons AirportLe CastelletBAE
Bédarieux La Tour AirportMendeLFNX
Belfort Chaux AirportColmarLFGG
Belle Ile AirportRochefortLFEA
Bellegarde-Vouvray AirportVerdunLFHN
Belleville Villié Morgon AirportVillefrancheLFHW
Belley - Peyrieu AirportAjaccioLFKY
Belvès St Pardoux AirportMoulinsLFIB
Berck sur Mer AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAM
Bernay St Martin AirportCreilLFPD
Berre La Fare AirportMendeLFNR
Besançon Thise AirportSt NazaireQBQ
Besançon-La Vèze AirportBesançon/La VèzeLFQM
Beynes Thiverval AirportCreilLFPF
Biscarrosse Parentis AirportMuretLFBS
Bitche AirportSt Pierre ILFXG
Bordeaux Léognan Saucats AirportRodezLFCS
Bordeaux Souge AirportRochefortLFDO
Bordeaux Yvrac AirportRochefortLFDY
Bourg-Ceyzériat AirportBourg/CeyzériatLFHS
Brétigny sur Orge Air BaseVillacoublayLFPY
Briare Chatillon AirportPontivyLFEI
Brienne-le-Château AirportBrienne-le-ChâteauLFFN
Brioude Beaumont AirportSt FlourLFHR
Broye Les Pesmes AirportSt Pierre ILFYH
Buno Bonnevaux AirportGuiscriffLFFB
Cabaliros AirportD'Argeles GazostFR-0250
Cambrai Niergnies AirportSt Pierre ILFYG
Cap De Barres AirportCiresFR-0251
Cap De Pouy AirportBagneres-de-LuchonFR-0252
Carpentras AirportCarpentrasLFNH
Cassagnes-Bégonhès AirportCassagnes-BégonhèsLFIG
Castelnau Magnoac AirportRochefortLFDQ
Castelnaudary Villeneuve AirportAvignonLFMW
Castelsarrasin Moissac AirportRodezLFCX
Castillon De La Laquette AirportBaregesFR-0253
Cazeres Palaminy AirportMoulinsLFJH
CCMAR MediterraneeSaint Mandrier Sur MerFR-0183
Chailley AirportMetz-Nancy/LorraineLFJM
Chalais AirportMoulinsLFIH
Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux AirportChambéry/Challes-les-EauxLFLE
Chambley AirportChambleyLF52
Champagnole Crotenay AirportVerdunLFGX
Chartres Champhol AirportBloisQTJ
Chaumont AirportLFSY
Chaumont-Semoutiers AirportChaumont/SemoutiersLFJA
Chauvigny AirportRochefortLFDW
Chavenay Villepreux AirportVillacoublayLFPX
Châlons Ecury Sur Coole AirportCambraiLFQK
Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban AirportAvignonLFMX
Château-Thierry - Belleau AirportGuiscriffLFFH
Châteaubriant Pouancé AirportHyeresLFTQ
Châteauneuf Sur Cher AirportGuiscriffLFFU
Châteauroux Villers AirportPontivyLFEJ
Châtellerault AirportBiarritzXCX
Châtillon Sur Seine AirportNeversLFQH
Chelles le Pin AirportParisLFPH
Cipieres Alpes Dazur AirportCipieresFR-0254
Clamecy AirportMoulinsLFJC
Clamensane AirportClamensaneFR-0255
Claveisolles AirportClavesoillesFR-0256
Clos De Legua AirportPuyvaladorFR-0257
Coëtquidan Air BaseGuerLFXQ
Col De Belledonne AirportPic Croix de BelledonneFR-0258
Col De Cenise AirportBrisonFR-0259
Col De La Fenetre AirportSaint-Martin-de-BellevilleFR-0260
Col De La Marrano AirportPuyvaladorFR-0261
Col De Sarenne AirportClavans-le-HautFR-0262
Col Du Beal AirportChalmazelFR-0263
Col Saint Jean AirportSaint JeanFR-0264
Compiègne Margny AirportCalais-DunkerqueXCP
Condat-Sur-Vezere AirportCondat-Sur-VezereLFDZ
Conde/Noireau AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAN
Condom Valence Sur Baise AirportMoulinsLFID
Corlier AirportMoulinsLFJD
Corte AirportCorteLFKT
Cosne Sur Loire AirportColmarLFGH
Coste Del Palm AirportFormigueresFR-0265
Couhé Vérac AirportRochefortLFDV
Coulommiers-Voisins AirportCoulommiers/VoisinsLFPK
Coumely AirportGedreFR-0266
Courchevel AirportCourchevalCVF
Crete De Brouffiers AirportLa Morte Alpe de SerreFR-0267
Cuers-Pierrefeu AirportCuers/PierrefeuLFTF
Damblain AirportDamblainLFYD
Dax Seyresse AirportPerigueuxXDA
Dieuze Guéblange AirportCharleville-MezieresLFQZ
Dijon Darois AirportColmarLFGI
Dinan - Trélivan AirportDinanLFEB
Dome De La Lauze AirportLa GraveFR-0268
Doncourt Les Conflans AirportDoleLFGR
Dreux Vernouillet AirportChalonsLFON
Dunkerque les Moeres AirportCalais-DunkerqueXDK
Enghien Moisselles AirportGuiscriffLFFE
Eu Mers Le Treport AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAE
Falaise AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAS
Fayence AirportCannesLFMF
Ferrere AirportFerrereFR-0269
Feurs Chambéon AirportLyonLFLZ
Figeac Livernon AirportCahorsLFCF
Flers Saint Paul AirportEvreuxLFOG
Florac Ste Enimie AirportMendeLFNO
Fontaine AirportBelfortBOR
Fontenay Le Comte AirportGuiscriffLFFK
Fontenay Trésigny AirportParisLFPQ
Fréjus AirportHyeresLFTU
Fumel Montayral AirportRochefortLFDX
Gaillac Lisle Sur Tarn AirportRoyanLFDG
Gap - Tallard AirportAvignonGAT
Ghisonaccia Alzitone AirportFigari/Sud CorseLFKG
Glacier Dargentiere AirportChamonixFR-0270
Glacier De L'etendard AirportSt Sorlin D'ArvesFR-0274
Glacier De La Barbaratre AirportVaujanyFR-0271
Glacier De La Chiaupe AirportChampagnyFR-0272
Glacier De La Grande Motte AirportTignesFR-0273
Glacier De Talefre AirportChamonixFR-0275
Glacier Du Dome Du Gouter AirportChamonixFR-0276
Glacier Du Tacul AirportChamonixFR-0277
Glacier Du Tour AirportChamonixFR-0278
Glacier Lombard AirportLa GraveFR-0279
Grand Terrus AirportMontclusFR-0280
Graulhet-Montdragon AirportGraulhet/MontdragonLFCQ
Gray St Adrien AirportGuiscriffLFEV
Grenoble Le Versoud AirportBourgesLFLG
Guéret St Laurent AirportCahorsXGT
Guiscriff Scaer AirportGuiscriffLFES
Haguenau AirportHaguenauLFSH
Hautacam AirportBordesFR-0281
Hippopotame AirportSaillagouseFR-0282
Honteyde AirportCathevieilleFR-0283
Isola 2000 AirportSaint Sauveur de TineeFR-0284
Issoire Le Broc AirportVerdunLFHA
Issoudun Le Fay AirportPontivyLFEK
Itxassou AirportMoulinsLFIX
Joigny AirportJoignyLFGK
Joinville Mussey AirportGuiscriffLFFJ
Jonzac Neulles AirportAlbiLFCJ
Juvancourt AirportCharleville-MezieresLFQX
L'aigle St Michel AirportChalonsLFOL
L'alpe D'huez AirportBourgAHZ
L'Escoulin AirportL'EscoulinFR-0294
La Clusaz AirportLa ClusazFR-0285
La Ferté Alais AirportGuiscriffLFFQ
La Ferté Gaucher AirportGuiscriffLFFG
La Flèche Thorée Les Pins AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAL
La Grand'combe AirportHyeresLFTN
La Jasserie AirportLa JasserieFR-0286
La Môle AirportLa MôleLTT
La Motte Chalancon AirportMoulinsLFJE
La Plagne Bouirex AirportSentenac-d'OustFR-0287
La Réole Floudes AirportRochefortLFDR
La Salette Les Opinions AirportLa SaletteFR-0288
La Serre D'aulon AirportD'aulonFR-0289
La Taillade AirportLa TailladeFR-0290
La Tete Des Champs Le Menil AirportLe MenilFR-0291
La Tour Du Pin AirportAjaccioLFKP
La Toussuire AirportLa ToussuireFR-0292
La Toviere AirportTignesFR-0293
Lamotte Beuvron AirportGuiscriffLFFM
Langogne - Lespéron AirportVerdunLFHL
Langres Rolampont AirportStrasbourgLFSU
Laon - Chambry AirportCalais-DunkerqueXLN
Lapalisse - Périgny AirportVillefrancheLFHX
Lézignan-Corbières AirportLézignan-CorbièresLFMZ
Le Blanc AirportPontivyLFEL
Le Havre St Romain AirportLavalLFOY
Le Mazet De Romanin AirportMendeLFNZ
Le Plessis Belleville AirportParisLFPP
Le Valdahon Air BaseSt Pierre ILFXH
Lens Benifontaine AirportCambraiLFQL
Les Mureaux AirportSt Pierre ILFXU
Les Sables-d'Olonne Talmont AirportLes Sables-d'OlonneLSO
Lesparre St Laurent Medoc AirportRochefortLFDU
Lessay AirportChalonsLFOM
Lille/Marcq-en-Baroeul AirportBesanconLFQO
Lognes Emerainville AirportParisLFPL
Longuyon Villette AirportDoleLFGS
Lons Le Saulnier Courlaoux AirportDoleLFGL
Loudun AirportPamiersLFDL
Lunéville-Croismare AirportLunéville/CroismareLFQC
Lurcy-Lévis AirportLurcy-LévisLFJU
Lure Malbouhans AirportSt Pierre ILFYL
Lyon Brindas AirportAjaccioLFKL
Lyon Corbas AirportVerdunLFHJ
Mantes Chérence AirportGuiscriffLFFC
Marennes Le Bournet AirportMoulinsLFJI
Marigny Le Grand AirportSt Pierre ILFYM
Marmande-Virazeil AirportMarmande/VirazeilLFDM
Marville Montmédy AirportSt Pierre ILFYK
Mauléon AirportMauléonLFJB
Méribel AirportAjaccioMFX
Meaux Esbly AirportCreilLFPE
Megève AirportVerdunMVV
Mens AirportMensFR-0295
Millau-Larzac AirportMillau/LarzacLFCM
Mimizan AirportMimizanLFCZ
Mont Llaret AirportLes AnglesFR-0296
Mont Llaret Roc Daude AirportLes AnglesFR-0297
Mont Louis La Quillane AirportMendeLFNQ
Mont-Dauphin - St-Crépin AirportMendeSCP
Montagne Noire AirportCannesLFMG
Montaigu St Georges AirportGuiscriffLFFW
Montargis Vimory AirportPontivyLFEM
Montaudran AirportMontaudranLFIO
Montélimar - Ancône AirportAnnecyXMK
Montceau Les Mines AirportDoleLFGM
Montdidier AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAR
Montendre Marcillac AirportRoyanLFDC
Montluçon-Domérat AirportMontluçon/DomératMCU
Montpellier Candillargues AirportMendeLFNG
Morestel AirportVerdunLFHI
Moret Episy AirportPontoiseLFPU
Mortagne Au Perche AirportValenciennesLFAX
Morzine Avoriaz AirportAvoriazFR-0298
Moulins-Montbeugny AirportMoulins/MontbeugnyLFHY
Mourmelon AirportSt Pierre ILFXM
Moussoulens Air BaseMoussoulensLF34
Mulhouse-Habsheim AirportMulhouse/HabsheimLFGB
Muret-Lherm AirportMuret/LhermLFBR
Nancy Azelot AirportGuiscriffLFEX
Nancy Malzeville AirportGuiscriffLFEZ
Nangis-Les Loges AirportNangis/Les LogesLFAI
Nîmes Courbessac AirportCannesLFME
Neufchâteau AirportGuiscriffLFFT
Nogaro AirportMillauLFCN
Nuits St Georges AirportVerdunLFGZ
Oloron Herrere AirportMillauLFCO
Orléans-Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel AirportOrléans/Saint-Denis-de-l'HôtelLFOZ
Ouessant AirportUshantLFEC
Oyonnax-Arbent AirportChalonLFLK
Pamiers-Les Pujols AirportPamiers/Les PujolsLFDJ
Paray Le Monial AirportDoleLFGN
Pérouges - Meximieux AirportVerdunLFHC
Pézenas Nizas AirportMendeLFNP
Pene De Soulit AirportGarinFR-0299
Persan Beaumont AirportOrleansLFPA
Peyresourde Balestas AirportMoulinsLFIP
Pierrelatte AirportVerdunLFHD
Pithiviers AirportGuiscriffLFFP
Plan-de-Dieu AirportPlan-de-DieuLF51
Plateau De La Calme AirportFont Romeu-OdeilloFR-0300
Ploërmel Loyat AirportRennesLFRP
Pointe De Louillon AirportSt Sorlin D'ArvesFR-0301
Pons Avy AirportMillauLFCP
Pont St Esprit AirportMendeLFND
Pont St Vincent AirportStrasbourgLFSV
Pont Sur Yonne AirportDoleLFGO
Pontarlier AirportPontarlierLFSP
Pontivy AirportPontivyLFED
Pouilly Maconge AirportPontivyLFEP
Praz Sauge Et Pre Vernay AirportSt Jean D'ArvesFR-0302
Propriano AirportProprianoPRP
Puimoisson AirportHyeresLFTP
Puivert AirportMendeLFNW
Quatre Veziaux AirportAncizanFR-0303
Quiberon AirportPontivyLFEQ
Redon Bains-sur-Oust AirportRedonLFER
Reims-Prunay AirportReims/PrunayLFQA
Rethel AirportCalais-DunkerqueLFAP
Revel Montgey AirportMoulinsLFIR
Ribérac St Aulaye AirportMoulinsLFIK
Rion Des Landes AirportMoulinsLFIL
Rochefort Soubise AirportSt Pierre ILFXR
Romans - Saint-Paul AirportVerdunLFHE
Romilly Sur Seine AirportLilleLFQR
Romorantin Pruniers AirportSt Pierre ILFYR
Ruoms AirportVerdunLFHF
Saint Omer Wizernes AirportBesanconLFQN
Saint Remy de MarienneMarienneFR-0242
Saint-Affrique-Belmont AirportSaint-Affrique/BelmontLFIF
Saint-Cyr-l'École AirportVillacoublayLFPZ
Saint-Flour-Coltines AirportSaint-Flour/ColtinesLFHQ
Saint-Jean-en-Royans AirportCalviLFKE
Saint-Quentin - Roupy AirportLavalLFOW
Saint-Rambert-d'Albon AirportAnnecyLFLR
Saintes Thénac AirportSt Pierre ILFXB
Sallanches AirportMoulinsLFHZ
Salon Eyguières AirportMendeLFNE
Sarlat Domme AirportRochefortXSL
Sarre Union AirportMervilleLFQU
Sarrebourg Buhl AirportDoleLFGT
Sarreguemines Neunkirch AirportDoleLFGU
Saulieu Liernais AirportGuiscriffLFEW
Saverne Steinbourg AirportCharleville-MezieresLFQY
Sézanne St Rémy AirportGuiscriffLFFZ
Sedan Douzy AirportSt DizierLFSJ
Semur En Auxois AirportDoleLFGQ
Serres - La Bâtie-Montsaléon AirportHyeresLFTM
Sisteron - Thèze AirportMendeLFNS
Soissons - Courmelles AirportAngersLFJS
Soissons-Cuffies AirportSoissons-CuffiesLFAH
Sollières Sardières AirportCalviLFKD
Soucelles AirportSoucellesLF50
Soulac Sur Mer AirportPamiersLFDK
St André De L'eure AirportGuiscriffLFFD
St Aubin AirportDieppeDPE
St Chamond L'horme AirportVerdunLFHG
St Claude Pratz AirportAjaccioLFKZ
St Dié Remomeix AirportVerdunLFGY
St Etienne En Devoluy AirportMendeLFNY
St Florentin Cheu AirportDoleLFGP
St Galmier AirportAjaccioLFKM
St Gaudens Montrejeau AirportMoulinsLFIM
St Jean D'angély AirportMoulinsLFIY
St Jean D'avelanne AirportFigari/Sud CorseLFKH
St Junien AirportPoitiersLFBJ
St Malo St Serva AirportLFEO
St Martin De Londres AirportMendeLFNL
St Pierre D'oléron AirportRochefortLFDP
St Roch Mayeres AirportSt RochFR-0304
St Valéry Vittefleur AirportBloisLFOS
Ste Foy La Grande AirportRoyanLFDF
Ste Léocadie AirportSt Pierre ILFYS
Strasbourg Neuhof AirportColmarLFGC
Tarbes Laloubère AirportRochefortXTB
Thionville Yutz AirportDoleLFGV
Thorame--Haute Chamatte AirportThorame-HauteFR-0305
Thorame--Haute Les Serres AirportThorame-HauteFR-0306
Thouars AirportRodezLFCT
Til Châtel AirportGuiscriffLFET
Toul Rosières Air BaseSt DizierLFSL
Toulo(St Mandrier Navy) AirportHyeresLFTR
Toulouse Bourg St Bernard AirportMoulinsLFIT
Toulouse-Lasbordes AirportToulouse/LasbordesLFCL
Tournus Cuisery AirportGuiscriffLFFX
Tours Le Louroux AirportAngersLFJT
Tours Sorigny AirportPontivyLFEN
Uls AirportMellesFR-0308
Ussel-Thalamy AirportUssel/ThalamyLFCU
Uzès AirportMendeLFNU
Val Thorens Alti AirportVal ThorensFR-0309
Valloire Bonnenuit AirportValloireFR-0310
Valmorel AirportValmorelFR-0311
Valréas Visan AirportMendeLFNV
Vaugellaz AirportLes ChapellesFR-0312
Vauville AirportLe TouquetLFAU
Vendays Montalivet AirportMoulinsLFIV
Vers Le Col Du Palet AirportTignesFR-0313
Vienne Reventin AirportVerdunLFHH
Vierzon Méreau AirportGuiscriffLFFV
Villefranche De Rouergue AirportRodezLFCV
Villefranche-Tarare AirportVillefranche/TarareLFHV
Villeneuve-sur-Lot AirportVilleneuve-sur-LotLFCW
Villerupt AirportValenciennesLFAW
Vinon Sur Verdon AirportMendeLFNF
Vitry en Artois AirportLilleLFQS
Vitry Le François Vauclerc AirportSt DizierLFSK
Vittel (Auzainvilliers) AirportSt Pierre ILFXC
Vittel Champ De Course AirportLuxeuilVTL

Seaplane Bases in France

Airport NameCityAirport Code