Chartering Private Jets to Alaska

Chartering Private Jets to Alaska

Whether you are looking to travel locally, overseas, or anywhere around the world, hiring a private jet charter from Alaska is the ultimate mode of transportation, and can make any flyer feel comfortable. A private jet charter will offer one of the safest, fastest, most comfortable, and most luxurious method of transportation to a flyer, no matter where they are flying to and from. Although the cost is more expensive than airplane, if traveling alone, it is far more comfortable, and will get your to your destination alot quicker. However, if you consider flying with a group of friends or co-workers, not only will you be flying much more comfortably, but it might actually be cheaper for you than flying by plane, if you are splitting the cost between 5-10 individuals.

Private jet charters can give you the same piece of mind as having your own private jet without all of the expense involved in owning your own planes. Buying a jet for yourself or a fleet of jets for your company is a major investment. Besides the initial cost involved in buying a jet their is also the upkeep to think about. You have the purchase price, then there is the cost for someone to take care of the maintenance and upkeep and then there is the cost of someone to pilot the plane for you. With private jet charters you will get the same luxury and convenience as having you own jet without all of the expense. Whether you are going to Alaska for a vacation or across the country for a business meeting make traveling as simple and comfortable as possible by using private jet charters.

When choosing a private jet you have many choices to face. The most important choice is the company. When researching a private jet charter there are things to think of. Check out the company's safety record. Flying on a private jet can be a scary experience, but knowing the company is safe will let you relax. Find out how long the company has been in business. Make sure they are a reliable company. When traveling from place to Alaska make sure they can handle your needs. Ask if you can fly with pets. Find out how many passengers are able to fly. Ask about luggage. See if the jet has a baggage limit. Make sure the jet flies out of a private airport. A private airport has fewer hassles than commercial airlines.

Large Airports in Alaska

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Fairbanks International Airport Fairbanks FAI
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Anchorage ANC

Medium Airports in Alaska

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Adak AirportAdak IslandADK
Aleknagik / New AirportAleknagikWKK
Allen Army AirfieldDelta Junction Ft GreelyBIG
Ambler AirportAmblerAFM
Anaktuvuk Pass AirportAnaktuvuk PassAKP
Aniak AirportAniakANI
Annette Island AirportAnnetteANN
Anvik AirportAnvikANV
Arctic Village AirportArctic VillageARC
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial AirportAtqasukATK
Barter Island Lrrs AirportBarter Island LrrsBTI
Bethel AirportBethelBET
Bettles AirportBettlesBTT
Birchwood AirportBirchwoodBCV
Bob Baker Memorial AirportKianaIAN
Buckland AirportBucklandBVK
Cape Lisburne Lrrs AirportCape LisburneLUR
Cape Newenham Lrrs AirportCape NewenhamEHM
Cape Romanzof Lrrs AirportCape RomanzofCZF
Clear AirportClearCLF
Cold Bay AirportCold BayCDB
Deadhorse AirportDeadhorseSCC
Deering AirportDeeringDEE
Dillingham AirportDillinghamDLG
Eareckson Air StationShemyaSYA
Edward G. Pitka Sr AirportGalenaGAL
Egegik AirportEgegikEII
Eielson Air Force BaseFairbanksEIL
Elmendorf Air Force BaseAnchorageEDF
Emmonak AirportEmmonakENM
Fort Yukon AirportFort YukonFYU
Gambell AirportGambellGAM
Gulkana AirportGulkanaGKN
Gustavus AirportGustavusGST
Haines AirportHainesHNS
Holy Cross AirportHoly CrossHCR
Homer AirportHomerHOM
Hooper Bay AirportHooper BayHPB
Huslia AirportHusliaHLA
Iliamna AirportIliamnaILI
Indian Mountain Lrrs AirportUtopia CreekUTO
Juneau International AirportJuneauJNU
Kake AirportKakeAFE
Kenai Municipal AirportKenaiENA
Ketchikan International AirportKetchikanKTN
King Salmon AirportKing SalmonAKN
Kivalina AirportKivalinaKVL
Klawock AirportKlawockAKW
Kodiak AirportKodiakADQ
Ladd AAF AirfieldFairbanks/Ft WainwrightFBK
Marshall Don Hunter Sr AirportMarshallMDM
Mc Grath AirportMcgrathMCG
Mekoryuk AirportMekoryukMYU
Merle K (Mudhole) Smith AirportCordovaCDV
Merrill FieldAnchorageMRI
Nenana Municipal AirportNenanaENN
Noatak AirportNoatakWTK
Nome AirportNomeOME
Northway AirportNorthwayORT
Nuiqsut AirportNuiqsutAQT
Palmer Municipal AirportPalmerPAQ
Petersburg James A Johnson AirportPetersburgPSG
Platinum AirportPlatinumPTU
Point Lay Lrrs AirportPoint LayPIZ
Port Clarence Coast Guard StationPort ClarenceKPC
Port Heiden AirportPort HeidenPTH
Ralph Wien Memorial AirportKotzebueOTZ
Ruby AirportRubyRBY
Sand Point AirportSand PointSDP
Savoonga AirportSavoongaSVA
Scammon Bay AirportScammon BaySCM
Selawik AirportSelawikWLK
Seward AirportSewardSWD
Shishmaref AirportShishmarefSHH
Sitka Rocky Gutierrez AirportSitkaSIT
Soldotna AirportSoldotnaSXQ
Sparrevohn Lrrs AirportSparrevohnSVW
St George AirportSt GeorgePBV
St Mary's AirportSt Mary'sKSM
St Paul Island AirportSt Paul IslandSNP
Talkeetna AirportTalkeetnaTKA
Tatalina Lrrs AirportTakotnaTLJ
Togiak AirportTogiak VillageTOG
Unalaska AirportUnalaskaDUT
Valdez Pioneer FieldValdezVDZ
Wainwright AirportWainwrightAIN
Wasilla AirportWasillaIYS
Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial AirportBarrowBRW
Wrangell AirportWrangellWRG
Yakutat AirportYakutatYAK

Small Airports in Alaska

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Abi AirportPalmerAK46
Airway AirportNorth Pole5AK3
Akhiok AirportAkhiokAKK
Akiachak AirportAkiachakZ13
Akiak AirportAkiakAKI
Alakanuk AirportAlakanukAUK
Alaska AirparkSterlingAK01
Aleknagik Mission Lodge AirportAleknagik4AK7
All West AirportDelta JunctionAK77
Allakaket AirportAllakaket6A8
Alpine AirstripDeadhorseAK15
Alsek River AirportYakutatA57
American Creek AirportAmerican CreekAK80
Anchor River AirparkAnchor PointAK00
Anderson Lake AirportWasilla0AK1
Arctic Angel AirportDelta Junction9AK4
Arness Lake AirportKenai6Z1
Art Z AirportTanana7AK0
Atka AirportAtkaAKA
Atmautluak AirportAtmautluak4A2
B & B Boys Ranch AirportPalmer3AK6
Badami AirportDeadhorseAK78
Bald Mountain AirportTalkeetna2AK7
Bangerter FieldSoldotna70AK
Bartletts AirportEgegikAK96
Basin Creek AirportBasin CreekZ47
Basquo AirportKenai52AK
Bear Cove Farm AirportHomer46AK
Bear Creek 1 AirportBear CreekAK02
Bear Creek 3 AirportBear CreekZ48
Beaver AirportBeaverWBQ
Bechtol FieldWasilla56AK
Beluga AirportBelugaBLG
Big Lake AirportBig LakeBGQ
Big Mountain AirportBig Mountain37AK
Birch Creek AirportBirch CreekZ91
Birch Creek LandingTalkeetna51AK
Birchwater AirportWasillaAK85
Black Rapids AirportBlack Rapids5BK
Black Spruce AirportHoustonAK89
Blair Lake AirportFairbanks /Ft Wainwright/2AK1
Bluff Park Farm AirportWasilla71AK
Boisselle's StripWasilla3AK8
Bold AirportAnchorageA13
Boswell Bay AirportBoswell BayAK97
Boundary AirportBoundaryBYA
Bradley Lake Hydroelectri Project AirstripHomer0AK7
Bradley Sky-Ranch AirportNorth Pole95Z
Breeden AirportSterlingAK05
Brevig Mission AirportBrevig MissionKTS
Bryant Army Air Force AirportFort Richardson(Anchorage)FRN
Buck Creek AirportBuck CreekAK98
Bullen Point Air Force Station AirportKaktovik8AK7
Butler Aviation AirportKenai6AK3
Butte Municipal AirportPalmerAK1
C.T.S. AirportWillow78AK
Camp Point AirportHomerAK18
Campbell AirstripAnchorageCSR
Candle 2 AirportCandleAK75
Cantwell AirportCantwellTTW
Cape Sarichef AirportCape Sarichef26AK
Cardwell StripPalmer34AK
Carl's Landing AirportTalkeetnaAK19
Carpentiers StripPoint Mackenzie64AK
Carty's AirstripKenai8AK2
Casco Cove Coast Guard StationAttuATU
Cd-3 AirstripNuiqsutAK20
Central AirportCentralCEM
Chalkyitsik AirportChalkyitsikCIK
Chandalar Lake AirportChandalar LakeWCR
Chandalar Shelf AirportChandalar Camp5CD
Chefornak AirportChefornakCFK
Chena Hot Springs AirportChena Hot SpringsAK13
Chena Marina AirportFairbanksAK28
Chenega Bay AirportChenegaC05
Cherokee AirportDelta Junction45AK
Chevak AirportChevakVAK
Chicken AirportChickenCKX
Chignik AirportChignikAJC
Chignik Lagoon AirportChignik LagoonKCL
Chignik Lake AirportChignik LakeA79
Chisana AirportChisanaCZN
Chistochina AirportChistochinaCZO
Chitina AirportChitinaCXC
Chuathbaluk AirportChuathbaluk9A3
Circle City /New/ AirportCircleCRC
Circle Hot Springs AirportCircle Hot SpringsCHP
Cizek North AirportWasilla6AK9
Clarks Point AirportClarks PointCLP
Clear Creek AirportFairbanks /Ft Wainwright/2AK2
Clear Sky Lodge AirportClearCLF
Clearwater AirportClearwaterZ86
Coal Creek AirportYukon Charley RiversL20
Colberg AirportPalmer5AK6
Coldfoot AirportColdfootCXF
Colorado Creek AirportColorado CreekKCR
Copper Center 2 AirportCopper CenterZ93
Cordova Municipal AirportCordovaCKU
Council AirportCouncilK29
Crevice Creek AirportCrevice Creek1AK1
Crooked Creek AirportCrooked CreekCJX
Crosswind Lake AirportCrosswind Lake1AK2
Cubdivision AirportBig Lake9AK7
Dahl Creek AirportDahl CreekDCK
Dahler Homestead AirportSoldotna7AK5
Dalrymple's AirportFairbanks31AK
Dan France AirportSoldotna7AK6
Dangerous River AirportYakutatA70
Delta Daves AirportDelta JunctionAA22
Delta Junction AirportDelta JunctionD66
Denali AirportMckinley ParkAK06
Deshka Landing AirportWillow3AK1
Devils Mountain Lodge AirportNabesnaIBN
Diamond Nn Cannery AirportSouth Naknek8AK0
Dog Fish Bay AirportNanwalekAK07
Downwind Landing AirportPalmerAK53
Doyle Estates AirportKenai30AK
Drift River AirportKenai3AK5
Driftwood Bay Air Force Station AirportDutch HarborAK23
Duffys Tavern AirportSlanaDDT
Dutch Landing StripSterling88AK
Eagle AirportEagleEAA
Eagle Nest AirportPalmerAK88
East Alsek River AirportYakutatAK76
Eastland AirportHomer98AK
Eek AirportEekEEK
Ekuk AirportEkukKKU
Ekwok AirportEkwokKEK
Elim AirportElimELI
Ernies AirstripWillowAK10
Eureka Creek AirportEureka Creek2Z2
Eva Creek AirportEva Creek2Z3
Fairview East AirportWasilla58AK
Fairview West AirportWasillaAK58
Falcon Lake StripPoint Mackenzie0AK9
False Pass AirportFalse PassKFP
Farewell AirportFarewellFWL
Farrars AirportSutton28AK
Feather River AirportFeather River3Z1
Fire Island AirportAnchorage6AK5
Fisher AirportBig Lake08AK
Five Mile AirportFive MileFVM
Flat AirportFlatFLT
Flying Crown AirportAnchorageAK12
Flyway Farm AirstripWasilla36AK
Fort Jensen AirportJensensAK60
Four Corners AirportPalmer14AK
Gaede AirportSoldotna7AK3
Galbraith Lake AirportGalbraith LakeGBH
Gannon's Landing AirportWasillaAK83
Gattis StripWasilla16AK
Gilmore StripPalmer39AK
Girdwood AirportGirdwoodAQY
Glacier Creek AirportGlacier CreekKGZ
Glacierview StripHomerAK17
Gold King Creek AirportFairbanksAK7
Golden North AirfieldCantwell15AK
Golovin AirportGolovinGLV
Goodnews AirportGoodnewsGNU
Goose Bay AirportGoose BayZ40
Graham AirportSutton/Chickaloon48AK
Grand Home AirportWasillaAK99
Grandview Subdivision AirportPalmer5AK9
Granite Mountain Air StationGranite MountainGSZ
Grayling AirportGraylingKGX
Green's StripWasillaAK65
Greg'n Sage AirportNorth PoleAK41
Grouse Ridge AirportPalmerAK93
Gunsight Mountain AirportGunsight Mountain LodgeA88
Gus LandingHoustonAA33
Hardrock FieldFairbanks32AK
Harlequin Lake AirportYakutatA67
Haycock AirportHaycockHAY
Healy River AirportHealyHRR
Helmericks AirportDeadhorse22AK
Henley AirportKenai75AK
Herendeen Bay AirportHerendeen BayAK33
Hess AirportWasilla7AK8
High Ridge Association AirportPalmer97AK
Highland AirportEagle River47AK
Hilltop AirportChugiakAK24
Hog River AirportHogatza2AK6
Honeybee Lake Aero Park AirportWillow25AK
Hoonah AirportHoonahHNH
Hope AirportHope5HO
Horsfeld AirportHorsfeld4Z5
Howards AirportNorth Pole5AK2
Hughes AirportHughesHUS
Hunt StripWasilla10AK
Hunter Creek AirportPalmerAK66
Huttunen StripWasilla79AK
Icy Bay AirportIcy Bay19AK
Icy Cape Afs AirportIcy Cape2AK8
Igiugig AirportIgiugigIGG
Independence Creek AirportIndependence Creek2AK9
Inigok AirportDeadhorse4AK1
Jack Fish Landing AirportWasilla7AK4
Jacobus FieldGulkana8AK1
Jakes Bar AirportMccarthyAK0
Jakolof Bay AirportJakolof Bay4Z9
Jewell AirportWillowAK72
Jim's Landing AirportPalmer82AK
Johnson AirportKenai3AK4
Johnsons Landing AirportBear LakeZ52
Johnstone Point AirportHinchinbrook2AK5
Jolly FieldWasillaAK79
Jonesville Mine AirportSuttonJVM
June Lake AirparkWasilla06AK
Kako AirportRussian Mission9AK2
Kalakaket Creek AS AirportKalakaket Creek1KC
Kalmbach AirportWasilla43AK
Kalskag AirportKalskagKLG
Kaltag AirportKaltagKAL
Kantishna AirportKantishna5Z5
Karluk AirportKarlukKYK
Kasigluk AirportKasiglukZ09
Kasilof AirportKasilof5KS
Kasitsna AirportKasitsna Bay5Z7
Kenai River AirparkSoldotna1AK4
King Cove AirportKing CoveKVC
King Ranch AirportSuttonAK59
Kipnuk AirportKipnukIIK
Kobuk AirportKobukOBU
Kodiak Municipal AirportKodiakKDK
Koggiung AirportKoggiung5KO
Kokhanok AirportKokhanok9K2
Koliganek AirportKoliganekJZZ
Kongiganak AirportKongiganakDUY
Kotlik AirportKotlik2A9
Koyuk Alfred Adams AirportKoyukKKA
Koyukuk AirportKoyukukKYU
Kramer AirportBig LakeAK86
Kucera Residence AirportBig Lake63AK
Kulik Lake AirportKulik LakeLKK
Kvichak /Diamond J/ AirportKvichak9Z7
Kwethluk AirportKwethlukKWT
Kwigillingok AirportKwigillingokGGV
Lake Hood StripAnchorageZ41
Lake Louise AirportLake LouiseZ55
Lakewood AirstripSterling53AK
Lakloey Air ParkFairbanksAK22
Larsen Bay AirportLarsen Bay2A3
Laub AirportWillow3AK7
Lawing AirportLawing9Z9
Lawrence AirstripWasilla55AK
Leisurewood Airstrip Owners Assoc AirportWasilla9AK6
Levelock AirportLevelock9Z8
Lime Village AirportLime Village2AK
Lincoln Village AirparkWasilla89AK
Little Susitna AirportSusitna Station8AK6
Livengood Camp AirportLivengood4AK
Lonely Air StationLonelyAK71
Long Lake AirportLong Lake4AK3
Lost River 1 AirportLost RiverLSR
Lost River 2 AirportLost RiverAK45
Lowell FieldAnchor Point00AK
Mac Kenzie Country AirparkPoint Mackenzie2AK0
Mankomen Lake AirportMankomen Lake4AK5
Manley Hot Springs AirportManley Hot SpringsMLY
Manokotak AirportManokotakMBA
Martin AirportPalmerAK92
May Creek AirportMay CreekMYK
Mc Carthy AirportMccarthy15Z
Mc Kinley Country AirportTrapper Creek81AK
Mc Kinley National Park AirportMckinley ParkINR
Mcdonald Ridge AirportWasilla65AK
Mcgahan Industrial AirparkNikishkaAK73
Mels AirportWasilla38AK
Memory Lake AirportWasilla5AK8
Metro FieldFairbanksMTF
Middleton Island AirportMiddleton IslandMDO
Minchumina AirportMinchuminaMHM
Minto Al Wright AirportMinto51Z
Minuteman StripWillowAK68
Moen's Ranch AirportFairbanksAK52
Montana Creek AirportTalkeetna21AK
Moore Creek AirportMoore Creek99AK
Moose Run AirstripSoldotnaAK55
Moses Point AirportElimMOS
Mountain Village AirportMountain VillageMOU
Nakeen AirportNakeen76Z
Naknek AirportNaknek5NK
Nanwalek AirportNanwalekKEB
Napaimute Pioneer AirfieldNapaimute4AK8
Napakiak AirportNapakiakWNA
Napaskiak AirportNapaskiakPKA
Nelson Lagoon AirportNelson LagoonOUL
New Stuyahok AirportNew StuyahokKNW
Newtok AirportNewtokEWU
Nightmute AirportNightmuteIGT
Niklason Lake Estates AirportPalmer3AK2
Nikolai AirportNikolaiFSP
Nikolai Creek AirportTyonek9AK3
Nikolski Air StationNikolskiIKO
Ninilchik AirportNinilchikNIN
Nixon Fork Mine AirportMcgrathAK40
Nome City FieldNome94Z
Nondalton AirportNondalton5NN
North Cubs Strip AirportWasilla8AK8
Nugget Bench AirportNugget Bench33AK
Nulato AirportNulatoNUL
Nunapitchuk AirportNunapitchuk16A
Nushagak AirportDillinghamAK21
Nyac AirportNyacZNC
Old Harbor AirportOld Harbor6R7
Oliktok LRRS AirportOliktok PointOLI
Ophir AirportOphirZ17
Ouzinkie AirportOuzinkie4K5
Owen FieldBig Lake20AK
Oyster Cove AirportHomer2AK4
Parker Lake AirportMontana Creek0AK3
Pat-Mar StripPalmerAK63
Paxson AirportPaxsonPXK
Pedro Bay AirportPedro Bay4K0
Penderosa AirportWasilla59AK
Perryville AirportPerryvillePEV
Pilot Point AirportPilot PointPNP
Pilot Station AirportPilot Station0AK
Piper Landing AirportWasillaAK25
Platinum Mine AirportPlatinum6AK1
Pogo Mine AirstripDelta Junction76AK
Point Hope AirportPoint HopePHO
Point Mac AirportPoint MackenzieAK36
Point Mcintyre AirportPoint McintyreAK11
Point Thomson Sea Ice AirstripDeadhorseAA50
Porcupine Creek AirportPorcupine CreekPCK
Port Alsworth AirportPort AlsworthTPO
Port Graham AirportPort GrahamPGM
Port Lions AirportPort LionsORI
Port Moller AirportCold Bay1AK3
Portage Creek AirportPortage CreekA14
Prospect Creek AirportProspect CreekPPC
Purkeypile AirportPurkeypile01A
Puviaq AirportBarrow74AK
Quail Creek AirportQuail Creek20K
Quartz Creek /Kougarok/ AirportQuartz Creek5QC
Quartz Creek AirportCooper LandingJLA
Quinhagak AirportQuinhagakAQH
Rainbow Heights Estates AirstripWasilla6AK7
Rainy Pass Lodge AirportRainy Pass6AK
Ralph M Calhoun Memorial AirportTananaTAL
Rampart AirportRampartRMP
Red Devil AirportRed DevilRDV
Red Dog AirportRed DogDGG
Reids Landing AirportHoustonAK29
Remington FieldDelta Junction29AK
River John AirportSkwentna3AK9
Road Commission Nr 1 AirportDenali0Z2
Robert/Bob/Curtis Memorial AirportNoorvikD76
Robin'S LandingPoint Mackenzie50AK
Rocking T. Ranch AirportDelta Junction11AK
Roland Norton Memorial AirstripSelawik8AK3
Russian Mission AirportRussian MissionRSH
Rustic Wilderness AirportWillow02AK
SAG AirfieldSagwonSAG
Salmon Lake AirportSalmon LakeZ81
Satterbergs AirportHouston13AK
Scooter's Landing StripSterlingAK84
Scotts AirportNorth Pole0AK0
Secluded Lake AirportTalkeetna49AK
Seldovia AirportSeldoviaSOV
Settlers Bay AirstripWasilla41AK
Shageluk AirportShagelukSHX
Shaktoolik AirportShaktoolik2C7
Shawn FieldWasillaAK47
Sheep Mountain AirportSheep MountainSMU
Shelby StripAnchorageAA05
Sheldon Point AirportSheldon PointSXP
Shirley Lake AirportWillowAK90
Shump AirportTalkeetnaAA00
Shungnak AirportShungnakSHG
Situk AirportYakutatA68
Sixmile Lake AirportAnchorageAA06
Skagway AirportSkagwaySGY
Skelton AirportEurekaAK04
Skid Marks AirportWillowAK67
Skwentna AirportSkwentnaSKW
Sky Harbor AirportAnchorage9AK5
Sky Ranch At Pioneer Peak AirportPalmerAK50
Sleepers StripPoint Mackenzie6AK2
Sleetmute AirportSleetmuteSLQ
Snettisham AirportSnettisham7AK2
Solomon State FieldSolomonAK26
Soloy StripWasilla87AK
Songlo Vista AirportTalkeetna3AK3
South Gasline AirportSterlingAK39
South Hollywood AirportWasilla67AK
South Naknek Nr 2 AirportSouth NaknekWSN
Sports Mans Paradise AirportTok9AK0
St John Homestead AirportWasilla4AK2
St Michael AirportSt MichaelSMK
Stampede AirportKantishnaZ90
Stebbins AirportStebbinsWBB
Stephan Lake Lodge AirportTalkeetnaAK61
Sterling Air ParkSterling40AK
Stevens Village AirportStevens VillageSVS
Stony River 2 AirportStony RiverSRV
Strawberry Point AirportCordovaAK30
Stro's AirportWasillaAK54
Summit AirportSummitUMM
Sunset StripWasillaAK16
Swift Creek AirportMccarthyAK31
Tahneta Pass AirportTahneta Pass LodgeHNE
Takotna AirportTakotnaTCT
Talachulitna River AirportSketna1AK6
Talaheim AirportSkwentna1AK8
Talkeetna Village StripTalkeetnaAK44
Tanacross AirportTanacrossTSG
Tanis Mesa AirportYakutatA69
Tatitlek AirportTatitlek7KA
Tatitna AirportTatitna8KA
Taylor AirportTaylorAK49
Taylor Mountain AirportTaylor Mountain MineAK64
Tazlina AirportTazlinaZ14
Telida AirportTelida2K5
Teller AirportTellerTER
Tetlin AirportTetlin3T4
The Queens AirportQueens93AK
Thomas StripWillowAK08
Thompson Pass AirportThompson PassK55
Tibbetts AirportNaknek4AK9
Tidewater Bluffs AirportWasilla77AK
Timber Trails AirportNorth PoleAA76
Tin City Long Range Radar Station AirportTin CityTNC
Tin Creek AirportFarewell LakeTNW
Toad Lake StripMeadow Lakes24AK
Todds StripWasilla5AK5
Tok 2 AirportTok8AK9
Tok AirportTokTKJ
Tok Junction AirportTok6K8
Toksook Bay AirportToksook BayOOK
Tolovana Hot Springs AirportFairbanks83AK
Totatlanika River AirportTotatlanika River9AK
Trading Bay Production AirportTrading Bay5AK0
Trio Estates AirportHoustonAA30
Tripod AirportAleknagikZ25
Tulakes AirportWasilla6AK8
Tuluksak AirportTuluksakTLT
Tuntutuliak AirportTuntutuliakA61
Tununak AirportTununak4KA
Turinsky AirstripPoint MackenzieAK14
Twin Hills AirportTwin HillsA63
Twin Lake AirportBig LakeAK95
Tyonek AirportTyonekTYE
Ugashik AirportUgashik9A8
Ugashik Bay AirportPilot PointUGB
Ugnu-Kuparuk AirportKuparukUBW
Umiat AirportUmiatUMT
Unalakleet AirportUnalakleetUNK
Upper Hannum Creek AirportHannum Creek4Z2
Valley Flying Crown AirportWasillaAK27
Venetie AirportVenetieVEE
Victory AirportVictory Bible Camp0AK6
Vinduska AirportPalmer7AK9
Wainwright Air StationWainwrightAK03
Wales AirportWalesIWK
Wasilla Creek AirparkPalmer05AK
West Beaver AirportBig Lake09AK
West Papoose Lake AirparkWasilla44AK
White Mountain AirportWhite MountainWMO
Whittier AirportWhittierIEM
Wicker AirportWasilla42AK
Wilder/Natwick Llc AirportPort AlsworthAK51
Willow AirportWillowUUO
Wingsong Estates AirportDelta JunctionAK09
Winter's StripKasilofUS-0017
Wiseman AirportWisemanWSM
Wolf Lake AirportPalmer4AK6
Wolf Track AirportWasilla9AK8
Yakataga AirportYakatagaCYT
Yankee Creek 2 AirportYankee CreekA77
Yentna Bend StripWillow0AK2
Young Creek AirportMay Creek0AK5
Yuknis AirportWasilla23AK

Seaplane Bases in Alaska

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Akiachak Seaplane BaseAkiachakKKI
Akutan Seaplane BaseAkutanKQA
Aleknagik Seaplane BaseAleknagikZ33
Alitak Seaplane BaseLazy BayALZ
Amook Bay Seaplane BaseAmook BayAK81
Angoon Seaplane BaseAngoonAGN
Anvik Seaplane BaseAnvikK40
Bartlett Cove Seaplane BaseBartlett CoveBQV
Beaver Lake Seaplane BaseBig LakeD71
Bell Island Hot Springs Seaplane BaseBell IslandKBE
Bethel Seaplane BaseBethelZ59
Blinn Lake Seaplane BaseCold BayZ87
Blodget Lake Seaplane BaseWasillaD75
Brocker Lake Seaplane BaseBig Lake6A7
Campbell Lake Spb Seaplane BaseAnchorage3C3
Cape Pole Seaplane BaseCape PoleZ71
Chatham Seaplane BaseChathamCYM
Chena River Seaplane BaseFairbanks2Z5
Chernofski Harbor Seaplane BaseChernofski HarborKCN
Chignik Bay Seaplane BaseChignikZ78
Christiansen Lake Seaplane BaseTalkeetnaAK8
Coffman Cove Seaplane BaseCoffman CoveKCC
Cottonwood Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla3H3
Craig Seaplane BaseCraigCGA
D&C Fire Lake Flying Club Seaplane BaseEagle RiverD72
El Capitan Lodge Seaplane BaseCraig5C5
Elfin Cove Seaplane BaseElfin CoveELV
Ellamar Seaplane BaseEllamar1Z9
Encelewski Lake Seaplane BaseKasilofAK5
Entrance Island Seaplane BaseEntrance Island2Z1
Excursion Inlet Seaplane BaseExcursion InletEXI
False Island Seaplane BaseFalse Island2Z6
Farewell Lake Seaplane BaseFarewell LakeFKK
Finger Lake Seaplane BasePalmer99Z
Funter Bay Seaplane BaseFunter BayFNR
Golden Horn Lodge Seaplane BaseGolden Horn Lodge3Z8
Gooding Lake Seaplane BasePalmer2D3
Hackney Landing Seaplane BaseClam Gulch96AK
Haines Seaplane BaseHaines3Z9
Hangar Lake Seaplane BaseBethelZ58
Hawk Inlet Seaplane BaseHawk InletHWI
Hollis Seaplane BaseHollisHYL
Homer-Beluga Lake Seaplane BaseHomer5BL
Hoonah Seaplane BaseHoonahOOH
Hoppe'S Seaplane BaseBig Lake86AK
Horseshoe Lake Seaplane BaseBig LakeAA02
Hydaburg Seaplane BaseHydaburgHYG
Hyder Seaplane BaseHyder4Z7
Island Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla29A
Ivanof Bay Seaplane BaseIvanof BayKIB
Jacobsen Lake Seaplane BaseWasillaAK43
Joe Clouds Seaplane BaseKenai03AK
Jones Landing Seaplane BaseBig LakeL95
June Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla66AK
Juneau Harbor Seaplane BaseJuneau5Z1
Kake Seaplane BaseKakeKAE
Kalmbach Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla54AK
Karluk Lake Seaplane BaseKarluk LakeKKL
Kasaan Seaplane BaseKasaanKXA
Kashwitna Lake Seaplane BaseWillowAK34
Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane BaseKetchikan5KE
Kitoi Bay Seaplane BaseKitoi BayKKB
Klawock Seaplane BaseKlawockAQC
Kodiak /Lilly Lake/ Seaplane BaseKodiak9Z3
Kucera Seaplane BaseBig Lake91AK
Kwigillingok Seaplane BaseKwigillingokKWK
Lake Brooks Seaplane BaseKatmai National Park5Z9
Lake Hood Seaplane BaseAnchorageLHD
Lake Louise Seaplane BaseLake Louise13S
Lake Lucille Seaplane BaseWasilla4A3
Little Niklason Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla3AK0
Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility Seaplane BasePetersburg63A
Long Lake Seaplane BaseWillowAK57
Loring Seaplane BaseLoring13Z
Lost Lake SPB Seaplane BaseWasilla57AK
Mackeys Lakes Seaplane BaseSoldotnaL85
Marion Seaplane BaseBig Lake85AK
Mc Grath Seaplane BaseMcgrath16Z
Memory Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla69AK
Metlakatla Seaplane BaseMetlakatlaMTM
Meyers Chuck Seaplane BaseMeyers Chuck84K
Minuteman Lake Seaplane BaseWillowMFN
Misty Lake Seaplane BaseWasillaAA11
Morvro Lake Seaplane BaseHouston80AK
Moser Bay Seaplane BaseMoser BayKMY
Murphys Pullout Seaplane BaseKetchikan8K9
Nancy Lake Seaplane BaseNancy Lake78Z
Naukati Bay Seaplane BaseTuxekan IslandAK62
Newtok Seaplane BaseNewtokWWT
Niklason Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla4AK0
North Whale Seaplane BaseNorth Whale Pass96Z
Olga Bay Seaplane BaseOlga BayKOY
Pauloff Harbor Seaplane BasePauloff Harbor /Sanak Is/KPH
Pelican Seaplane BasePelicanPEC
Peninsula Point Pullout Seaplane BaseKetchikan9C0
Perry Island Seaplane BasePerry IslandPYL
Point Baker Seaplane BasePoint BakerKPB
Port Alexander Seaplane BasePort AlexanderAHP
Port Alice Seaplane BasePort Alice16K
Port Bailey Seaplane BasePort BaileyKPY
Port Protection Seaplane BasePort Protection19P
Port Walter Seaplane BasePort WalterPWR
Port Williams Seaplane BasePort WilliamsKPR
Robe Lake Seaplane BaseValdezL93
Saginaw Seaplane BaseSaginaw BayA23
San Juan /Uganik/ Seaplane BaseSan JuanWSJ
Scout Lake Seaplane BaseSterling8AK4
Seldovia Seaplane BaseSeldoviaA27
Seymour Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla3A3
Shannons Pond Seaplane BaseDillingham0Z3
Sitka Seaplane BaseSitkaA29
Skagway Seaplane BaseSkagway7K2
Squaw Harbor Seaplane BaseSquaw Harbor36H
Steamboat Bay Seaplane BaseSteamboat BayWSB
Stormy Hill Seaplane BasePalmer9AK1
Summit Lake Seaplane BaseMoose Pass52Z
Taku Harbor Seaplane BaseTaku HarborA43
Taku Lodge Seaplane BaseTaku LodgeTKL
Tamgas Harbor Seaplane BaseAnnetteZ43
Tazlina /Smokey Lake/ Seaplane BaseTazlina5AK
Tenakee Seaplane BaseTenakee SpringsTKE
Thorne Bay Seaplane BaseThorne BayKTB
Tikchik Lodge Seaplane BaseTikchikAK56
Tokeen Seaplane BaseTokeen57A
Tolsona Lake Seaplane BaseTolsona Lake58A
Trident Basin Seaplane BaseKodiakT44
Tuntutuliak Seaplane BaseTuntutuliakZ20
Upper Wasilla Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla3K9
Visnaw Lake Seaplane BaseWasillaT66
Vor Lake Waterlane Seaplane BaseBettles2A4
Walby Lake Seaplane BasePalmerAA85
Wallis Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla62AK
Warm Spring Bay Seaplane BaseBaranofBNF
Wasilla Lake Seaplane BaseWasilla5L6
Waterfall Seaplane BaseWaterfallKWF
West Beaver Seaplane BaseBig LakeAA01
West Point Village Seaplane BaseWest PointKWP
Willow Seaplane BaseWillow2X2
Wrangell Seaplane BaseWrangell68A
Yakutat Seaplane BaseYakutat2Y3
Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane BaseYes Bay78K